Twisted Legacy by PikaKyle (TS2)

Twisted Legacy by PikaKyle (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 2:02 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source:

Ehehehe. So of you, mostly those who read my "Should I Even Ask?" Legacy, may know that I have restricted myself to making the challenge very cruel on my simmies. Well, I'm here to share the restrictions that I have with you!

- Family Sims: DISALLOWED! Read on to find out what you must do to them.
- Marriage is also disallowed, unless they have 3 bolts. If they turn to elder and have lost a bolt, then off them.
- Kill any sims who catch a heir or the founder cheating on them.
- Ghosts must stay on the lot. And you can't save anybody from Grimmy's wrath. So make sure energizers are handy and you have a spare ready.
- Extreme start
- Every generation, you will add two children who must be birthed; Therefore, it shall go: 2nd gen, 2, 3rd gen, 4, 5th gen, 6, 6th gen, 8, 7th gen, 10, 8th gen, 12, 9th gen, 14. 10th is obviously only one.
- At the 5th generation, you will act as if you are starting a new legacy. The new heir will not move into their parents house, but will actually move into a new lot and be family funded down to 1,500. You may also go get the family graves and portraits as well as bring the last heir with you, and not the townie/npc father/mother.
- NEW RULE! Only pleasure, romance, and grilled cheese sims may be used. Fortune may be added depending on if the fortune sims are mean sims that only care about money.
- If family sims move in, they must be immediately killed. Knowledge and popularity sims may have their aspirations changed, but the aspiration must be changed within two days. Otherwise, they must be killed.
- Aspiration failures are encouraged.
- You must have at least 6 graves of the moved in fathers or mothers who didn't make it to elder by the end of the legacy.

I'll add more when I think of them. Comments?
Tribal law legacy twist

by matthewstras on January 2nd, 2007, 7:51 pm
Whilst holidaying overseas your sims plane crashes.When they wake up they find they are stranded on a slightly primitive island with only natives (townies and NPCs) for company.The tribe grugingly accepts them on the single condition:they obey the tribal law and customs.Your sim must adapt to the harsh conditions that await them.

*no pets allowed ecept for the parrot and it must be allowed to fly around,not cooped up in its cage
*There is no source of red meat.So no pork,beef,lamb,ect.Any seafood,poultry,eggs,fruit,veg,rice,grain,wheat,ect is fine.There is something that vaguely resembles cows on the island but they are sacred and are only used for dairy.
*Only 3 recreational electronic devices are allowed (this includes phones!) and one must be a stereo so your sim can participate in the tribal dance The Smustle
*No burgler/fire alarm/sprinkler system.The tribe does not know of these things.
*Sims caught cheating on their spouse will be executed by fire.
*The only shower or tub allowed is the bare baisics one (the fairly shoddy one that looks like its made out of bamboo) and the toilet must have a wooden seat.
*All teens must go to colllege at some point to further study the way of the tribe.If they don't graduate with a 3.5 at least they are unworthy and must be cleansed by water (drowned in a laderless pool)
*The tribe has more important things to do than make pretty outfits.Any sims must stay in the clothes they transitioned into UNLESS they have just turned elder which means they are a respected member of the tribe and may purchase ONE outfit.
*Vainty is discouraged.Makeup must not be worn (except for costume).
*At least once a day your sim must partake in a hour spirtual medition or the ritual of kicky bag or red hands.
*The only people allowed to use the bubble machine are elders,perma plats or those at the top of their career.
*If a sim has been fired from their job 3 times they must comit a hounorable suicide (run with sicissors)

Extra scoring
-1 point per sim executed or forced to comit suicide
The otherworldly beings are highly respected.+5 per abduction.+10 if it results in a pregnancy.
+5 every tribal mystic (zombie,vampire,werewolf,ect)
+3 every gold badge earned.The tribe values craftsmen.
-15 every restriction you break.

This challenge probably works with a number of variations.If you don't have the expansion pack the rule doesn't apply.If anyone finds any contridictory rules please inform me.
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Re: Twisted Legacy by PikaKyle (TS2)

Postby Hollywood3015 » May 11th, 2017, 7:24 am

Seems harsh and fun

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