The Chauvinist Challenge by princessleia1987 (TS2)

The Chauvinist Challenge by princessleia1987 (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 19th, 2017, 2:42 pm

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This challenge was created by princessleia 1987.

Are you angry at your boyfriend, girlfriend, ex, or spouse? Take it out on their gender in The Chauvinist Challenge!

How to play:
-Start with an adult Sim, either from CAS, a legacy spare, or whatever you'd like. They may have any appearance, any personality, aspiration, and turn on/offs you'd like, and they may be either male or female.
-Place that Sim, hereafter referred to as "the Chauv", on a lot of any size and build them a house (you may use Motherlode). The only requirement of this house is that there must be a small room near the kitchen/dining room with the cheapest bed, the cheapest toilet, the cheapest shower and/or bathtub, and one cheap fun object. Decorations such as wallpaper are not necessary. This is not where our hero, the Chauv, will spend most (or perhaps any) of his time, so be sure to give him a nicer bedroom and bathroom(s).
-You may have the Chauv get a job, or not, but he must look for spouses. They must be of the opposite sex, since the same sex or switching between the two wouldn't make much sense in the context of this challenge.
-Choose one sim to work on until he/she is ready to move in and marry the Chauv, the poor sap. [Note: If the Chauv is Romance, or if it's just your style, they can just move in without marrying if you prefer.]

Part One begins when The Spouse moves in. These are the rules:
-The Spouse must live in the small room by the kitchen: they must use only that bed, toilet, shower and/or bath, and fun object. All the other beds, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and fun objects belong to The Chauv and may not be used by The Spouse, or it is One Strike (possible exceptions include an easel, a piano, and a bookcase to study cooking and cleaning). The only definite exception is using the Chauv's bed for WooHoo.
-The Spouse must cook food for the Chauv whenever he is hungry (or pull leftovers out of the fridge for him). If the Chauv ever gets so much as a bag of chips out of the fridge by himself, it is One Strike.
-The Spouse must clean everything that can be cleaned, including the Chauv's bathroom(s). If the Chauv uses a visibly dirty item, it's One Strike.
-When children are born, the Spouse must take care of them. The Chauv may interact with them to satisfy his or their Wants, but that is all.
-The Spouse may not have a job.

The Harder Rules:
-Three strikes means the Spouse has to die. You may accomplish this any way you'd like, but preferably one that doesn't inconvenience the Chauv too much.
-If the Spouse fails to become pregnant or get the Chauv pregnant after three tries, the Spouse must die.
-If the Spouse does get pregnant and it's a girl, she must die, and the baby must be ignored until taken away by the Social Worker. If the Spouse is male and gets the Chauv pregnant with a boy, it's the same thing. The baby may only stay if the Chauv rolls enough Wants to interact with the baby to get their relationship up to 100 before the Social Worker visits.
-If the Spouse dies, the Chauv must find a new Spouse as soon as possible, and then move to Part Two (or from Part Two to Part Three).
-If the Chauv and the Spouse have a baby of the Chauv's gender, move to Part Two. Strikes do not carry over to the next part.
[Note: If you don't like killing pregnant Sims, you may wait until she has delivered to kill her. In this case, the baby will be taken by the Social Worker regardless of gender, and you can't expect the Chauv not to start looking for another Spouse before that one has died.]

Part Two: By this point, the Chauv has become a little more enlightened from the time he spent with the Spouse.
-All things that would mean instant death for the Spouse now become One Strike.
-From the day Part Two starts, the Spouse has three days to get pregnant or get the Chauv pregnant, otherwise it's One Strike This should be much easier.
-You may upgrade one item in the Spouse's room.
-The Three Strikes rule still applies.
-You move from Part Two to Part Three in the same way: either the Spouse has a baby of the Chauv's gender, or dies and is replaced.

Part Three: The Chauv has gotten even more enlightened about how to treat the opposite sex, but isn't quite there yet.
-You may upgrade everything in the Spouse's room, but she still has to live there.
-The same chores apply, but now it takes five Strikes to be killed.
-If the Spouse has a child of the correct gender in this part, or dies, then the Chauv finally sees the error of his ways and treats the other sex normally. The challenge is over.

Will it take you three dead Spouses to teach the Chauv a lesson, or will one savvy Spouse do it by themselves?
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