Zombie Apocalypse Challenge by Jenn (TS3)

Zombie Apocalypse Challenge by Jenn (TS3)

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(Saved from a web archive. Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20150406001402/http:/boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic2593.html)

Note: This is Pinstar's Apocalypse Challenge remade for Sims 3 and with the addition of zombies! 99% of this is still Pinstar's version. I have made changes in certain aspects only and deleted stuff that cannot be done in Sims 3.

I got really tired of looking around and not finding a decent Zombie Challenge. With Pinstar not being around in eons, I decided to make my own revisions of his Zombie Apocalypse Challenge that he did for Sims 2.

This has not been play tested, any and all comments/questions are encouraged. Play testing phase will start after my kid goes to school tomorrow.

All credit still goes to Pinstar, with conversion and other changes made by me, Jenn, on Sept. 25, 2012.

It's the Super Bowl and all across the region, people are watching. The whistle blows for Half Time and every Sim in the city goes to sue the toilet. Every single toilet in the region is flushed at the same time. The resulting drop in water pressure causes the three nuclear power plants in the area to go critical and melt down, devastating the region. Thankfully the founder is on business in China when this took place. When they return to start their family, they find a very different world in which they have to survive in.


The following is a set of harsh restrictions that the family must obey. Each set of restrictions is tied to a specific career field. When a Sim reaches level 10 of that career filed, that restriction is lifted. A single Sim may on lift one restriction in their lifetime.

To lift all restrictions will take 12 different Sims or six generations.

Firstly, go into Edit Town and click on the School building. Click on the build/buy button and zoom down and delete just the school building.

1. Only Sims that are a part of the bloodline and living in the legacy house can help to unlock restrictions. Adopted Sims, non-heirs and Simbots are not eligible. Imaginary
Friends are only eligible if they are a). Turned real and b) married into the family.
2. The founder starts as a young adult.
3. You can be any Life State for this challenge and blame it on radiation fallout or what ever makes for a good story.
4. The family lot must be on a dirt or desert looking terrain.
5. When your founder returns from their recent trip in CAS, they can move to any sized lot they can afford.

Lot Restrictions

1. The housing structure must not be bigger than a 10x10 area.
2. Sims cannot sleep outside.
3. A fence must surround the property and no one can go outside the fence unless they are going to work.
4. You may have any items that could potentially be a battery powered one. Radio, candles, grills, easels, chess tables or bookcase. Once an item breaks, it cannot be
replaced due to not having replacement batteries.
5. There can be no flowers, trees or bushes on the lot.
6. You may have the cheapest fridge (Sims 3 does not allow cooking without a fridge), toilets and beds.
7. Young adult Sims/spouses must obey all restrictions that are currently in place when they move into the house.
8. The only Sims that may be moved into the legacy family are Sims that will directly contribute to the birth of the next generations, i.e., spouse of founder and heirs.

To win this challenge, you must lift all the restrictions.

The Restrictions

The physical effects of the nuclear winter are clear, but that's only half the devastation. The damage to the population's mindset and willpower has also been great. People are starting to give up hope, and despair has begun to set in. People have no motivation to band together or leave the shelters they have made.

1. You cannot move in or marry any Sims.
2. Once your founder reaches level 5 of any career, they show the region that the worst is over, and that things can and will begin to get better. A few Sims are even willing to risk traveling the streets to be with the regions new and only ray of hope.
3. You may move-in/marry spouses for your founder. You are still restricted to moving in those who will contribute to the next generation.
4. If your founder or heirs ever turn into Zombies, you fail the challenge.
5. If a family member ever turns into a Zombie, consider them dead and kill them off. Their grave must remain on the lot.
6. If the heir is underage and turns into a Zombie, you may pick a replacement heir.


The chaos of the region set off by the power plant explosion has broken down the basic economic fabric of society. The value of a Simolean varies wildly from place to place. All major markets have been destroyed or looted dry. With the economy of the region in shambles, people are unwilling to go shopping. The only that sells well are stories from survivors, as the paparazzi is hungry to know what happened and what it is like to live in such a land.

Suggested Traits: Schmoozer, Friendly, Ambitious, Charismatic, Over-Emotional or Workaholic

1. Your Sims may not purchase community lots.
2. You may not sell items via the build/buy tab.
3. You may not sell items found in inventories. (completed paintings, found rocks/gems/insects).
4. Your Sim is allowed to write novels and collect royalties.
5. No service Sims of any kind.
6. Only Sims currently working in the business career can be socialized with.

Once someone rebuilds the economic structure of the region, the business restrictions are lifted. You may now visit the Consignment store.

Law Enforcement/Fire Department

The local police and fire departments are in shambles and unable to do their jobs. A strong air of anarchy and lawlessness has swept the region. Violent gangs of anarchists prey on the old and weak.

Either Career track is allowed.

Suggested Traits:Logic, Genius, Athletic and Artistic (forensics branch).

1. You may not purchase burglar alarms or smoke alarms.
2. Your Sims may not call the police if you get robbed.
3. Children cannot go to school. Teenagers and Elders that do not have at least 3 athletic skill points, may not leave the lot for any reason. This includes going to school, work and community lots.
4. Sims in the police career may search through trash cans and conduct interviews for report making.
5. At level 5, you receive your police car. You are allowed to keep it.

Fire Department

Suggested Traits: Handy, Athletic, Daredevil, Brave, Friendly or Charismatic.

1. You may not purchase smoke alarms or burglar alarms.
2. Sims may not call the Fire Department if a fire starts.
3. Children cannot go to school. Teenagers and Elders that do not have at least 3 athletic skill points may not leave the lot for any reason. This includes going to school, work and community lots.
4. Sims in the Fire Department may have the mandatory alarm and fire truck in the later levels.

When a Sim reaches level 10 of Law Enforcement OR level 10 in the Fire Department, they are capable of restoring order and can once again start to help people. The restrictions are lifted and smoke and burglar alarms can now be purchased, *even if the science restrictions have not been lifted yet.*


The plumbing has been severely damaged in the region. Water brought to the house is dirty and unsanitary. To make matters worse, the local drug stores have been cleaned out by looters.

Suggest traits:Logic, genius, bookworm

1. Showers and bathtubs of all types may not be purchased or used at home or on a community lot until a Sim completes at least one of the Logic skill challenges.

Skill Challenges - Celestial Explorer - discover 20 stars. Skill Professor - Reach Level 10 Logic.

2. Dish washers may not be purchased or used.
3. Pools may not be built or used.
4. No hospital births.
5. Whenever Sims woohoo, they MUST "Try for Baby". If "Try for Baby" is not an option, they are not allowed to woohoo. Same sex couples with a pregnancy mod are also only allowed to "Try for Baby", but only one may have a baby at a time. After one of them becomes pregnant, you are eligible for woohoo only. No doubling up.

*Restriction Exceptions* The exceptions include a couple that are already pregnant, a couple with at least one person in the Elder stage, or a same sex couple who are NOTusing a pregnancy mod.

Once a leader in the medical field emerges from the family, they leas the Red Cross restoration effort. This restores clean running water, supplies of medicines, and contraceptives. The medical restrictions are now lifted.


The gas lines and power grids have been severely damaged. Running a gas stove or electric appliance carries too much risk. The radiation levels are too high to risk using a microwave either. Food is scarce. The quality of food the Sims can get is very poor and can bring illness to some. Coffee is now scarce in the region due to supply costs. Fresh food is non-existent.

Suggested Traits: Natural Cook, Friendly, Schmoozer.

1. Sims may only use the cheapest grill. No other cooking appliances are allowed.
2. You may only prepare food once a day. You should probably make sure they have made a group serving, leaving it out on the counter and blocking off the fridge in any way you can.
3. Feeding babies does not count. Keep them happy!
4. Sims may not prepare food on community lots.
5. Restaurants are not allowed.
6. You may not order a pizza.
7. Sims may not have any food items (including produce) in their inventory.
8. Birthday and wedding cakes are not allowed.

Once a 5-star chef emerges from the household, they invent new ways to preserve food and better way to cook artificial food. They have learned to rewire home appliances so they can be used again. All culinary restrictions are lifted, plus you get an amazing fridge at level 10.

Life of Crime

The local organized crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. Larry the Louse and his goons force people to pay hefty sums of Simoleans to ensure that nothing bad happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to fight the mob, most just give in and pay.

Suggested Traits: Evil, Athletics, Logic (Evil Career track), Genius.

1. Once a week at midnight, your Sim must sell off all items on their lot and in their inventory and replace them with the same exact item. The "Protection Money" is the loss of depreciation. You must do this every 7 days, not including the first day. A replaceable item is anything found in buy mode.
2. If you do not have enough money to replace all of your items, you must buy back as many as you can.
3. You do not have to replace anything $200 or less.
4. Kleptomaniacs may steal, but they must immediately put all stolen objects in the family inventory until each item that has a restriction is lifted.

*Bogus Example*If you steal a coffee maker, you cannot use it until the culinary restrictions are lifted, etc.

Once a member of the family reaches the top of either track of the criminal career, they become part of the "family". While they do not get a cut of the profits, they will no longer have to pay protection money. The Criminal restriction is lifted.


The mobs of radiated zombies wandering through the streets make it unsafe to travel anywhere except on select posted back roads. Neighborhoods are scattered as no one is willing to risk traveling just to visit with friends.

Suggested Traits:Athletic, Handy.

1. Sims may not travel to any community lots.
2. You may not invite any Sim over unless you are romantic interests or engaged.
3. If your Sims owns a car that is placed on a driveway on the lot, they may also invite over a
Sim listed as Best Friends.
4. Parties are not allowed.
5. Teenage Sims may not leave the lot, if they are grounded, they may not sneak out either.
6. Sims may not move out of the house or be kicked out.
7. Only Sims in the military track can use Athletic equipment (unless previously unlocked).

Once the brave Astronaut in the family leads the local National Guard in a strike against the zombie hordes, will the roads be safe to travel again. The military restrictions are lifted.


The radiation in the air weakens the muscles and bones. As a result, muscle degeneration has set in. Even simple physical tasks have become impossible.

Suggested Traits: Athletic, Friendly, Lucky(?)

1. When you reach level 2 of athletics, a small "battery" powered radio may be bought. No one else may use it and dancing is not allowed.
2. No other athletic equipment is allowed.
3. No items on the lot may be moved unless paying the Protection Money.
4. You may not perform the "Leap into Arms" interaction.
5. Sims may not carry more than three items in their inventory.

Once a Sim becomes a Sports Legend, they invent new training techniques to overcome the muscle degeneration. All athletic restrictions are lifted.


All of the teachers died in a Mass Zombie Attack on the school. Citizens are too afraid to answer the governments plea for educators. Everyone except your family of course.

Suggested Traits:Charisma, Bookworm, Ambitious, Friendly, Genius

1. Children and Teens are not allowed to go to school.
2. Children and Teens are not allowed to have the Imaginary friends made real (even if the chemistry ban has been lifted).
3. Teens may not get jobs.
4. Babies, Children and teens are not allowed off the lot at any time.

Your level 10 District Superintendent has lectured the masses on a safe buddy system. School is now back in session. Teachers will now be able to transport teens to their part-time jobs. After school activities will now resume. Children have now learned the way of making their Imaginary friend real, they just need someone to make them a potion.


With government regulators unable to enforce fair labor laws and the remaining businesses are mistreating their workers who are desperate to keep their jobs, standards of employment have gone down the drain.

Suggested Traits:Charisma, Artistic, Friendly, Bookworm

1. Sims may not use vacation days.
2. If a Sim misses a SINGLE day of work for any reason, they must quit their job.
3. Maternity leave is allowed.
4. If a Sim loses their job for any reason (quitting or being fired) they may never take a job in that career again.
5. Teens who quit or get fired from their jobs may not be employed by that career in any other life stage either.
6. Elders may not retire from their jobs. They can only quit if they wish to stop working. (Currently thinking about changing this)

Once a Sim in the family becomes a Star News Anchor, they are able to do an Exposé on the industry leaders. Confronted by the newscast, the labor leaders give in to the population and follow the proper labor laws. The "Slacker" restrictions are now lifted.


Without the flawless power grid and advanced electronic companies of the modern era, the high tech gizmos that were once relied upon have slipped out of the populaces reach again. Technology has taken a step backwards.

Suggested Traits: Gardening, Fishing, Handiness, Genius

1. Sims may not purchase or use anything from the electronics category except for a single
computer and a single radio.
2. You are only allowed to use the computer to write books or adopt a pet if you want so
choose to have one.
3. Mp3's, slot machines, video games of any kind, whack a mole, basically anything fun and electronic in are not allowed.
4. Your Sims cell phone is not an item, you can use this instead of having a house phone.
5. You may not build Simbots or use reward points for one.
6. Sims may not purchase a trash compactor.
7. Only Sims in the science career can use the Chemistry station OR inventing table.
8. Only a Sim in the science career can have "experimental" seeds in a LOCKED garden for use in their gardening skills.
9. If the Science building has a pond, consider it stocked with "experimental" fishies. Go ahead and use that to help your fishing skill. You are only allowed to use it for a max of 5 hours per week. (an hour before or an hour after work a day).

Once a Mad Scientist emerges from the family, they can restore the knowledge of known technologies so they can be produced again. As well as restoring the power grid, they have also had a breakthrough in alien technology. They have just invented one Lifetime Reward OBJECT of your choosing.

The Choices: Collection Helper, Flying Vacuum, Hover Bed, Moodlet Manager, Motive Mobile, Simbot and Teleportation Pad.

Now that you have chosen your one object, this single object is unlocked for everybody. Anyone can buy the reward. If you have a second person top the Science Career, they will not unlock anything else.

Science 2

ADDITIONALLY: Natural Science does not exist in Sims 3.

Natural Science, Jenn's Way. You MUST have a second person Max the Science Career.

Why do they call it nuclear winter? Because everything is dead. The snow you see is toxic ash. Any and all plant life in the region is dead. Nothing grows anymore. Natural and organic food is non-existent. With no plants to hold the soil together, the whole region is plagued with dust storms that block out the sun and whip across the land.

A scientist may still utilize rules #8 and #9 above.

1. You may not place any landscaping items (flowers, bushes, trees, etc.).
2. You may not alter the ground color.
3. You may not buy or place any items listed in the decorations tab.
4. The house must be placed on dirt or a desert looking terrain paint.
5. You may not purchase a wedding arch.
6. You may not have a cow plant.
7. You may not use a telescope due to the cloud cover.
8. Couples may not "Watch the Stars".
9. Any flowers received from friends/dates and spouses must be placed in the family inventory or sold by midnight.
10. Sims may not use the water tool in Build/buy mode.
11. Houses MUST be built on foundations, decks or pillars. Items can be on the ground, but walls cannot be placed at ground level.

Once your second Mad Scientist emerges, they invent a plant serum that lets plants use toxic ash as fertilizer without making the plant itself toxic. With this serum in wide supply, the region begins to return to life. Food can actually be grown again and people can have lawns. With plants once again anchoring the soil, the raging dust storms cease and the sky once again is seen. All natural science restrictions are lifted.


The political scene is a mess, more so than it usually was. Local officials are now haggling over the how and when of supply shipments while the citizens suffer. Corruption is rampant and waste is constant. The mayor has restricted the supply of building materials in an effort to conserve them. Harsh and unreasonable property laws have been enacted. What is left of the police force seems oddly motivated to enforce this building law in particular while turning a blind eye to the looting and anarchy.

Suggested Traits: Charisma, Friendly, Schmoozer, Party Animal

1. As mentioned, the house can not be any larger than a 10 x 10 area.
2. Nothing can be placed outside that area except the trash can and mailbox.
3. The 10 x 10 area can be placed anywhere on the lot, but it can never be moved.
4. Sims may build basements within that 10 x 10 area.
5. Sims may build upwards as long as it does not extend past the 10 x 10 area.
6. Sims may not influence other Sims. Vampires cannot read minds or Influence other Sims.

Restriction Exceptions: Politicians AREallowed to have Campaign Parties.

1. It can only be once a week on a Saturday or Sunday.
2. It cannot last longer than 4 hours.
3. It has to be at the same spot each time, so pick your location wisely.
4. You can invite any Five people as long as they are friends or higher in relationship stats.
5. If you have Party Crashers, you can interact with them.

Once the Leader of the Free World emerges from the family, they take over the government. Political corruption is cleaned up. Building supplies from other parts of the country are shipped in for anyone who needs it. The housing permits are repealed. The prestige and notoriety gained by the family allows them to sway the actions of others. The Political Restrictions are lifted.

Artist Restrictions are deleted.

Instead, you can have one single creative item (easel, drafting table or sculpting stand). All completed paintings, drawings or sculptures must go in the family inventory until a level 10 artist/sculptor emerges.

Paranormal Restrictions Deleted.

Instead, if anyone dies on the lot, their graves must remain on the property. They are not restricted to the 10 x 10 area.

Show Business

Sims don't care about personal appearance anymore. They would rather be fed and safe. Cosmetics, hair, and clothing stores have all been cleaned out by the looters or were destroyed. As a result, what people are currently wearing, will not be changed in anyway. CAS is closed!

Suggested Traits:(Music) Virtuoso, Logic, Virtuoso, Genius, Dramatic (Film), Charisma, Friendly, Schmoozer.

1. Sims may not use the mirror to change appearance.
2. Sims may not use the dresser.
3. Sims may not throw parties of any kind (unless in politics).
4. Sims may not use the "Go Here" interaction or go on outings of any kind.
5. Sims may invite romantic interests over, but they may not go out on a date.
6. Sims may not purchase the stylist chair or go to the Stylist community lot.

Once a person reaches level 10 of the Music or Movie career, they unleash their show, "Stylish Eye for the Zombie Guy" on the world. The Sims of the region, after seeing radiated zombies looking 10 times better than them, gain a renewed sense of self-esteem. The profits from the show are used to bring fresh supplies of cosmetics, hair and clothing to the region. "Fallout Wear" becomes the newest trend across the country. All show business restrictions are lifted.

Back to Normal

The skies are clear. The zombies are gone. The power plants are repaired and life returns to normal. the family stands as a testament to a Sims ability to survive. The whole city owes a great debt of gratitude to the host leaders and heroes that have emerged from your family. Congratulations!
Your score is the total number of days that have passed since your founder bought his/her plot of land. You can also add in the regular legacy scoring if you so choose.

Pinstar's Original FAQ:

”What happens if I break a restriction by mistake without lifting it first?”
Technically you fail the challenge. However, small goofs won’t cause you to fail as long as you fix them immediately. For example, if you move a couch before lifting the athletic restriction, you can just move it back to exactly where it used to be when you realize your error and not fail. If you goof and forget to pay protection money, just pay it as soon as you realize. If a Sim autonomously does something that breaks a restriction (like playing games on the computer before you unlock science) just cancel their action as soon as you notice it. You won’t fail the challenge just because of that. Knowingly breaking an un-lifted restriction (giving up) will cause you to fail the challenge.

“Do you have any suggestions as to which restriction I lift first?”
I have my personal favorite, but I don’t want to say. The first two restrictions lifted (one by the founder, one by their spouse) have the largest implications. I’m curious to see what unique pairs of restrictions people decide to lift first to make the 2nd generation easier. All I can advise is that you look into what each restriction is really doing to you and decide which ones hampers your play style the most.

“What happens if I receive an item from a date or outing that is still restricted?”
You may keep the item, but you may not use it. You may sell it if you have lifted the business restrictions. You may put it into inventory if you have room.

”My Sim has already hit the top of a career field? Does that mean they are not allowed to go to another career?”
Your Sim can go to another career field, and even reach the top of it. However since they already lifted one restriction, reaching the top of a 2nd career path will not unlock its restriction. That doesn’t mean they can’t reach and stay at the top to earn the family money. Just remember that, unless the Slacker restriction has been lifted, Sims cannot return to their old careers.

”What if I lift a restriction on an item when another restriction still says I can't use it. Can I use the item?”
Unless a restriction specifically says you can use an item, even if other restrictions are in place, you must lift all the restrictions on an item to use it. For example, the Science restriction says you cannot use anything from the electronics tab. The Smoke Alarm is in this tab, and thus restricted by Science. The Law Enforcement restriction also says you cannot buy or use smoke alarms. If you lift the Science restriction, but not Law enforcement, you are allowed to use electronic items but the Law Enforcement restriction still restricts the Smoke Alarm. If you lift the Law enforcement restriction, but not Science, you may use the Smoke Alarm. The text of the Law Enforcement restriction specifically says you may use the Smoke Alarm, even if it is still restricted by others. The same goes for actions. While lifting the military restriction will allow you to invite anybody over, even for parties, you still have to lift the Show Business restriction to have parties at all.
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