Toddler Asylum by Jendra (TS2)

Toddler Asylum by Jendra (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 1:22 pm

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I've been thinking about doing an Asylum challenge for a while, and just did an Abandonded Babies challenge (though I only got them to teenagers, they'll survive from now on), so I thought why not combine the two! *If this has already been done, please ignore except to give me a link <g>* The basics are simple. Take Simscout's Asylum challenge (link is to Giggy6004's rule updates for later expansion packs) and change only a couple of things.

You start with one adult and seven toddlers. You must randomize the toddlers zodiac signs and personality. You have no idea what your toddlers are thinking except for the way they are acting (or social worker popups) because you are not allowed to look at their wants or needs.

Your house must be built to Asylum standards *except* you're allowed one changing table and five cribs (if you can actually get enough aspiration points for smart milk before they age, you may use it). No toddler blankets, that would make it too easy <grin>.

If possible, then the doors must be locked so that you are the only one that can get in or out. You are not allowed to lock the door to the bathroom or to make it unavailable in any way, that means it must be on the same floor as the nursury.

Only one toddler toy for each skill possible (one bunny rabbit, either one xylophone and one logic toy... or if you have FT, one toddler table). Normal toys are allowed, as long as they don't build skills.

You may not hire a nanny.

You may not start with more than one hundred dollars after building. You may fish, you'll probably need to just to restock the refrigerator.

You may buy birthday cakes to help the toddlers transition if you have the money. Once the toddlers have become children, you may sell the toddler items. It is the only time you may sell things beyond paintings and I suppose, fish.

Your adult may get a job once the children are at school, but it must be one that does not interfere with raising the children. That is his or her job.

There are two points the challenge can end at, which one you end it at is up to you. You may either have a short challenge of getting the toddlers to teenagers, or a long one of getting them to adulthood (or college no more than two days before adulthood).


+1 per child who grew up well per transition (i.e. one toddler to teenager can be 2 points if grew up well both times, toddler to adult is 3 points)
+1 per A+ report card (one per child, one per teen = so 2 points possible per child if going to adult)
+1 per skill point (no looking until you're done!)
+1 per 1000 aspiration points
+1 per family friend
+20 if adult manages to reach lifetime want

-20 for the death of anyone on the property, child, adult or visitor
-2 for every grew up badly memory
-2 for every D report card
-3 for every command you give a toddler/child/teen... that's not allowed... offer to help with homework instead ^_^
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