A Teenaged Apocalypse by coolgirlcm (TS2)

A Teenaged Apocalypse by coolgirlcm (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 2:30 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source: https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20150406001447/http:/boolprop.prophpbb.com/topic455.html)

Ok, my old teenaged apocolyps i have lost due to the fact that I had to change computers, my old one was very bad. Cries.
But also i forgot some rules and i got stuck in a rut... so i copied some of pinstars rules, changed up a bit, made it different from normal Apocolypses.

And this was also based upon a book i read a long time ago, but i have no idea what its called anymore. So if you happen to know the book please tell me so i can find it.

Starting Teen Apocalypso.

It was a normal day for the family. A teenager looks out the window and sees a dust cloud settling over the entire neighborhood. In this dust cloud carried a deadly disease but it only settled around a foot over the teenager’s head. The teenager lived but only lived to watch the parents get sicker and sicker until they finally died.
The world is in chaos. Children run panicked through the streets. Stores are being looted by the neighborhood gangs. The babies crying in the mist for the mother that will never return. Your teenager looks on with horror until finally a determination sets in their eyes. They will return this world back to its rightful state!



Your teenager must reach the top of their career before they turn into an adult
When the teenager turns into an adult they will only live for three days. Long enough to produce an heir. NO INTEEN! NO EXCUSES! NO HIDING THEM IN A BASEMENT!
Both parents of the baby must die right after the baby is born. Meaning that you must choose another teenager and they must come on the lot to watch over the baby. you may cheat for this.
The babysitter may not take a job; their only responsibility is to take care of the child.
-Sims may not “watch clouds” or “stargaze” on the ground.
-The house must stay on the ground, you can build underground but you can not build up. Due to the fact that the dust is in the air close to ground level.


All inhabitants of the world are children. They fear the darkness and the gangs that roam the streets. They are afraid to even get the newspaper.

-You cannot move in any Sims.

-Once your teenager reaches the top, they show the world that in order to put this world on the right track they must work for what they want. Soon many children and teenagers want to be your friend.
You may move-in/marry spouses for your founder and future heirs.


No adults mean no work. Stores are being looted and cash is being stolen by the gangs. Children cry as the toys they played with are being traded for even the tiniest scrap of food.

-Your Sims may not start their own business or purchase community lots.
-You may not sell items at all except novels
You may still sell build mode items, such as walls and stairs
-Your Sims may not hire service Sims of any kind.
-You may not “invite headmaster” to get Sims into private school.
-Due to broken supply chains, sims cannot use any crafting benches.

Your teenager finds a store that hasn’t been looted, they go into business. They convince everybody that they can work for food, money or toys. The gangs watch enviously as happy children skip on their way back home.

Law Enforcement

There is no one brave enough to stand up to the gangs. They ransack stores and homes. They threaten children with guns and no one is stopping them.

-Your Sims may not purchase smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, burglar alarms or car alarms.
-Your Sims may not use the “emergency” tab on the phones.
-Your Sims may not call the police to look for runaways

your sim goes vigilante and saves many people from the gangs. People start joining your sim on their quest for justice and soon gangs are repressed. The people cheer and your sim is crowned Hero.


Sickness is widespread as there are no mothers to kiss wounds and the water tower is no longer cleaned by the adults that had cleaned it. Children lay sick in their beds as others desperately try to find medicine. But all the town drug stores have been looted by addicts.

- No showers, bathtubs, dish washers, pools, or changing tables may be bought or used
- -Sims may not purchase vamprocill or love potion.
- When someone is sick they must stay at home and isolate themselves.

Once your teenager reaches the top of the career, they gather a group of volunteers to clean the water tower. Soon the first clean glass of water is drank and the town suddenly improves. Your teenager’s partner figures out the cure for the current diseases and soon the street is amok with a game of baseball.

Currently there are five broken windows.


There is no food to be found. Local gardens have shriveled up and the grocery has already been looted. No one knows how to work an oven and a microwave.

-Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Ovens” or “Small appliances” category
-You may only prepare food once per sim day. Once any sim has prepared food, no other may do so for the rest of the day. A sim making a one-serving meal counts.
-Sims pulling out baby bottles does NOT count against this limit and may be done as many times per day as needed.
-Sims may not prepare food on community lots
-Sims may not eat at restaurants on community lots.
-You may not use the “Delivery” menu on the phone
-Sims may not purchase prepared food from community lots
-Sims may not hold food in inventory.
-Sims may not flag any food item as ‘for sale’ with the wholesale tool.
-Sims may not purchase or use birthday cakes, wedding cakes, the bakery display case or any catering buffet tables.

Your teenager, while looking in the old abandoned resteraunt, found a dusty old cookbook. They soon figure out how to make and serve food. They invite many people in the neighborhood over for a backyard barbecue and soon the whole town can cook.

Life of Crime

While many gangs run amok, stealing and looting. There is one feared gang that rises above the rest. The Knights and their leader Austin. These knights don’t rescue princess, they kill them. They have no shining armor, just shining pistols. They are the sounds you hear at night and you will wake up dead. Nothing must be left outside for they will steal it. The only way to protect your house is to cough up any cash to them. Soon the local graveyards are filled with hundreds of children, most being the gangs fault. The grim reaper is tired of hearing pleas he has stopped bargaining for the dead.

-Sims may not plead with the Grim Reaper
-A Sim’s grave or urn may not be moved from the place it initially appears.
-Graves and urns may not be sold, even if a sim has smashed them.
-Graves and urns may not be placed into inventory.
-Once per week, by midnight your Sims must sell off all items on their lot and in their inventory, and replace them with exact same item. THIS INCLUDES BEDS!!
You must do this weekly, You do not have to do this on the first day because he doesn’t know you yet.
Replaceable item” is any item that can be purchased in the buy menu.
-If you do not have enough money to replace all of your items, you must buy back as many as you can.
-You do not have to replace any items that are worth $100 or less, they want big cash.
-Because they control the remaining production centers, having too many crafted items. You may have only 1 of each type of crafted on the lot or inventory at a time.
-You can’t have anything outside.

Life of Crime, Method II

If you find the replacing of items on the lot for the Life of Crime restriction annoying, you may follow this alternative method.
-On a piece of paper, keep a running total of the retail not fully depreciated value of all replaceable objects in the house.
-Objects under $100, refrigerators and objects that have been in sim’s inventory or marked ‘for sale’ for the entire week does not need to be included in this total.
-Once per week, pay 60% of this total using the family funds cheat.
-Sell and re-buy your fridge as normal to replenish the food
-If you do not have enough funds to pay the entire bill, you must use method #1
-When you add new buy-mode objects over $100 to the lot, add their retail value to your total.

-Right after you pay protection, you may throw objects into inventory or mark them for-sale. Provided you can lift them and have room. Subtract the value of any objects over $100 from your running total if you stash them in inventory or mark them for sale.
-Objects put into inventory or marked for sale mid-week still need to have protection paid on them for that week.
-If you bring objects out of inventory or remove their ‘for sale’ status mid-week, you must pay protection on them at the end of the week.

Your teenager dons a disguise and rises to the top of the Knights. On one raid they recognize the person as a friend and stops Austin from shooting. Austin respects you for standing up to him and allows you to be his right hand man or woman. You soon convince him to change his ways and the gang breaks up. You soon set up jobs as counselors to counsel all the violent members and soon the streets are cleared of the major violence.
The grim reaper is thankful for the less murdering that he allows people to start bargaining for the dead. The ghosts are now happy.


Gangs roam the street, still no one is powerful enough to stand up to the gangs. All guns have been taken by the gangs.

-Sims may not travel to any community lots.
-You may not invite over any Sims… with two exceptions….
-A sim may invite over another sim they are have a red heart with
-If your sim owns a car you may also invite over Sims your sim is best friends with. Your sim spins by and picks their buddies up
-These restrictions also apply to parties, outings and dates if they are available.
-You may still hail and socialize with walk-bys as normal.

Once your teenager becomes brave enough, they break into a gang headquarters and steal all the guns. They arm up a group of friends and take on the local gangs. Most of the gangs have dissapeared


As there are only children, physical labor is impossible. Coaches have died leaving the worlds youth fat and lazy.

any item that takes up more than one square may not be moved or placed back into inventory once placed on the lot, with one exception.
-Items received as date or outing rewards may be placed into inventory or moved one time, even if they are larger than 1 square.
-Gym equipment may not be purchased or used.
-Sims may not perform the “Leap in arms” interaction.
-Sims may carry no more than 3 items in their inventory.
-Earned, but not placed, career reward objects do not count against this inventory limit.
-Sims may not “restock” items, or delete out-of-stock items larger than one square.
-Sims may not sell buy-mode objects that are larger than 1 square. You may still move and delete build-mode objects, regardless of size

Your teenager is a fitness freak, soon they are coaching the children of the area to get off their butts and do some jumping jacks. Soon children everywhere are fit. All Athletic restrictions are lifted.


Soon ruthless tyrants of teenagers take over jobs. Their motto “Work until you drop” has literally done that. Unions are a thing of the past.

-Sims may not use vacation days.
-If a sim misses a SINGLE day of work for any reason they must quit their job.
-If a sim loses employment in a career for any reason quitting or being fired they may never take a job in that career again.
-You may not ignore chance cards; you MUST select one of the two options.

Your teenager gathers a group of people and start a strike. The tyrant teenager has no choice but to agree to the laws that the new union has formed. The Slacker restrictions are lifted.


Electricity has gone out and any technology has slipped from grasp. Batteries are no longer made. The local factory has shut down, leaving the world dark and lightless. Screams erupt from the darkness.

-Sims may not purchase or use anything from the electronics category except for a single computer, a single phone, and a single boom-box the $99 one.
-The one computer you are allowed is nothing more than a typewriter. You may only use the computer to “write novel”
-Personal electronics cell phone, handheld game, MP3 player may not be bought. Sims may not purchase robots, including Servos. Servos may not be moved in or activated.
-Sims may not purchase or use the “non-lethal” robot making bench.
-Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Lights” category.
-Sims may not purchase or use the trash compactor, electric guitar or bass.

Your teenager’s brain is only comparable to Einstein. They start up the local factory bringing back power to the house. Soon electricity is powering up old gadgets of the past and children watch in wonder as the lights in the house flicker on.


The only politics going on are who likes who and class president. Supplies are short and with no one governing how they should act, the area is in ruins. The old city hall is now empty and is a hangout to a local gang.

-Sims’ houses may not occupy any larger than an 8X8 area, the rest of the lot must be unused.
-You may not place any items outside of this 8X8 area, nor modify tiles outside of it.
-The trash can, mailbox, sidewalk tiles, delivered newspapers and bills do not count for this restriction. They don’t need to be in the 8X8 area.
-The 8X8 area may be anywhere on the lot, but once designated may not be moved.
-Items dropped off from dates and outings may remain outside the 8X8 area. If the items are moved, they must be placed in inventory or within the 8X8 area.
-Sims may extend the house underground within the 8X8 area.
-Sims may not perform influence actions.

Your teenager has the abilty to talk and everbody listens. Soon they are elected class president and starts aiming for mayor. Soon they are telling the children what to do and soon the area is cleaned up. They govern how supplies are used and soon there is plenty for everybody.

Alien Technology

Sim City has been using alien technology for over a year, gained from the crashed remains of an alien saucer. With the labs and factories that held this technology destroyed in the blast, the alien discoveries are once again a mystery. The residents in your town focus on surviving so beauty is forgotten

-Sims may only use the “Practice Speech” or “Practice Romance” interactions on mirrors
-Sims may not purchase or use anything from the “Wardrobe” tab.
-Sims may not purchase perfume or the Love Potion 8.5
-Sims may not throw parties of any kind.
-Sims may not have “Outings”, casual or scored.
-Sims may not go on scored dates. They may still invite other Sims over for romantic interactions, but it won’t be scored as a date
-Sims may not purchase or use the stylist’s makeover chair.
-Sims may not purchase any aspiration reward objects.
-If the founder brings a reward object back from college in inventory, you may use it. You must delete this object once its special ability is used up This includes the love tub, which must be deleted when the candles go out.

Your teenager or adult was abducted. While they were up there, they stole blueprints for their technology. But while in the video room they come across old videos of something called The Miss America Pagent. Your sim takes them back to earth and shows it to the residents of the town. Soon both alien technology and beauty supplies are made.

You don’t have to lift this restriction in order to complete the challenge.
A Sim fulfilling this restriction can still fulfill one of the main 10.

-Sim may not sleep in a bed or on a couch with an energy rating higher than 3. It is not that there are no comfy beds available, but that a sim’s paranoia interferes with getting a good night’s sleep. Beds, chairs and couches with energy ratings higher than 3 may still be bought and used, except for sleeping.
-If the Law Enforcement restriction is lifted, the energy limit raises to 5 or lower, as Sims start to sleep a little bit better at night with the human police intact. To truly be rid of their paranoia and have a good nights sleep a Sim needs…

-Infant and toddler Sims may still sleep in cribs; they are too young to know paranoia.
-Sims with a 10 body may ignore this restriction, as they know they can pummel any threats that may invade the house.

Back to normal
Soon the disease ridden sky clears up and the teenagers age safely into adults. The local gangs have turned into good citizens and a local college opens up. Soon the world is back to normal

Or is it?
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