The Average Family Challenge by purpleponysoup (TS2)

The Average Family Challenge by purpleponysoup (TS2)

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The Average Family Challenge
Okay, so this isn't really much of a challenge, but more like a way of playing. I haven't really tested it out, so I don't know how great it is 'fun-wise' but I don't think it will bore you to tears.

OBJECTIVE -- To make an average family grow up and live happily over the course of 5 generations.

START OUT -- You've got to make two married Sims. But, you can't just choose whichever ones you want. Get a die and roll it. What ever the dice lands on is how many times you click the randomize button. Don't like your Sim? Oh well. This isn't a perfect world so you're just gonna have to live with that large nose. Do the same thing with the Sim's spouse. Choose any aspiration/turn on/anything else that you want. It's all up to you.
**note--You can add make-up, change hair, add glasses, facial hair, etc. But you can't change anything about the Sim's genetic make-up.
**note--You can't change the hair color of your Sim. I've seen some disagreement on whether it changes the DNA or not. So, to be changing hair color.

Give them any house (that they can afford) and give them all of the necessary things to live on. The father MUST get a job, not the mother, just the father. This is going to be a very traditional way of playing.
**note--On the last board I said that only the first mom couldn't get a job. I thought about it and that sounded incredibly stupid, so no the heiress or heir's wife cannot get a job, EVER! Any siblings, extra Sims, etc, can get jobs if their females. But, of the main two providers of the house, only the man!

Edited 11/10/2006 -- If you don't want to start out with a married couple, you can start out with one Sim and when they go into their house have them marry the first Sim of the opposite sex that they see, just like the heirs.

CHILDREN -- Okay, you don't have to have any certain number of kids. Since there are quite a few challenges in this challenge, it would probably be best to have many children. But, in consideration of all of us simmers with horrid computers, there is no rule on how many children you must have. Just make sure it's enough!

When the kids turn into adults/young adults they MUST marry the first Sim of the opposite sex that they see (as long as they are of the appropriate age). Remember, this is going to make your neighborhood less full of Barbie dolls and more full of average Joes and Janes. Also remember, when Goopy walks by, that love is blind..-wink- If your Sims sees a Sim that is already married (obviously) they can't marry that Sim. So, go on to the next Sim that they see thats avaliable.

Exception-- If you are convinced that the first Sim that your heir(ess) sees and your Sim will not (under any circumstances) be able to have a high enough relationship score to get married you can go on to the next sim..But only as a 100% last resort.
GAMEPLAY -- Okay, now things are going to get more interesting. You have 5 generations and as many kids as you can handle. So, if you have at least 3 kids per family thats 3x5= 15 children in all (add or take a few in each generation). There should be enough children to do ALL of these things.

You MUST complete each of these things, any order, and generation, before the last child in generation 5 dies:

Have At Least One Couple Get a Divorce (or break up or whatever it's called in Sim world)

Have A Sim Get Pregnant With Somebody Other Than Her Husband (without him finding out)

Have Twins

Somebody Dies in Fire (you can help out with this ^^)

Have One Sim Reach the Top of the Business Career

Successfully Raise a Litter of Puppies/Kittens (if you have pets..)

Have At Least One Sim Make it Through College (if you have Uni..)

Have At Least One Couple Reach Their Golden Anniversary

Have At Least One Sim Get EVERY Skill Point

Have At Least One Sim Turn Into Something vampire/zombie/etc (if you have required expansion packs)

And lastly; Have At Least One Sim Marry A Gardener

Okay. So this is going to make things more interesting and possibly more 'life like'. Since obviously, life isn't always perfect and exactly the same every minute of every day.

Tip--If you don't think you will ever be able to have twins then have as many kids as you possibly can. Chances are on your side that you will sooner or later have twins. Don't give up hope. I'd start as early as possibly trying to get the ones that are more generated with chance than ability. Also, included in that is the have one Sim turn into something supernatural, especially if you don't have any expansion packs and have to rely on turing into an alien.


Cheats: Only move_objects on and any other building cheat can be used in this challenge. Except if you use boolProp if you want to use the reaction tester for a story. Other than that, NO exceptions.

You can marry any NPC or townie that you want. No CAS or Maxis-Sims. And when they turn into adults the HEIR must marry the first Sim of the opposite sex that they see.

CONCLUSION -- If you get all of those tasks done by the end of Generation 5, you successfully completely the challenge!

I think thats about all that you need to know. If anybody has any questions or comments, feel free to ask. I'd love to read some stories if anybody DOES do this challenge.

Edit-- Want to go the extra mile?
Got past the first five generations in a snap? Want to go on to 10? Read on!


You MUST completele the first challenges within the first five generations and the last challenges within the last five generations. NO switching getting points for turning into alien in generation 9.

These are going to be more tricky and more complicated to achieve. But, hey, you got past the first five in a snap, these should be no problem..


Have one sim adopt a child/baby/toddler with the first name starting with the letter "S".

Have one sim be in every job option avaliable for at least ONE DAY. In other words, have them change jobs everyday until they have been in every single one for one day.

Have one sim Woohoo with the nanny. (I know kids, it will be difficult, but you gotta do it! Muahaha)

For one Sim week (any) take out every electronic in the house. You can put them all back once the week is over.

For one Sim week (any) have your Sims only eat instant meals . They can eat normal food once the week is over.

In one generation (any) NEVER hire a mechanic for that whole generation. You must make one of your Sims in the family already fix any appliances or anything else broken. I'd rack up on those mechanic points and not use your heir(ess) for the job.

In one generation get all of your kids into a private school with at least 110 points when convincing the Headmaster.

In one generation have ALL of your teenagers be overachievers.

**note--Yeah, I know some of these things are just random and silly, but they will be challenges and some might be difficult to complete. But, please forgive me, I'm about to fall over in my chair so these are the only things I could come up with. I'd still be happy to hear any ideas/suggestions to add onto (or take from) the game.


You can do as many things in one particular generation (5-10) as you want.

And if you do all of that stuff (while continuing the random marriage thing) then you have finished the Average Family Challenge with flying colors! Congradulations!!

If anybody has any ideas or suggestions on something to add to the challenge then I'd be happy to hear some!

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