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Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.20 (4-5-19)

PostPosted: December 4th, 2016, 12:26 am
by Livvielove

After several months of heavy planning and scrapping and redoing, it's time to officially launch Factions of the Lost Ones. Factions is a story I've had in mind for a decent chunk of time; it's a Perfect Genetics challenge in one file that I'll be playing and writing a story along with. Even though I am actually playing a strong challenge this time, I won't actually be narrating any of the Sim-things that's occurring. Instead, I'll be telling a story that takes place in the World of Atalan, the same world as my Reapers Legacy, Song of the Nightingale and Where the Willow Walks take place in. This story will view the Pantheon of the Gods from a different angle, and involve some different gods, while at the same time having us run into a few familiar faces from my other stories.
You do not need to read all of my stories to understand this story. They're all stand alone with Easter-Eggs, as I like to call them.
This story is (as of right now) going to have shorter chapters than my other three stories and a lot less attention-to-detail. This isn't because I don't love the story, but simply because I want a story to write and play with when I'm taking a break from my very detail-oriented other stories. I still hope that everyone enjoys them all the same! So, let's begin!


[Disclaimer] | [Chapter List] | [First Chapter]

The Heirs
[Characters] | [Family Tree]

Generation One
1.00: My Only Regret
1.01: A Strangely Alive Artifact
1.02: You Cannot Run
1.03: Trick of Children
1.04: The Men in White
1.05: I'm Sorry, Ana
1.06: Vibrant Pink
1.07: Lost Like Spoons
1.08: Interlude: The Game of Horseshoes
1.09: A Stubborn Lady
1.10: Escape in the Night
1.11: The Key to Answers
1.12: The Promise of a Sunrise
1.13: A Lord, Not a Stable Boy
1.14: Interlude: Dance With Me
1.15: And I Will Spin Anyways
1.16: I'd Rather Be Wrong
1.17: Jonnie
1.18: You've Got a Friend in Me
1.19: To Feel Nostalgic
1.20: The Family He Made

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones

PostPosted: December 4th, 2016, 12:26 am
by Livvielove

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones

PostPosted: December 17th, 2016, 10:33 pm
by Livvielove
Chapter 1.02! =D

You Cannot Run


"You can try to run, but he’ll always find you."

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (1-8-17)

PostPosted: January 8th, 2017, 1:51 pm
by Livvielove
Woo! 1.03!

Trick of Children


“You’ll take me to Jack immediately!”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (1-19-17)

PostPosted: January 19th, 2017, 2:11 am
by Livvielove
The Men in White


“Just… tell Zachurr I’m done. I won’t run away anymore. I promise…”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (1-29-17)

PostPosted: January 29th, 2017, 12:06 am
by Livvielove
Author's Commentary -
Squeee, so excited!
WARNING: Cranky old men in this chapter.
You've been warned.

I'm Sorry, Ana


I’m just the stable boy - the stable boy who loved you more than I should’ve ever been allowed to.

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (2-17-17)

PostPosted: February 17th, 2017, 11:41 am
by Livvielove
Vibrant Pink


“Not for a grudge, but because she deserves to live free of that demon.”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (3-11-17)

PostPosted: March 11th, 2017, 10:35 pm
by Livvielove
Lost Like Spoons


“Is there any way I could speak with her? I’ve been in her shoes before… perhaps I could give it a shot?”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (3-14-17)

PostPosted: March 13th, 2017, 11:52 pm
by Livvielove
Back-to-back. Whoop Whoop.
Who says school and work and wedding planning and graduation and application filing have to slow me down?
Life. Life says that.

Interlude: The Game of Horseshoes


She would marry her Jack no matter what her father told her.

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PostPosted: May 14th, 2017, 10:25 pm
by Livvielove
Author's Notes -
*blows dust off of story*
Still alive!
I actually just graduated yesterday - yes GRADUATED.
Hence why it's been two months since this story has seen any action.
This chapter... despite it's length... took me three weeks to write. THREE.
SO MUCH rewriting happened, mostly due to the first part. Agonin wanted it to be just right. So here we are!
I apologize for the lateness of this, but... I'M GRADUATED NOW. <3

A Stubborn Lady


Zachurr had wanted to break her and watch her fall - so she would make sure she did the exact opposite.

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PostPosted: September 23rd, 2017, 9:32 pm
by Livvielove
Author's Note - :shifty: So uh... HI. Still alive. Here you go!

Escape in the Night


“We need to leave here… now.”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (1-22-18)

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2018, 6:15 pm
by Livvielove
The Key to Answers


Despite seldom getting answers that satisfy me, I’ll never stop asking.

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (1-27-18)

PostPosted: January 27th, 2018, 4:07 pm
by Livvielove
The Promise of a Sunrise


“Then forever, always, Ana.”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (7-3-18)

PostPosted: July 3rd, 2018, 3:18 pm
by Livvielove
A Lord, Not a Stable Boy


That’s all I want. I don’t need the titles, nor the wealth, nor the servants doing my bidding.
Just you.

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones (9-15-18)

PostPosted: September 14th, 2018, 11:04 pm
by Livvielove
Author's Note - Let the SimNo for Factions begin!

Interlude: Dance With Me


“So are you going to ask me to dance with you now, or what?”

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.15 (9-17-18)

PostPosted: September 17th, 2018, 11:04 pm
by Livvielove
Author's Note - Hey everyone! Second SimNaNo Update! :heart: I had a lot of fun with the Ballet poses here!

And I Will Spin Anyways


He will disapprove... and I will spin anyways.

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.15 (9-17-18)

PostPosted: September 19th, 2018, 10:57 am
by MichelleCYoung
I just read the first chapter, and then got called away by my mother, and now, instead of reading more, I MUST PLAY SIMS 3!!! But I'll read some more. I like it, already. Of course. You wrote it. But I have to say, just about chapter 1:

Is that aisle of Steins' memories referring to his actual memories, held in magical books, or do you mean, this is the aisle he remembers? Either way is cool, but I kind of prefer the thought of memories being magically stored in a library, especially by a goddess of knowledge and memory.
Also, Can I hate her, already? She's HORRIBLE! I mean, maybe, if she'd let him actually spit it all out at once, she wouldn't be so darned scary. But she keeps interrupting to belittle and threaten, and I hate her, already. And that's not something I usually do.
and your visuals are gorgeous, as usual. I'm just not capable of doing all that, with poses and stuff. Even if I had the mods for poses and stuff (which I don't, because I have enough glitches, thank you), I'm just not that tech-savvy, nor that artistic.

Anyway, I'll be back for me. I've been working on my SimNoWriMo for a while, and I need a break, while I wait for some responses to a question I asked before I play the next chapter. And this has got me thinking, Sims 3, it must be! Maybe I'll start a new legacy, or maybe I'll just play. Sims 3 is just SOOOOOO gorgeous!

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.15 (9-17-18)

PostPosted: September 19th, 2018, 11:46 am
by Livvielove
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I'm so, SO happy you picked this story next, as I'm 99% sure you'll enjoy the fact that this is happening much later after Willow while at the same point, viewing the same parts as Willow.

Anyways for your questions - in this case it is an ACTUAL place - the Library is formulated this way, but it's funny you bring that up because in this realm (and Factions will definitely cover this later on) is that the mind is very much like a house. Everyone creates their own house where their energy sits and where their memories are stored in objects relevant to them in this house. So you're not far off at all! I'm a huge fan of the metaphorical vibe of it myself, plus it's plot-relevant later, so if I did a poor job explaining it now, you'll be seeing this concept again and again in all of my stories. :bounce: However, when looking over your comment, you've given me a really excellent idea for a portion of the Knowledge Circle's library... Thank you! Knowledge being stored not only in a physical place but a mental one... I REALLY like that. :yes:

You have 10000% permission, in fact, I'm pretty sure you already hate her in another story... (hint, hint, hint); but if you didn't, then you're more than welcome to now! :mrgreen: I hate her guts and she's beyond irredeemable.

Thank you so much! :blush: :blush: That means so much to me! I have at least 1000 non-pose mods in my game on a normal day, but at the end of it all, I just love the aesthetics of the Sims 3. It's so much fun, and such freedom to do stuff in! I love TS2 and I'm learning to enjoy TS4, but TS3 will always be my baby. :heart:

I hope you enjoy your run of TS3! If you're ever curious, I do use a few sky mods (though not at the time of the first few chapters), I can give you the link to them because they DEFINITELY add some more beauty to the environments, however the game is still pretty without. :hearts: I just love it all!

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.15 (9-17-18)

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2018, 1:34 pm
by MichelleCYoung
Oh, my Gosh, REALLY?!

I had a completely different idea of her, but DANG! Yeah, sure why not? She's an immortal shape-shifter, who screws with people throughout the ages. DANG!!!

Well, I've had my break now, including getting sucked into the Goldweaver legacy, and coming up with a whole idea for a brand new story of my own, which I made notes for, but am NOT starting until I finish Xtreme. But I can read this, now! Woohoo!

Reading chapter 2, now and Majnun has me cackling! I actually like him, and I believe it was not HIM, personally, who cast the spell. One of his followers, probably. He strikes me as one who would admit to what he's done. Also... POPCORN! "Take back what you said about my mother!" and hydrangeas! makes me want to plant some.

Oh, good for him! Let Irena study the case. Wake up the woman. I LIKE Majnun. And I think he just saved that woman's life. I really do.

Also, reading Blam's comment, I just have to say, "Right on! I wouldn't even know how to create those beautiful swirlies! What you do with your graphics is AMAZE-BALLS!" Not just the picture quality and graphics in game, but the editing you do with them. WOW. I'm basically at stick-figure and basic shapes in PowerPoint level. No, not basically. I AM at stick-figure and basic shapes in PowerPoint level. But, at least I can do that, and I can make a BANG! sometimes. It's old-TV-show Batman style. But, eh, it fits my style of writing, anyway, so, OK! I'm still envious of your graphic artistry talent/skillzors, though.

Ok, posting this edit and diving back in for more.


OK, I don't … Awww, shoot! I completely forgot what I was going to say! Darn these pain pills. Uhhhh, Iliked it? Something something birthday? Sorry.


Oh, golly, is he actually sitting beside her eating popcorn?!

Aww, popcorn or no, I LIKE Majnun. Do NOT like Stein. I mean, OK, he had a valid point about Jack being a common name, but he has NO sympathy at all, let alone tact. Majnun has both, in his own way. Gads! Or should I say "Gods!"? Anyway, Stein is either serving that HORRIBLE WOMAN because she's like him, or else she has turned him into a jerk like her, during his service to her. Possibly both. Possibly, you have to be a bit of a jerk, already, to serve her at all, and once she gets her claws into you, she rips out your feeling heart, so all you have is a soulless vacuum, intent on sucking up "knowledge," without grasping any of the ACTUAL wisdom of the world that comes with PEOPLE. Do NOT like Stein.

And I'm so glad the monster has a name that is not Majnun.

Good grief, man! That is NOT how you break that news to someone who is already in shock! STein, you @&!&Y%(#(@&U~!&U!!!!

Can I slap him, please? Pretty please? Make me a simself, stick me in the story just long enough to give Stein a solid slap!


Oh, the classic abuse cycle, including the ever-popular "Look what you made me do." I hate it. I mean, real-life hate it. Love your use of it here.
Good grief! Stroking the BOXES until THEY calmed? Poking HER?! These are Irena's people, I'm sure. Have to be. NO sympathy for her, at all!
So how did Irena get poor Soliana away from Teralworwhazzisname, who actually seemed to care about people? Or did he only care about "his people" on principle? DANG IT!
Get you rested?! She's been asleep for nearly 2000 years! They gave her a sleeping drug, didn't they? Blast them! Fake smiles, indeed.
No, Zachur is not bipolar, just because he soothes her after he hurts her. This is classic abuser behavior. They do that ON PURPOSE. It's not their inner goodness surfacing. It is purposeful manipulative behavior.
Also, I'm sure she was a woman of high rank and standing. That's how she knew instinctively how to give commands, and also, would a god really choose a peasant to be his wife? No. But he'd choose a queen or princess, and abuse her until she broke to his will. IF he couldn't get a goddess, that is. But apparently, she already had some sort of magical power, so that fits. A powerful sorceress-queen?

Oh, did I mention that I like how the God for Madness and Magic are the same person? I believe that magic, misused, will drive you mad, so it makes perfect sense.


I get it! Soliana was the nobles' only child, and they loved her and wanted her to be happy, but when she fell for the stable boy, that was unsuitable, so they sent him off on a quest to gain some noble titles through heroic deeds, and whatnot (very fairy tale, love it), and while he was away from their kingdom, Skreech cast the spell on the whole land, and erased Soliana from all their memories. But Jack wasn't there, so it didn't affect him, and that ring is the proof for him that she DID exist, and everyone, including his magical assistant/wannabewife/daughter-of-the-old-boss is convinced that he imagined the whole thing thanks to Scourge's magic.
I LOVE Majnun! And I love how Jack deals with him. "Just clear up whatever he broke." No being put out about it, at all. Such patience and yes, charm. I see why Soliana loves him.

Minha - that name sounds awfully familiar.

GAAAAAH!!! I read that whole bit, waiting for Majnun to give the DETAILS! that Jack needed to know that Soliana was alive! GAAAAAHHHH! And now, the "leave Smarty-Pants to me" means that Jack STILL won't know about a Soliana! Oh, MAN! I can't stand it!

Excuse me. I have to go doooo something, because I'm breathing too hard and my blood-pressure is up and I just need to calm down.

Dang, you know how to do the drama, livvielove!

Re: Faction of the Lost Ones: 1.15 (9-17-18)

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2018, 3:31 pm
by Livvielove
YES, really!

She's quite something else, isn't she? A bundle of nastiness. To think she was like that even before godhood hit her?

On Majnun:
Yes! Majnun is my first and favorite. It's hard for me to not love him. He's the entire reason my world exists as it does (I know, it's nuts to think about). Five years ago he entered into my prewrite of this world (a legacy I was messing about with) and turned everything upside down. I've never been the same since! He's quite a wonderful man with many complex additions that makes this story all the funner to write. My other 3 stories have more of a focus on him in particular (Willow will, but is not there yet) so this was meant to be my "NON Majnun-oriented" story... leave it to him to still find his way in after 2 chapters.. :lol:

Thank you SO much! This story is super light on my editing/posing, mostly because I wanted a short, sweet story I could mess about with when I felt burned out by the detailed editing I do in my other stories (predominantly Willow and Nightingale).


You better believe it! He loves himself a good bowl of food in times of crises. Stein... I feel so compelled to love him. He's a jerk but... well you'll find out actually more in Chapter 1.11 and 1.16 (which I'm working on right now, and I believe 1000% that you'll love it because it's got someone you know quite well in it + more on that person's "future"). Yup, this story has been working pretty closely with Willow recently (though it own't stay that way for long, so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts). ;)
Stein is very young, I feel compelled to mention this because his age never gets brought up, I picture him early 20s to mid-20s. BUT I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you that this boy needs a good slap because he's being an un-empathetic douchecanoe. Honestly on a normal day I'd probably just agree and leave it at that, but I can't help it today as I've been working on his chapter. I'm biased and gooey over it :whome: but definitely see that he's got a lot... A LOT of growth he needs to get through his big fat skull.
I also can see what I can do, maybe I can work out you sliding in to slap him, but maybe you'll take comfort in that Majnun already did? :mrgreen: Majnun was on the same wavelength as all of us and thought he was way off the beaten path, so he gave him a good whap for it.

Yes, the monster is Zachurr, and Majnun is Majnun. Majnun would not be pleased to have done something like Zachurr did... I mean, he'll smash pancakes into the carpets and drapes, but that's about where he draws his line.


Yes, Zachurr was beyond inhumane and disgusting. He was twisted and cruel and VERY manipulative. I did that all intentionally, and it's partially why (you'll notice) that I try to not dwell on it for this story. This is a story of a woman recovering. I didn't want to drag out her torture beyond what was necessary... I just wanted to give everyone a little taste of what he was like and what he did so they can understand why she's slow to move and stake a claim of her own life. These chapters were particularly rough, so I kept them shorter. Soliana is enduring so much with the PTSD and flashbacks she gets on top of being in a world that's ENTIRELY not familiar to her. It's unfair and cruel - and the people who are handling her are moreso.
Gods at the time were somewhat interested in human politics, but not often. The pantheon is small, and Zachurr knew that a goddess within the pantheon would be far too strong for him to break. No, the important piece missing here for the "why Soliana" comes in the next chapter, which I see you've gotten to!


Yes, precisely! Soliana was their only child and her mother went barren after her, so all the wealth and family estate would go to whomever she married. Her parents would benefit GREATLY if Jack simply got some good titles to qualify him to marry her then they wouldn't need to worry about their home and land getting eaten by another family's wealth/status. You know, important noble stuff.
However, Jack at that current point was just a stable boy, and not qualified.
YES! YES! You've absolutely got it. Along comes Zachurr and poof, suddenly no one remembers a thing about her anywhere, except Jack - who hadn't been in town for it.
Hehehe Agonin and Majnun are probably my favorite god duo. They push each other's buttons in all the right ways when it's all fun and games, but when things get serious they equally have each other's backs.

Anyways, this chapter reveals the "why Soliana" and there's 2 pieces to it, but the main one is that Jack was set to be the next God of Order... and what better way to assert dominance than to take the woman of Jack's interest. The second piece is much smaller and harder to know of, but it's merely that Zachurr had an obsession with her, so it became less about pissing off Jack/Agonin and more about keeping her to be his.

Oh dear, hehe, if this has you worked up I should apologize in advance for 1.06

:heart: Thank you so much! Your comments mean so much, and I love getting to have a chance to see my story through someone elses' eyes! I'm really happy to know you like it!