A Century of Beelings (QBC) [Drone #5!]

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A Century of Beelings (QBC) [Drone #5!]

Postby pnkpnthr334 » February 8th, 2020, 10:22 pm

Hey, guys! Long time, no see! I'm back with yet another Queen Bee Challenge, but this time in TS3!

Start from the beginning HERE. I'm too far along to post links to all previous updates, but they're just tumblr posts, so it'll be quick to catch up. I'll be better about posting new updates.

List of Drones and Beelings:
Drone #1: Zahi Nahas - James, John, Mary, Robert, Patricia, and Michael

Drone #2: Berthe Girard - Jennifer, David, William, Linda, Richard, and Joseph

Drone #3: DeSean Young - Elizabeth, Barbara, Susan, Jessica, Thomas, Sarah, and Karen*

Drone #4: Ayana Yuki - Charles, Nancy, Christopher, Margaret, Daniel, and Lisa

Drone #5: Asewuk Vajjevoo - Matthew, Betty, Anthony, Dorothy, Sandra, Donald, and Ashley*
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