Black Widow Rewrite by Callista (TS2)

Black Widow Rewrite by Callista (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 3:20 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source:

This is my version of the Black Widow challenge. I felt I had to re-write it because there were multiple versions, and they all allowed infinite points if you were willing to do repetitive things (for example, points for every affair--to get max points you'd have to fall in love with everyone in the neighborhood, which is annoying, pointless, and boring!). So I removed the repetitive stuff, and re-wrote it to make a maximum score possible without a lot of point-scumming.

My sources:
Aleksandria's version at TSR: (posted on MTS by discordkitty)

Flanlink's version [from] the BBS: Read this one to get the basic premise of the challenge: Your sim is an evil woman who murders men for their money!

(Google translation from French to English:)
Author: Flanlink original site: forum BBS
Translator: Mya translation site: collection of challenges sims 2

Add-on required: Basic Sims2

Aim of the challenge:

You are a very pretty young woman who loves the most refined things in life. You appreciate your company more than anyone else. Think about it, who might be interested in you? The problem is that dad dies by leaving you no inheritance. It gives everything to your mother-in-law who is two years old your elder and what's more, the gardener has been screwing for a long time. This seduction throws you to the ground. Also, an idea comes to mind. How can you continue to live your life of luxury without raising a finger? Simple answer, marrying the man who will make you live. Hopefully he has a big life insurance. Someone who has a random accident of life ...


First, you have to find a man who will marry you. To do this, create 10 men because those in the neighborhoods are not rich enough to support our fallen heiress. When you have married your first spouse, you will have to kill him for life insurance. Unfortunately, the law in Sim City stipulates that in order for a woman to obtain insurance she must give him an heir. You will have to marry your 10 men and have a baby with each of them.

Create your own adult simette as you like. You will have to buy an empty lot with your 20 000 € allowance that your father gave you before you die. Preferably, a very large lot. You will need to build your home and expand it according to your finances that will swell over time.

Cheating codes " kashing " and " motherlode " are prohibited (except where indicated). You will have to have a small room, the room of death, to lock up your husband and let him die. This piece must not contain furniture. Only 4 walls. You can also cause them to die otherwise at this time, you will not need this piece. The rest of the house, you decorate it as you see fit.

Now that you are settled, you have to find a husband and get pregnant before killing him. When the man dies, you must place his grave or urn somewhere in the house or on the ground. You can not get rid of it. Now that your man has died, enter the code "motherlode" once. Congratulations you just pocketed his life insurance. Do so for the 10 men by giving them each an heir.

You will have to reshape the death chamber after each death.

- No cheat code is allowed except "motherlode" when it is stipulated to use it.
- You can always marry an NPC (only, they are not always well wealthy)
- You must educate your child until adulthood and not get rid of it by the arrival of social assistance. Nannies are accepted.
- You can use up to 3 life elixir bottles.
- You do not have to work.
- NPC services are allowed and even encouraged. Think of it, a person like you who gardens or who does the housework ... it makes no sense.
- All career objects and aspirations are allowed.
- The urns and headstones must be on the ground at all times.
- Teens can work.

The challenge ends when your last husband died and his heir or heir is an adult, or your own death. You will have missed the challenge if you get older even before having your 10 children and you no longer have any elixir of life.

Counting points:


+ 5 pts per wedding
+ 5 pts per death (caused by the widow)
+ 2 pts for each engagement request
+ 2 pts per pregnancy
+ 2 pts per child accepted at private school
+ 1 pt every time a child grows up
+ 10 pts if you fulfill the long-term desire of your widow


- 5 pts per child withdrawn by social assistance
- 3 pts per drop before the altar
- 2 pts per break with your widow
- 2 pts per accidental death (eg burning by fire while making food)
- 1 pt per refusal of engagement
- 1 pt each time a child grows up badly
- 1 pt per refusal to enter private school

Start with a single female sim in CAS. She must have zero Nice points and the Romance aspiration. Everything else is up to you.

Move your Black Widow into an empty 4x4 lot and build a house with the money you have left.

Your Black Widow's plan is to marry ten men and bump them off one by one. However, because of Sim City's laws, she must have at least one child by each man to keep his wealth!

• No cheats/mods/hacks that give you an advantage (that includes the tombstone of L&D)! One exception: You may use unlockcareerrewards ONCE, to obtain a Cowplant. After you do this, all the other rewards must be immediately placed and deleted.
• Move-ins are allowed by marriage only.
• You may not use Elixir to extend the lifespan of sims on the lot, but you are allowed to use the Cowplant. (If you do not have Uni, you may use three jugs of Elixir, but no more.)
• Your Black Widow may never have a job, and no one on the lot may own a business. Husbands and children may work, but children must move out either before adulthood, via college, or on the day they turn adult.
• You may marry any townie or service sim. You may NOT marry Mr. Big or the Diva.
• Graves may not be deleted or moved off the lot.
• Your Black Widow may become a Witch, but she may never, ever become a Good Witch! She must stay Neutral or Evil. Others are free to become witches of any flavor.
• The challenge ends when your Black Widow is dead and no one on the lot can resurrect her.

+1 for every husband killed (max 10 points)
+1 for the firstborn child by each husband (no points for children after the first) (max 10 points)
+1 for each firstborn child who receives an A+ at least once (max 10 points)
+1 per husband that dies with -100/-100 in the relationship bar with the Black Widow (for clarification, this means his relationship bar, not necessarily hers) (max 10 points)
+1 for being caught cheating by her current husband while Woohoo-ing her next husband! (max 10 points)
+1 if the Black Widow has at least one set of natural twins

+2 if you have at least five different ghost colors
+2 if every husband dies in a different way
+2 if the urns are all located in a fully accessible area of the Black Widow's house
+2 if you achieve one or more of the Widow's LTWs (you may change her LTW via the Re-nu-yu Orb if desired)
+2 if every child born in the house attends at least one day of private school

-1 for every child taken by the social worker
-1 for every rejected engagement or marriage proposal
-1 every time someone in the house summons the Sim Shrink
-1 for every time a child grows up badly

-1 if your Black Widow dies before having killed ten men
+5 if your Black Widow is killed by ghosts after having killed her ten men.
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