Camp Nanny by simmerella (TS2)

Camp Nanny by simmerella (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 19th, 2017, 2:35 pm

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*IMPORTANT: This challenge is not yet complete. I've jotted down a few rules and am looking for some feedback, as well as potential rules.*


About Camp Nanny
Oh no, you've been found out! The entire town of Takareville is still buzzing about what a horrible nanny you are! You obviously knew nothing about child care and did the best you could. How were you to know that a wet diaper wouldn't be remedied with a warm bottle? Or perhaps, you knew all along.

As an angry mob formed around you, you ran as far as you could, further and further back in time, even before your hair had grayed. But something went wrong and the townsfolk were still on a witch-hunt for the person who would doom the future through their children.

The government quickly became overthrown by scorned mothers. So, you decided the first week you'd need to stay out of everyones' way and get a feel for the changes in the land. Afterward, befriend your neighbors so that they won't rat you out when you make noise. This even includes the art-form they call woohoo. Sometimes it's a little hard not to yip, yodel and squeal. But they do find it understandable to put up with friends going a little crazy and order earplugs by mail. Soon, you and your spawn-lings will take over this town. Ah, yes, mwahahahaha!

The Rules
- Download the nanny, Calista Despret and/or Kendal Lawson :
- In CAS, assemble the nanny (aged as an adult) with no other sims and no pets. You may give her makeup, eyebrows, a new hairdo and dress her as you please. Just don't change her facial structure.
- Move her onto a 5x5 lot.
- Don't use cheats that affect game-play.
- You don't have to use the example story. I was just trying to give some excuses for these wacky rules.
- 10 generations.
- Each generation, you will have that number of children (Generation 1 has 1 child, generation 2 has 2 children, etc.)
- Polls must be held to determine the heir that will have all the children they are responsible for having, thus continuing the bloodline.
- It's ok to have more children than requested due to multiples being born on the last attempt. There's really nothing you can do about that.
- Yes, that means one poor sim and their partner(s) is/are responsible for creating 10 babies! (create 5 or so, have a poll, kick the spares out. Hold a second poll with the winner and the other children.) That poor sim's sibling's children don't count toward the required amount. The sim that wins the polls against his/her 9 siblings (or more if your mean sim has multiples) is the final product of this challenge.
- Until a sim living on the lot has 10 simultaneous best friends, there will be:
** No purchasing electronic audibles (this includes the TV, stereo, phone, pinball machine, etc. but does not include the smoke/burglar alarms.) You may purchase the computer but not play games on it until the sound restriction is lifted.
** No woohoo.
Once you have achieved this, those restrictions are lifted. However, woohoo must only take place on days you get mail.
- The first 6 days:
** No interacting with any sims or pets. However, you may chat via the the computer, because online you can assume a false identity.
**No getting a job.
**No leaving the lot.
On the seventh day, these restrictions are lifted.
-In order to get a job, you must only use the newspaper.
-If you look for a job, you must take the first one listed.
-You must not quit your job. However, you are allowed to get fired.
-You may not take a job if you have a job already.
-Businesses must not be started within the first 6 days. In order to start a business, a sim living on your lot must reach the top of a career. This proves to fellow sims that you aren't a quitter and do well in the business sence.
-Service sims aren't to be hired until a sim living on your lot reaches perma-plat status.
- Every time you see a skunk, all sims must drop what they are doing and pet the skunk. It amuses me and makes the nanny and her family miserable.
- If on or after the 7th day, you see someone that doesn't live on your lot kick your trashcan over, greet them. If the interaction is available after greeting, the sim that greeted must throw a drink at them. This creates furious sims and makes the scenario more realistic.
- You must purposely kill one sim per generation, for knowing too much. Your lot becomes a death camp, Camp Nanny. Accidents don't count. They can't be a family member for more than 5 days. This means you can move someone in, take their cash and then off them. But you can't let them hang around too long. This will make your readers wonder who did you kill off this chapter.
- You may play Rejected Roots style and upload/download sims to be townies.
- You may shorten the teenage years to being 5 days instead of 14. Boolprop, set to birthday is a good method.

The Objective
Create a fun legacy based on these rules. Did you get away with it? Did you get caught? It ends when your 10th generation heir is an adult. I think of him/her as the winner and would make for a good story character.
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