The Smustle Fighter Challenge by Cel (TS2)

The Smustle Fighter Challenge by Cel (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 4:19 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source:

OK guys I re-wrote the rules to try and make them clearer...

You can find our dear founder HERE He's on a 4x4 lot with only a fish tank
If you don't want or can't download lots, you can find Smustle culled
His personnality is:
Popularity, 10-3-2-10-0, Turns on are fatness and stink, Turn off is undies.

1. This is a 5 generation challenge, the founder being generation 0. The challenge ends with generation 6 birth)

2. The founder and heirs can only breed with NPCs in that order:
Generation 0: police officer
Generation 1: firefighter
Generation 2: pizza delivery person
Generation 3: bartender
Generation 4: food delivery person
Generation 5: exterminator

If you want to, you can do this legacy the traditional way (having your heir marry the NPCs) or in a matriarchal way. If you want it to be a patriarchal legacy, you can use boolprop to have your heir pregnant only thing for which boolprop is allowed, in that case only the founder is allowed to get married (or join uniion)

Aspirations will be given in that order (to the heir(ess) and all the siblings:
Generation 1: Pleasure
Generation 2: Family
Generation 3: Romance
Generation 4: Knowledge
Genreation 5: Fortune
And you must have one Grilled cheese sandwich sim in the legacy (if you're doing a matriarchal or patriarchal legacy, the founder's spouse)

3. We can't make townies move in and out to suck their money with one exception! you must move Goopy in at a moment or another and then you can't move him out (because Sjt really insisted!!!)

4. The rooms walls and floors must be colored according to this list:
Kitchen must be pink (and the fridge too!)
Bathrooms must be green
Living room must be yellow
There must be three bedrooms, a white, a blue and a red one

5. The family must own fish (penalty if they die!!!)

6. The Sims can't eat lobster thermidor in under any circumstance!

7. In each album uploaded there must be at least 5 pics of Sims smustling (except for those who doesn't own NL, of course)

To get Goopy as a townie if he ain't one (anymore), download him from the exchange then just do that:
Jennifer wrote:
create all the sims and leave them in the sim bin. Go to a lot and use boolprop to spawn the NPC/townie creator. Click "Make townie" then scroll through the list until you see the name you want"
Don't forget to make Goopy a Romance Sim and a Libra (2/8/2/6/7)

10 points for each generation born (generation 6 doesn't count)
10 points for each righ NPC breeder
-10 points if a generation doesn't have the right aspiration
-10 points if a townie moved in (except if it is Goopy)
-5 points if Goopy doesn't move in (+5 if he does)
-5 points for each room that's not in the right color (+10 if they are the right color for the whole challenge)
-5 points each time the fish die
-5 points each time the challenge Sims eat Lobster Thermidor
An apology to Rhea if you upload the challenge as a story and the 5 smustling pics aren't there

The maximum score is 125, try getting the closer to it
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