The Victorian Legacy by kgcowbelle (TS2)

The Victorian Legacy by kgcowbelle (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 6:54 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source:

Here's my idea for a legacy :

The Victorian Legacy is a legacy taking place during the Victorian era (1837-1901). The rules are:

-You may have no modern conveniences (with the exception of a telephone, stove, refrigerator, and a smoke alarm) (No lights allowed except for ones shaped like candles until they are unlocked)
Subtract 1 point for each modern item you get early (except for the ones you are allowed to have)

-(Optional)Every other generation (starting with generation three), you are allowed to choose one item to "invent".That means that you may purchase one of the modern conviences without penalty
Subtract 1 point for every item you buy early

-Each generation must have at least four children with at least one boy and one girl
Subtract 1 point for each kid you don't have and 1 point if you are missing either a boy or a girl (No penalty if there aren't enough children due to the death of a spouse and you choose not to remarry)

-Your heir must be the oldest male born (unless a tragic accident occurs making him to not be able to fufil his duty)
Subtract 1 point if your heir is not a boy and 1 point if your heir is not the oldest boy (unless the oldest son is dead or such)

-Girls may not go to college or get a job (unless you create a home business)
Subtract one point each time a girl goes to work and 1 point for each girl that goes to college

-You may not move in a spouse for three days after meeting in representation of the courting period
Subtract 1 point for each day that the spouse moves early

-You must have a painting of each heir and their spouse (when they're adults) for all ten generations hanging somewhere in the house
Subtract 1 point for each painting you're missing and 1 point for each painting with the subject not in adult form

-No cars (carpools are okay, so are custom cars that look like old fashioned carriages)
Subtract 1 point for each car you have

-Girls may only wear dresses a minimal amount of makeup (it must look natural, no bright colors, etc)
Subtract 1 point for each girl that is wearing anything but a dress

-Guys only may wear suits or nice dress clothes (no stubble, beards okay)
Subtract 1 point for each guy that is not dressed nicely

-All children must remain in the house until they are married (except for college)
Subtract 1/2 point for every child that moves out early

-When the heir marries, you may kaching your family $3,000 dollars in representation of the bride's dowry
No penalty if you choose not to do this

Sorry if this has already been done. Have fun
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