One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton (updated 09/06/2021)

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One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton (updated 09/06/2021)

Postby miss_eulenauge » June 10th, 2021, 3:21 pm

I present: the One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton
(Yes, this is a baby. Yeah. We all have never seen one of those before, right? And Sims 4 babies totally don't all look the same... right?)
When Amelia was born, I wanted to replace the (outdated) family photo with one of her, and haven't had time to take a new family photo, so that's where we are...
To get information about the rest of the bunch, please see the "Characters" tab in the original post.

This is my attempt at the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge" from the EA forums. I modified the rules quite a bit to fit the packs I have and to fit my Real-Life schedule.
The goal of the original challenge is to start with a teen, aging them up every three Real-Life months and moving to a new world every month to complete the aspirations related to that world. During the whole year of playing, you post one picture per RL day, including a short synopsis of what happened during that playsession.
The challenge has been going since January, so when I saw it it had already evolved quite a bit. Some people were starting with Children or toddlers to make a super sim (Teresa and IllusoryThrall...), and many had started to write stories instead of a short synopsis.
I wanted to play a story too, and wanted to experiment with posting a Sims story before doing the "real thing", since I had never done that. So I started with an unborn baby. Um... yeah. Hear me out.
I created the Main Sims' parents and had them have six kids during May, getting into the groove of posting and figuring out how it works for me. Then, my RL got a bit more intense, so I had to relax the posting schedule, and that's where we are. The "main Sim" is still a baby, but will be aged up soon.
Second big difference: We are moving neighborhood, not world - I only own the basegame worlds, with exactly 13 neighborhoods, so...
Also, because I feel like I need to emphasize this or everyone will be super confused: Amelia Britton, fifthborn child, is the Main Sim :)
I have made a full overview post, which you can view here
I also uploaded my version of the rules here: One Sim Challenge (Basegame compatible)

MAY 2021 - Bridgeview, Newcrest - family & setup

JUNE 2021 - Bridgeview - baby & toddler stages
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participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge".
My story can be found here or here (original post on EA forums), the rules are here
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Re: One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton (updated 09/06/2021)

Postby miss_eulenauge » June 10th, 2021, 3:25 pm

To help with starting to read this, here's a little summary about the events about the last 29 updates. I will keep this updated in the "original" challenge starting post over in the EA forums, too. There, you can also find introductions to all the characters, my rules, my schedule... : )

Greg has a strong interest in Gaming and Computers and is quite a Geek. Unfortunately, he also is a bit slobby and mean. Due to his history, he is a bit troubled, has Bad Manners, is Irresponsible, Argumentative and Insensitive. But he can be nice as well... if he wants to... At the moment, he works in Business (and hates it).
Sarah on the other hand wants to be the best parent possible, even though she is a Young Adult herself. She is very neat, good and loves being with her family. She found a job as Freelancer Artist to try and keep the two of them afloat.

But how did these two end up together?!

Well, they both lived in the small town of Newcrest and went to high school together. Greg kinda had a rough home life and was perfectly content to jump at the opportunity when a dying relative offered him a small rundown home filled with stuff from goodwill. Here was a chance to leave his old life behind and start anew without anyone telling him what to do. He may not have put in much effort at school, but he sure knew how to win over a girl! And Sarah was already atrracted to him...
Long story short, at their graduation party, things got a little too heated, and Sarah fell ill with nausea. When she told her rather conservative parents, tensions rose high, and she found herself kicked out with little more than a bag of clothes and her trusty old digital sketchpad.
The only place she had left to go was her boyfriend's. Although he did not want the baby, he agreed to let Sarah and the little one stay in exchange for help with the bills (and his dirty socks). After all, they *had* made things official back when still at school. And it would certainly keep the boredom at bay - be it through arguments about stinky socks, farts and unpaid bills or through flirty looks at the dinner table...

[May] Just some months later, boredom was the farthest thing on any of their minds. Their little family had doubled in size with the arrival of Sophia and Mark. Sarah stayed at home, working as a Freelancer. Greg still felt stuck in his boring, low-paying Business job, but Sarah had asked him to not quit for now so they would have one stable income.
After the birth of the twins, Greg had the opportunity to attend a programming class and qualify as freelance programmer. He took it and has been much happier ever since. Over time, their family has enlarged to include Miles and Connor, and they all are fairly happy with their lives despite the strains.
But Greg got more and more frustrated that his life was nothing but nappies, homework and children, and that he wouldn't ever have a chance to just be himself, without responsibilities. One evening, he had a fight with Sarah about it, and then went to the Nightclub with his friend. He ended up getting completely wasted and flirting with a pregnant, lesbian, married lady (Cameron). Unfortunately, Sarah saw him do so, as she had been searching for him: She was about to go into labor with their fifth child.

[June] The birth went well despite this, and the two of them welcomed twin girls into their family - Amelia (the challenge Sim) and her sister Rachel. Greg suggested the name "Rae" after his very first video game heroine, and the two of them agreed on using Rae as nickname. Probably due to this surprising bond between them, he has discovered a love for Rae he hasn't felt for any of his other children, even though she is quite needy. In his words - "The others are good kids, and nice... But little Rae... She's just so perfect, and I love her so much!"
So this is the current situation. Greg and Sarah have, mostly, reconciled. He has made an effort to be more thoughtful, and hasn't touched alcohol ever since (or visited the nightclub again). But he still is in that life crisis, and he still doesn't care that much for the older kids. Thus, Sarah is mainly left alone with the responsibility for five kids and their worries as well as the majority of paid work. Additionally, she is going through Menopause. In the meantime, Greg either does his own stuff (i.e. Videogaming) or cuddles with Rae - not even noticing Amelias dirty nappy. As a result, she often ends up a bit forgotten in the chaos of this house.
Sophia and Mark experience a few snags navigating highschool, and Miles is getting bullied in Elementary school. Also, he is privately wondering about his identity and about gender barriers. Connor is just a little boy, but already has big dreams: He wants to travel and see the world - but where is he going to get the money?
And the youngest twins are only bassinette babies so far, but still show their personalities: Amelia being a quiet, content girl that ofter gets overlooked. Rae on the other hand is very hard to overlook, a bit needy, very emotional - and Daddy's favourite...
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participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge".
My story can be found here or here (original post on EA forums), the rules are here
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Re: One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton (updated 09/06/2021)

Postby Teresa » June 10th, 2021, 7:01 pm

:celebration: :applause:
Not much to say at the moment, but have a :cookie: and some :lemonade:

I can't wait to see Amelia as she grows up and takes over the challenge.

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Re: One Sim challenge - Amelia Britton (updated 09/06/2021)

Postby Kimberly » June 10th, 2021, 7:35 pm

:heart: Nice!
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