The Luck LEPacy (a 12-gen ts3 legacy)

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The Luck LEPacy (a 12-gen ts3 legacy)

Postby calientequeen » January 5th, 2019, 5:04 pm

So, back in November of 2017 I began posting on tumblr a family that had grown very close to my heart. I had left a job that was killing me mentally and wasn't due to start a new job for a couple of months - so I took that time to destress and try and finally play a legacy challenge through to the end.
I decided to do the LEPacy challenge - which is basically a 12 gen (or 10) challenge with each generation based off of an expansion pack. (Sometimes 10 as generations & seasons did not come with new LTWs). The only real rule here was to complete a LTW that corresponded with the expansion pack of the generation you were on.
I have a habit of giving up part-way through families and challenges if I start posting half way through playing, so instead decided to play the entire thing before posting anything.
Officially, I finished playing the Lucks back at the end of October in 2017...aaand I still haven't finished posting them. I got part way through posting gen 9 and then I have no idea why I stopped. I promise I will get around to it. The screenshots have been sat edited, ready and waiting to go for the last year or so, so hopefully 2019 will be the year I get finished with it all.
That being said, I'm hoping posting this thread here will prompt me to do so!!

As this has all been posted on tumblr, there is little to no story, it is just gameplay and me enjoying the game (and getting extremely frustrated with the hidden pyromaniac trait which plagued me for about 9 or 10 generations).

Main Luck Index Page
Generation 1 (Base Game)
Generation 2 (World Adventures)
Generation 3 (Ambitions)
Generation 4 (Late Night)
Generation 5 (Generations)
Generation 6 (Pets)
Generation 7 (Showtime)
Generation 8 (Supernatural)
Generation 9 (Seasons) More coming soon!
Generation 10 (University Life) Coming soon!
Generation 11 (Island Paradise) Coming soon!
Generation 12 (Into the Future) Coming soon!
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Re: The Luck LEPacy (a 12-gen ts3 legacy)

Postby Livvielove » January 5th, 2019, 5:46 pm

I'm so glad you put this up here! I'll have lots to catch up on! :bounce: I'm excited to read/watch it progress!
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