Vampirization: the challenge! by Zzach0 (TS2)

Vampirization: the challenge! by Zzach0 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 18th, 2017, 7:31 pm

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The main objective in this challenge is to turn as many sims as possible in a neighborhood into vampires in ten sim days, through a single sim.

Go into CAS in a neighborhood of your choice. Make an adult sim, you may pick the aspiration and personality, any custom made things are allowed. Take this sim you made downtown, untill you can meet a vampire. Befriend the vampire and eventually, they'll bite you if you kiss them enough. The ten day time limit begins at midnight of the day your infecter sim was vampirized. You may not infect a sim in the meantime of turning into a vampire and midnight of that day.

The rules:
*No cheats, except for 1 optional motherlode at the beginning of the challenge (if you want the hardest version of the challenge available, don't use motherlode.). Apart from that one time, cheats aren't allowed. No maxmotives if your vamp is stuck in the sun! And no hacks.

*The infector sim may not marry or move in sims.

*If female, the vampire sim may get pregnant if you wish.

*Your vampire may use any aspiration rewards avialable, except the cool shades.

*If a grand vampire infects any sims during the challenge, they don't count.

Every time you infect another sim, make a tally on a sheet of paper. Your score is simply how many sims you infected from the midnight of the day your infector sim was turned vampire untill the midnight 10 days later. The one way you can lose points is if your infector sim ever got a bite rejected, and you lose one point. Also, if you don't want to take the time away from a legacy, if you have an adult vampire sim, you may play the challenge that way.
Hints + Tips
*Throw lots of parties. It's a great way to build relationships with sims, and then have a bite-fest when it's over!
*Be sure to make sure your relationship is high before attempting to bute another sim. You wouldn't want any mishaps, right?
*Be sure to keep a stash of love potion on hand. Who knows when it'll come in handy :wink:?
*When you try to build a relationship on a lot, be sure that the sim your flirting with doesn't have their spouse nearby. Don't want things to get ugly... hopefully.
*Pick the romance or pleasure aspiration for your infector sim. You can kiss and flort and gain aspiration points! WARNING: Using flirting to make friends to bite may cause sims to get jealous.
*If you have a tip, just give the word and I'll add it!

Have fun!

-Zach Bleh!
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