Survivalist Challenge by BlueBerryPie360 (TS2)

Survivalist Challenge by BlueBerryPie360 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 3:09 pm

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Here's a little challenge I've been crafting over the past week. The goal of the challenge would be to see how long your sim would last. I just hope there isn't already a similar challenge out there.

-Create two sims. One sim can be whatever you want. The second sim (known as the survivor) has 2 restrictions: must have 5 neat and 5 active points minimum. 5 neat so they can't scrounge for food or lick plates in the trash and 5 active for an average hunger decay.
-Move sims into any size lot, preferably a smaller lot. You must build some form of shelter for the Survivor. Once built, this shelter cannot be changed in any manner. After being built, your survivor enters the shelter and the entrance is to be removed. You are allowed to use up to $25,000 to build your Survivor's shelter
-Your secondary sim lives out a normal unrestricted life. The sim is mostly there to pay off bills, unless you have a hack or method of disabling them.
-The survivor must last as long as possible, enduring all the restrictions within their shelter.


-The shelter is allowed only 1 fridge and it cannot be restocked and/or replaced. Your sim must survive as long as possible off the food supply in this single fridge.
-No leftovers or placing food in your sim's inventory
-The Survivor is not allowed to fish or grow a garden
-No Juicer
-No sinks, but you can use a trashcan (or if you're really lazy, use the hand tool and make your second sim do the dishes)
-No Bar
-No phone or computer
-No workbenches (and thusly no snap dragons)
-No mood boosting items
-No items that slow need decay
-The Survivor is not allowed to meditate
-No telescope
-No aspiration rewards
-The Survivor is not allowed to build their cooking skill outside of actually cooking
-The Survivor is not allowed to get 'In The Zone'
-No magic
-No using lifetime awards (IE need decay rewards specifically and in the off chance Conjure Grilled Cheese)
-No one but the Survivor is allowed in the shelter
-The Survivor is not allowed to leave the shelter
-Once the shelter has been built, no changes can be made to it. Nothing is allowed in (except the Survivor) or out.
-Survivor is not allowed to be a Servo, Vampire, or plantsim
-Season set to eternal summer

-Keeping Score-

+1 point for every day the Survivor manages to stay alive (day starts at 7AM)
+1 point for each skill mastered (max of 6 points)
+3 points for mastering cooking skill
+1 point if Survivor dies in Platinum mood
+2 points if Survivor makes it to elder life stage
+5 points if Survivor dies of old age
+1 point for using middle fridge (200 food supply)
+5 points for using Mini-Fridge
+10 points if Survivor is a teenager and makes it to Elderhood
+2 points if your sim has 10 active points
+ 1/2 a point for each aspiration failure

-5 points if Survivor dies from anything except starvation or old age

Bonus Points
+1 point for every painting your Survivor completes

I've tested this challenge with expansions up to Open for Business, so any gameplay challenges beyond that are untested. You can see my test run in the 'Other Challenges' Section.

Feel free to make suggestions and comments.
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