Leading Noble Lives DITFT: Updated 08/04/2017

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Leading Noble Lives DITFT: Updated 08/04/2017

Postby Utopia » June 13th, 2017, 8:20 pm

Hi everyone!

I am Utopia, a returning Boolprop user who has been absent for quite a few years now.
This is my first attempt at any kind of Sims story since my last time on this site, and I am determined to finish this challenge story!
My laptop is a little unreliable, and will not connect to the internet...there are certain glitches in my game that I don't know how to fix, BUT I am going to give it everything I have and hopefully create something you will enjoy :))

The chapters page can be found here: Leading Noble Lives Index
The home page for my whole site can be found here: Leading Noble Lives Home Base

A breakdown of the generations and their chapters will be below as well.
Please enjoy Leading Noble Lives and always feel free to leave comments!
:!: = new

Generation One: Farmer
Chapter 1.1: A Noble Beginning
Chapter 1.2 Newlyweds :!:
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