50 First Dates Challenge by sims2madaddict/Shakibone (TS2)

50 First Dates Challenge by sims2madaddict/Shakibone (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 2:03 pm

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The 50 First Dates Challenge

WARNING: You need The Sims 2 Nightlife for this challenge.
Make sure you know the difference between "1st dates" and "dates" otherwise you could do very badly in this challenge.

You can also make a story about each time you have a first date.

Oh, and University doesn't create any additional scoring opportunities.

First date: First time dating a sim
Date: Dating a sim more than once

Objective: To have a freshly made adult in CAS have 50 first dates before death.


NO cheats whatsoever
NO 3rd party hacks, objects
Only Maxis made objects are allowed
You do not get any points for "dates", but only first dates and others
NO cowplant or Elixir of Life is allowed, other aspiration rewards are allowed though
NO moving in other sims, or dates
NO marrige is allowed, engagement is allowed, however

You create one adult in CAS of any aspiration, personality, turn-ons and turn off, etc. You get your sim to live in Downtown and adapt life there. You make sure he/she tries to have 50 first dates and try to make the best possible impression.

Also, when your sim dies, you count up the points from there.

Positive scoring:

+10 for 50 first dates (Or all first dates. You do not get the points for this if your sim has only had 30 first dates or under before aging to an elder)
+5 if the 50 (or all first dates before your sim's death, you don't get the points with this if your sim has only had 35 dates or below before dying) first dates are Okay and above
+3 for when you make 2 vampires fall in love (1 time only)
+1½ for each time your sim beats Mrs. Crumplebottom at bowling or poker (she's VERY good)
+1 each time your sim has a dream date first date with someone who has his/her turn-off the same as your sim (e.g. Your sim has brown hair and a first date ranked Dream Date with someone who has a turn-off brown hair, etc.)
+1 for each free object (not including flowers or mail after date, or poo-bomb) brought to your sim by a first date (scoring doesn't include dates who have dated that sim more than once)
+½ each time Mrs. Crumplebottom is on the same downtown lot as your sim, without her noticing your sim in his/her swimwear or underwear (for at least 2 sim hours is needed to score the ½ point)
+½ if you get the slob, Mr Big or the Diva bitten or kissed by a vampire
+½ for each dream date first date

Negative scoring:

-10 if not 1 first date by the time you get to 50 is a great date or above
-5 each time you have a first date bitten, kissed by a vampire or dies during the date
-2 for each bag of poo left on your sim's lot by a first date
-2 each time you call the gypsy matchmaker fir a blind date (penalty is dropped if you pay under §500 and get a dream date first date, also, you get ½ point!)
-2 each time you buy potions of the gypsy matchmaker
-1 if your sim has 2 turn-ons the first date is attracted by. You lose the point if you have your sim have an OK date or below

You do not lose any points if your sim has under 50 first dates by the time they die, they just miss out on points, look in the scoring above.

Here are the rankings by points:

0 points or below: Dating Deadbeat
1-10: Downtown Downer
11-15: Lame Ludicrous
16-30: Mediocre Matchmaker
30-35: Freakingly Fab Freespiriter
36-45: Mr Big/Dating Diva
46+: Exceptional Extravagant

Have fun!
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