Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 12/26/18

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Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 12/26/18

Postby Twilight » October 31st, 2018, 1:36 pm

Hey all, I've started my new apocalypse challenge. I'm using borg rules with some changes to make stuff harder on myself.
Here's a list of my ideas so far. Again, if anyone has any suggestions for these rules, please let me know. :)
Sims 2 Apocalypse Ideas

In this apocalypse each job must be lifted twice, the first time it is lifted it is either partially lifted
or just surpressed. Spouses may only surpress restrictions.

This is What happens the first time a job is lifted, also what happens for suppressed jobs.

no changes, this still gets lifted when the founder lifts his/her restriction.

no more build limit, allowed to use moveobjects,
allowed to use better build materials but still cheaper ones only. No limit on build height.

sims my dance to the radio, both normal and smustle and my dance with each other,
may not tai chi, meditate or buy any dance related items.

Sims may do any entertainment actions, but may not buy any entertainment items
they can read books not written by the household.

May do ask actions, if they can use the computer they can chat online, send emails, and blog.
may not hire empoyees or service sims, but they may talk to service sims and be friends.
sims my search for aliens if the sky is clear enough. depends on music.

can lock wants and fears, may choose to get the ingredients for either smart milk or elixir of life, not both.
if music is lifted you may have 1 spring, 1 summer, You have to still have 2 winters back to back.

can stargaze and watch clouds, and use the telescope
Stuff can be outside again, if you can place stuff outside your 8x8.

sim teens and go back to school, may redeem perks.
moved in spouses may roll for secondary aspiration.
no college yet.
you may encourage your sims.

This career may only be surpressed, while surpressed you may use career objects that don't passively boost aspiration.
Related handicap may only be lifted when adventure is lifted completely.

can turn the phone back on to accept calls.
while someone is in the gamer career we can call on any day,
but when the job is lost we have to go back to only being able to use the phone on tuesdays
and the first day of the semester in collage

This job may only be surpressed, Handicaps related to this job are surpressed at the same time.

no changes.

Pet Jobs
No changes.

may sell things in build/buy, fortune perks may be redeemed.

Law Enforcement
don't need to hide magic items.
if you can use the phone, you may use the emergency tab on the phone.
sims may leave the lot even if they don't have 10 body, but teens may not go to college without 10 body.
and elders may not move out without 10 body

you can purchase showers and tubs and changing tables, but no other items that use water.
you may not bathe dogs, but you can buy the litterbox.
sims my redeem need perks.
if the spouse has had 3 pregnancies they can't get pregnant anymore and may woohoo without trying for baby

grilled cheese aspiration perks maybe redeemed
you can eat as much as you need, and prepare dished upto cooking level 5
you can give treats to pets, and feed pets.
you can store food in inventory and in the fridge.
you may use the birthday cakes.

Life of Crime
Life of crime may only be surpressed, while surpressed the payment amount will not increase and the mob will not make you pay any protection money.
If the sim surpressing the career is a spouse then the payments will continue, but not increase in amount.

the first time this is lifted you may make local communty lots for them to visit,
they may not travel to any lots that are outside of the main neighborhood.
sims my invite over other sims if they are at least friends with them, instead of best friends.

sims may jump rope, and carry more items in their inventory, no limit.
you can move larger items, but nothing larger then 3x3

May only be surpressed, except for work perks

you can use the computer for more then novels
sims can spray roaches
you may buy the cheapest lights

the house must still be an 8x8 but you may place items outside of the 8x8,
inluding moving the driveway if you can move items that large

you may use the easal, you may only hang are that you create yourself.
you may display any item that was not bought, you may not buy any art.

you may move graves, but not into inventory.
Magic items are still useless, and genie lamps aquired before paranormal is fully lifted must be deleted.

Natural Science
you can plant garden plots and fruit trees, if you have the space for them.
you can alter the ground color, but it must be mostly still barren, small 1x1 trees can be planted.
do not place huge tree's, because it's not realistic
you can dig ponds, fishing may still be restricted by oceanography, and it may freeze if you can't change the seasons.

Show Business
sims may use the mirror to change their hair, makeup has not been reinvented yet though.
sims may use the mirror normally.
sims may redeem romance aspiration perks

Alien Technology
you can summon aliens, but the aliens are being very stingy,
each time you are taken by aliens, you may only choose one aspiration reward to bring home.

Other notes
each generation may have only 3 pregnancies, plus an alien pregnancy
spouses may only surpress restrictions, only sims related to the founder may actually lift restrictions.
we may only lift 3 restrictions per generation, except for the founders generation,
where we will only get 2, with one being Hopelessness.
because this challenge will take twice as long to finish as a normal apocalypse, I'm allowing 4 minor advantages.
I'm using 3 minor handicaps as well as 1 moderate handicap, this is not required, you can have as many handicaps as you want.
Rules for the heir, must not need to be encouraged, prefer heir's with the founders ears, but with restricted pregnancies this may not be possible.

Because this challenge is about twice as hard I'm allowing a few more advantages, for this challenge I'm using Big Backpack, Fashion Designer, Handyman, and Lucky Discovery.
I'm allowing that I can purchase my sewing machine when we move back from college and it doesn't have to be one of the items brought back from college.
I'm also using 3 handicaps, Jealous God, Primitive Journalism, and Stiff Joints, I'm also using Bloodties with some slight adjustments for my rule changes.

Deja Vu Apocalypse - Chapter 0 - College
Deja Vu Apocalypse - Chapter 1 new 11/12/18
Deja Vu Apocalypse - Chapter 2 new 12/26/18
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Re: Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 11/12/18

Postby Twilight » November 12th, 2018, 4:35 pm

Chapter 1 is now out.
This took a little longer than I wanted it to, between being sick and trying to find or create the recolors I needed for my game.
Enjoy, Twilight
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Re: Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 12/26/18

Postby Twilight » December 26th, 2018, 11:30 am

Chapter 2 is out.
I've been busy with Thanksgiving and Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone.
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Re: Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 12/26/18

Postby MichelleCYoung » January 16th, 2019, 6:39 pm

Holy Smokes! I've been off-line (without my PC to sim on, I just sort of avoid this place, because I miss playing so much), but I got on today, and just discovered this. YAAAAY!

Twilight, you are skilled! I am impressed at your success, and ability to keep things running smoothly, and those double-lift rules! YIKES! You are a simmer after my own heart, but maybe even more-so.
Why *does* Sims 2 have to be so glitchy?

And, of course, this is making me want to do yet another apocalypse! DANG! I want my sims back!

Anyway, I read the prologue and both chapters. Are your zombies dangerous? There's a mod to have an actual, pandemic zombie apocalypse!

I like your house lay-out. Looks like you have it all planned out for generations. Quite lovely. And everything looks so grungy and apocalyptic, too! Nice recolors! I don't know how to recolor, at all. I'm so un-techy.

Good luck, and I look forward to more!
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Re: Deja Vu Apocalypse - Updated 12/26/18

Postby Twilight » January 17th, 2019, 10:58 am

Thanks for the lovely comments. :)
No the zombies aren't really dangerous, but I'm playing the game as if they were.
I do know about the mod, I just didn't really want to add it.
I really need to work on the next chapter, but we're moving apartments in about two weeks,
and it's about to get really busy around here.
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