The Traitacy (A Trait Based Legacy) by dotdotdash (TS3)

The Traitacy (A Trait Based Legacy) by dotdotdash (TS3)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 1:18 pm

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This is my first topic on this forum. I'm the new kid, so I'm still fumbling around, discovering new things, pooping myself, and throwing applesauce at my peers.
Please be kind.
I want to start a legacy, which you people are probably accustomed to here in And I had an idea, of a handicap of sorts for all us Sims 3-ers out there that have a particular favorite trait.
Don't lie. You know you do. You might have a thing for those brooding, mysterious loners, or those "wild and crazy guys!" type party animal. Is your custom neighborhood stalked with shameless flirts or shameful losers? Maybe a bunch of artists are wondering around Riverview, and maybe a heap of geniuses populate Sunset Valley. Or maybe you just like a particular trait. I don't know. All I know is that I've found myself in CAS, thinking "Hmm. Hmm. You know what would be great? If a bunch of kleptos were in this family."
So why not have a trait populate a legacy?

1. Obviously, you must pick one (or two, refer to the exceptions please) trait as your base trait. Say it' Lucky. Now you made your founder...shamrocks, maybe, on her clothes, nice touch....and your at the dreaded trait screen. Feel free to pick any trait you like...any! Whether she be an absent-minded clumsy snob, or a neat-freaked nature-hating party animal. But you must use one trait; LUCKY. Obviously.
2. Name the founder and all the generations following with the certain trait. Take our lucky girl...we'll name her Four-Leafed. Now make her untimely lucky. An Irish accent, give her a mod to make her short and leperchan-ish. Then, when she marries and has a fellow Luky daughter, name the daughter Clover. (By the way, Lucky as to be a terrible idea for a traitacy. It's so limited.)
3. Now it's an unwritten rule (or written, I haven't reffered to the rules in a while) to randomize all traits. Which I'm totally for, unless you can choose and Clover is lacking the Lucky Trait. This is the only time they may pick the trait. The heir MUST have the trait of question. If somehing happens, like your sim's pregnancies suck and her kid does terrible in school, and no kids get the trait, that is an instance when a poll (or you pick whoever you want) for heir occurs. The direct opposite of a trait, say an unlucky sim, couldn't be heir if he or she were the best sims in the world.

1. Double-Traiting: Say you want to start an Evil/Klepto legacy. That's fine. The heir has to have at least one trait, and you may only choose one trait. So you can choose one of the traits, but not both. Even if the opportunity arises. If a sim somehow gets both of the traits, that doesn't put them ahead of any of their sublings that have one.
It can also be an opposite trait legacy. Say its a Good-Evil legacy. The heir must be either good, or bad. That should bring about some interesting conflicts.
2. Double-Challenge: I'm using this legacy set of rules and another one. Scandalous! In my case, I'm using the rainbow legacy guidelines as well. Pretticies, Uglacies, Apocolypses, and Alphabets are accepted, along with any other legacy challenge. If, like in my case, the legacy conflicts with the rules, make sure it doesn't conflict with rule 1 or 3. Rule 2 can be broken, and will be broken in my legacy. Since the rules state the rainbow legacy names must have to do with the color of the generation, you can't name a lucky sim Clover (unless, of course, it's the Green generation). You can also bend rule 2 for personal uses, such as if you want a legacy wit a cake theme. You can very much name your sims Red Velvet. (Then again, a cake theme with the Natural Born Cook trait would be...delicious).

The title of the legacy should have something to do with the trait you have (i.e; my Insane-themed rainbow legacy is called "Color me Crazy". Copyright DotDotDash.) But be creative. "A Neat Freak Legacy" is boring. "The Squeaky Clean Legacy" is fun! (Fun Fact: That was a legacy I tried on The Sims 2, only instead of the trait I made the founder have 10 neat points. Ah, memories.)
Well, I'm being kicked off the computer by my roomates. But please, try this challenge and post your stories.

Oh, and watch out for "Color me Crazy", my new Insane-rainbow legacy.
Have a platinum plummbob day!
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