The Wholesome Challenge by lililedger (TS3)

The Wholesome Challenge by lililedger (TS3)

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The Wholesome Challenge

This Sims 3 challenge revolves around the stereotypical idea of a wholesome family. It is a Patriarchal challenge.

The challenge is strict, with a multitude of rules that make it difficult.

General Rules
-Cheats and hacks may not be used unless you risk losing the save file.
-Autonomous actions do not count against your score.
-You may use custom content, provided it follows the rules of the challenge. However, only official worlds may be used.
-Your Sims may only have old fashioned names, with no unusual spellings. No Brittneys or Mareighs here.
-If you raise your Sim well enough to choose their traits, you do not have to randomly select them.
-Not mandatory, but if you choose to post a log of your attempt online, please comment here with a link.

Creating Your Patriarch
-Your patriarch must be a young adult male.
-He may not have long hair, tatoos, or peircings.
-He may not have unnatural hair, skin, or eye colors.
-You have free reign over clothing choices, but please remember you are trying to create a wholesome, old-fashioned family.
-Your patriarch MUST have the following traits:
--Family Oriented
--Any other traits are up to you, but your patriarch may not have the following (Though future generations may)
---Commitment issues
---Green Thumb (Only the women of the family may garden)
---Natural Cook (Only the women of the family may cook.)
---Party Animal

Finding a Home
-You may purchase a pre-existing home
-Your home may not contain and modern appliances, including electric lights, with the exception of ONE bathroom, a refrigerator, and a stove.

Family and Relationships
-The men of the family may only court women who wear skirts or dresses, and who have no tattoos, peircings, or unusual coloring. Exceptions may be made in emergencies.
--G-rated actions, such as kissing, hugging, and holding hands are allowed, however, actions like making out and Woohoo must wait until after marriage. This rule also applies to the women.
-Once married, the current heir must Try For Baby once and only once every day, unless, of course, the female Sim is already pregnant.. No other Woohoo is allowed.
-All men except the Heir and the elders must move out once they reach young adulthood
-Women of the family may not move out until they are married
--They must be married by the time they reach adulthood.
--Women can only marry a man who is good friends with their father or that generation's heir
--Women may not marry a man who breaks any of the appearance rules.
--Exceptions may be made in extreme circumstances.
-Family Oriented, Perfectionist, and Technophobic are Family Traits. The next generation's heir is the first born male who possesses at least two of these traits. Exceptions may be made in extreme situations, however, if no male is produced with at least one Family Trait, it is game over.
-Any sim who possesses no family traits, or who has two or more of the following traits, is a black sheep:
--Computer Whiz
--Dislikes Children
--Party Animal.
-Black Sheep may not possess any 'fun' objects of their own. Their room should only contain a cheap bed and an alarm clock. They may not form friendships with family members. They may only leave the lot if it's dark. (Sneaking out)
--At least two black sheep must be born into your family. However, there may only be one per generation, and there must be at least one generation between them.
--Because of how traits are assigned as Sims age, it is possible to 'grow out' of Black Sheep status.
--Black Sheep who do not grow out of it must be moved out once they reach young adulthood
--Only Black Sheep may court a Sim of the same gender.

Work and Skills
-Women may not work.
-Men may not skill in food, cleaning, art, or gardening, unless required for their job
-Women may not skill in handiness, charisma, fishing, or athleticism
-Black Sheep may neither work nor skill

-Women may not leave the lot without a male escort
-Women may not take classes
-No one may leave the lot on a Sunday. All visitors must be sent home immediately on a Sunday. Exceptions are made for working males, without deducting points.

Gaining Points
-1 for every exception made (Autonomous actions do not count against you.)
+1 for every SINGLE infant born. (this means +2 for twins and +3 for triplets)
-1 for every non-elder and non-heir who dies before moving out.
+10 for every lifetime want achieved.
+5 for every time level five of a career is reached
+5 for every time level ten of a career is reached
+ 5 for every time level five of a skill is reached
+5 for every time level ten of a skill is reached
-1 for every extra black sheep born into a generation
-1 for every black sheep born into a consecutive generation
-1 for every skill level reached by a Sim who is not allowed to use that skill.
-1 every time a black sheep does not return home before dawn.
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