A Victorian Challenge

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A Victorian Challenge

Postby Hugotarian » August 15th, 2020, 8:43 am

Hello friends! I've been doing a variation of a BACC for the Victorian Sims 2 for almost a decade now, and have started posting game play of three families on YouTube (I'll be showing the game play and builds of the rest of the neighborhood on Twitch, @HistoricalSimmer, in the coming months! Join along if you'd like to. The sound quality of the videos get a little better thanks to getting a mic after a few episodes. I structure my game play on social classes and the idea of keeping the neighborhood and families self-sufficient. This is the spreadsheet file I use to keep track of everything: Spreadsheet. I'm working on updating and finishing the Google Doc soon, as I'm transferring everything from Numbers and it's taking a little while.

I promise to do a full, proper write up document on the challenge soon! I'm the meantime...

The basic rules:
Start with three young adult couples.
After this point, you may add one new family of any size every Monday (or number/days of your choosing, depending on how quickly you want the neighborhood to grow).
Social classes:
Lower Class: Family funds 0-30,000
Career Options: Farmer, Vintner, Butcher, Costermonger, any other home-lot craftables like sewing and weaving. Can only run home-lot business (cannot purchase new lot).
Anticipated inheritance and dowries (needed for main house to elevate to next social class): 5,000
Lower Middle Class: 30,000-50,000
Career Options: Politics, Medicine, Law enforcement, Slacker, Military, Criminal, can run off-lot businesses by purchasing lots, may sell novels.
Anticipated inheritance and dowries: 15,000
Upper Middle Class: 50,000-80,000
Career Options: Athletic, Journalism, Adventurer, Science, Culinary, Business
Anticipated inheritance and dowries: 25,000
Upper Class: 80,000-200,000
Career Options: Paranormal, Show business, Artist, Natural scientist
Anticipated inheritance and dowries: 40,000
Royal Aristocracy: 200,000
Career Options: Royalty, or whatever they want! But careers aren't really fashionable. Advisable to simply focus on skilling or the creative and high arts.

Keep track of all paid bills in a spreadsheet to go towards public buildings, churches, and shops.

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