CEA Davis

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CEA Davis

Postby Mionax » July 10th, 2020, 7:44 pm

Hi my other CEA challenge was a fail. My Sim never got pregnant by the time he turned elder. So I'm trying again. Things are very different in this one and much more successful.

Devan Davis

New things:
He's married.
She's pregnant.
He is pregnant with an alien baby on his first abduction.
He was heading out to see the lights when she was taking the test on the toilet. Thanks Sims game. Hit me with a double at the same time. :faint:

He maxed his rocket science really early so installed the wormhole generator thing. I had him go to Sixam and collect fruits to grow in his garden for $.
He just maxed his logic skill so I paused the game, saved it and came her to report my game. It seems to be going better than last time.
He completed his aspiration when he maxed his logic skill.

Logic Skill: Maxed
Rocket Science Skill: Maxed
Science Career: Level 6
Alien Baby: Trace Davis (boy)



New Lot

New Job with strange coworkers

New wife

New belly bump
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