Virgenerations Challenge by Slade (TS2)

Virgenerations Challenge by Slade (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 7:23 pm

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This is the Virgenerations Challenge, basically the Legacy Challenge with a few changes. Due to the fact that Pollination Technician won't probe his sons/daughters in later EPs, this challenge can only be done with Seasons.


1. Your sims may not do the 'Try for Baby' option, meaning they can only reproduce by asexual plant sim reproduction or alien abduction. Be warned, unless you only have the base game, Pollination Technician will not impregnate his own sons/daughters.
2. Your sims may 'WooHoo', but only if it is involved in their Lifetime Want. If you have the risky WooHoo hack, any children born from WooHoo cannot be heir.
3. Your sims may marry, but only if it is involved in their Lifetime Want.
4. Your sims may adopt children, but the adopted child cannot be heir unless it was a legacy child that was taken away and then adopted again.
5. The challenge lasts 12 or 15 generations (you pick which).
6. 1 Point for each Alien baby born. That means alien twins are worth two points.
7. No cheats except:
move_objects on
advanced building cheats
kaching (1 point penalty for each use)
8. All other rules can be found here:
9. If the rules at conflict with the rules here, the rules here override the rules at
Who will step up to the Virgenerations challenge?

(Note: edited by Lorinsv for updated Legacy Challenge links)
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