The Pure Entrepreneur Challenge by Pinstar1161 (TS2)

The Pure Entrepreneur Challenge by Pinstar1161 (TS2)

Postby katrisims » July 29th, 2015, 10:42 am

This challenge is by Pinstar1161, and an old one. I'm going to need the rules for myself, so I figured I'd dig them up for reference for everyone while I was at it. I found the rules here with the Wayback Machine.

The Pure Entrepreneur Challenge

This challenge will test your skill at doing business. Your goal is to bring as much money into the family by the birth of the fourth generation. You may do nothing to slow the aging process of the family line, so the clock is ticking. You must have Open for Business installed in order to do this challenge. The other EPs are not required.

Getting started
-Create a sim in CAS. The sim may look however you want him or her to look. Any and all custom content is allowed. The only restriction is that they must be an adult.
-Create an empty plot in any neighborhood. Unlike the Legacy Challenge, this plot may be any size.
-Move the founder into the plot to begin the challenge.

-No cheats, hacks or mods that would give you an unfair advantage over a player who didn’t use them.
-You may only move in/marry townies or NPCs.
-You may not move in/marry player Sims, The Diva or Mr. Big.
-Only Sims that directly contribute to the birth of the next generation may be moved in or married.
-You may use any official Maxis made objects, custom re-colors and custom objects that have identical price and mood values to an official object.
-Sims may never take a job from the newspaper or computer.
-Sims may never work for another player-owned store or on a community lot (as a barista, bartender, etc)
-Sims may not attend college.
-The founder and each heir may never move out of the main family house.
-You may do nothing to reverse, stop, or slow any Sims aging, this includes drinking elixir or having a sim become a vampire.

-The challenge ends with the birth of the 4th generation.
-If you are unable to produce a 4th generation, your score is 0.
-The moment the 4th generation child is born, add up your score.
-Scoring is simple: It is the net worth of the main family house plus any owned properties. Family members living outside the main home do not add their net worth to the family.

“How can I tell if a sim is The Diva or Mr. Big?”
Perform the action Ask…. How much money you have. Most Sims will reply with “$” “$$” or “$$$”. The Diva and Mr. Big will reply with “$$$$”. That is how you can tell who they are. You will also notice they autonomously groom themselves frequently.

“What is the exact value of my owned lots?”
It is their value when you mouse over them on the neighborhood screen. It is NOT the value of the deeds, as those prices can be inflated by using the price tool. Only lots owned by Sims living on the main family lot count towards the total family net worth.

“One of my Sims was bitten by a vampire and has stopped aging. Does this mean I fail?”
Call the matchmaker and buy a bottle of vamprocill. Have the bitten sim drink it before 6PM the next day and you’ll be fine.
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Re: The Pure Entrepreneur Challenge by Pinstar1161

Postby Teresa » December 12th, 2015, 8:09 am

Thanks for digging this up and posting it here!

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