Quagmire's Name Game [NEW 4.8.19]

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Re: Quagmire's Name Game [NEW 4.8.19]

Postby gretski6 » April 10th, 2019, 9:50 am

Taube wrote:I just read all of this! Nice! :D
I really like the way the house is coming along. You have a good eye for color. I'm pleasantly surprised how many potential heirs you're getting. I've found skin to be difficult to pass on sometimes after the second generation (my third gen part-aliens never seem to keep their parent's and grandparent's skin) so hopefully you will have better luck. Blue is my favorite color so it's pleasing to see a bunch of blue sims running around, haha. All the boys are so cute. Good job!

Thank you! :goodvibes:
I'm surprised too! I'm hoping the genetics will stay in the family for a while, but I don't think they will last for the whole challenge unless I reintroduce them at some point, but the Vaughan's might surprise me. Blue is my favorite color too! The skin and eye color were inspired by a D&D character. It's good to know other people think the boys are cute too! I sometimes think I am to biased with my sims. :wink:
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