Twinacy by smickerooda (TS2)

Twinacy by smickerooda (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 2:00 pm

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I've been giving this a go, and have finally thought up some rule sets. It kinda draws on the Doublacy Challenge (please don't sue me!)

Idea of Challenge - Each birth is a twin birth. You can only do this challenge if you a) own OFB or b) have a twin hack installed.

New Rules -
1) Every birth must be a twin birth (see above)
2) You may not bring back any pregnant sims from death
3) You may not have any mood modifiers (including the energizer) - That's the whole point of this legacy! See how many times your sim-parents come near to death!! Oh, and the whole enjoyment thing too.


+2 - 10 Kid Want (Although it is twice as easy in this challenge, it is twice as hard raising every child!)
+1 - every twin birth
+1 - every sibling goes and completes college (per generation)
+1 - All children get into private school (per generation)
+1/4 - Each sim that makes it into elderhood

-1 - Each time the Energizer is used
-3 - Every birth that is not twins

All other original scoring applies.

Other thoughts:
You could do a Black Sheep Twinacy, where you kill off one of the twins and keep the other as a heir, or if you have more than one set, kill ALL THE SPARES!!! :twisted:

Please tell me what you think....
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