7 Days Challenge by sims2madaddict (TS2)

7 Days Challenge by sims2madaddict (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 2:26 pm

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7 Days Challenge

This is my second challenge after the Tri-Mutant challenge.
You will need TS2 University and TS2 Nightlife.
Do not use any cheats (exept to get your aspiration higher) or hacks. U may use custom clothes and custom walls ect.

The aim of this challenge is to be the best all round sim in all aspirations (using the elixar of life)

What Do U Hav 2 Do?
1. You need a dice
2. Roll for gender (246 = Female, 135 = Male)
3. This sim has to be adult
4. Choose it's appearance
5. Roll for aspiration (1=fortune, 2=knowledge, 3=family, 4=romance, 5=popularity, 6=pleasure)
6. Roll for personality (roll 5 times, once for every trait then change it a bit so that it is still worth 25 points)
7. Choose Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

Move the sim into any neighbourhood, any house to begin with. The game always starts on a Monday so from the first Monday to the second Monday you start with the aspiration you rolled for. In this week you must do what that aspiration likes and get as much aspiration points as possible (meaby even the 'impossible' want!) on the second Monday you must buy the ReNuYu Orb and change it to a different aspiration (roll again) and continue like this buying a NEW ReNuYu Orb every Monday and trying to get as much aspiration points as possible. 7 Weeks is longer than what a adult can live for so you have to buy the elixar of life.

+1 for every ReNuYu Orb on the lot (possible 5)
+1 for every successful aspiration change
+10 if you reached the top of a career in any aspiration* (+15 if in Fortune)
+1 for every 100 aspiration points (excluding the points used to buy the ReNuYu orb)
+1 if while on a Monday you change you are in Platinum mode
+150 (15 000/100=150) if an lifetime want is accomplished
+15 if you are in romance and the Blue and Pink social bunnies start a romance
+1 for every friend (+3 if in popularity at that moment)
+2 for every best friend (4+ if in popularity at that moment)
+3 for every lover (5+ if in popularity at the moment, 10+ if in Romance)
+3 if you get married (+5 if in family, -1 if in Romance)
+1 for every baby (-1 if in romance, +5 if in family at that moment
+1 for every dream date (Pleasure only)
+3 for every skill maxed out (+5 if in knowledge at that moment)
+1 if u are a romance at that moment and you are married but break up
+3 if you didn't using a cheat to get the elixar of life

* What Careers get this award? If in:
Fortune you have to be in Business or Athletic
Knowledge you have to be in Science or Medical
Family you get 1+ if you don't work
Romance you have to be in the Slacker or Culinary
Poularity you have to be in Athletic or Politics
Pleasure you get +5 if you didn't work (+1 if you were in Slacker or Culinary)

-10 if you don't have enought aspiration points 2 buy a ReNuYu Orb
-10 if you only change aspirations on a tuesdays
-5 if change into a grilled cheese (you can only change into something else the next day getting the previous penaltie as a result)
-1 for every fear accomplished
-50 if you keep an aspiration for longer than a Tuesday (wednesday,thursdays ect.)
-10 if you died
-10 if visited by the therapist
-5 if u turned into a elder
-3 if you didn't work while you were in the fotune aspiration
-3 if didn't marry or have a child while you were in family aspiration
-3 if you didn't gain a skill while u were in the knowledge aspiration
-3 if you didn't kiss or woo hoo while you were in romance
-3 if you were in popularity and didn't make one friend or bestfriend
-3 if you didn't have one dreamdate while you were in pleasure

Hope no one else had this Idea!

When u reach the 7th monday stop the game and tally up the score.
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