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PostPosted: June 19th, 2019, 11:02 pm
by CeresIn
Many years ago I was doing a Immortal Dynasty Challenge with the protagonist of this story as the founder, unfortunately the challenge ended when the fifth generation become a teen because I forgot to paint one of the paintings dou to crashings, besides that the game already had too many bugs. I don't know how I survived so many generations without Nraas.

But the story that I had created little by little in that challenge stayed with me, always in the background, and even though I was writing other stories, the inspiration for this was always present. So many ideas spinning in my head need a aoutlet, so this new story was born.

Another reason for this story is that I always wanted to do a supersim, someone who completed all the skills and their challenges, all the jobs and other things. So I decided to do everything that can be done in the sims 3 through this save. The other sims will have the job of completing the lifetime wishes and things that cannot be done with a single sim.

So without much more to say, I present: