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Sims 2 International by SwallowTail87

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Challenge Basic:

In a complicated world of different countries, customs, and governments, what fate will befall your Sims?

Sections of Rules:

1. General Rules
2. Country Rules
3. Family Life
4. Country Points
5. Waging War
6. Colonizing
7. Revolts and Other Interactions
8. Checklist

General Rules:

1. Begin with five countries: an Autocracy, Theocracy, Democracy, Communist nation, and Anarchy. These may be in separate shopping districts, downtowns, etc, as long as they are in the same neighborhood.
2. Create three families for each country. They may be of any skin tone or appearance. They are to consist of a married adult male and female Sim. The lower class begins with $10,000, medium with $15,000, upper with $20,000, and tribes with $5,000. This applies to any children moving away from their house as well.
3. During the first five generations, townies may be married in, but they must marry someone of CAS descent. After five generations, townies may no longer marry in.
4. ONLY five families must be continually played per country throughout the challenge. There may be more if you wish. These families may be rotated or switched at the change of a generation (when all kids become adults). However, no family, even if un-played, may be placed in the Sim bin.
5. Non-played families still have their money counted towards the country’s funds, and are still part of the total number of families in each class, etc. They act as normal families but just remain un-played.
6. Rotation between families occurs after one Sim week, and rotation between countries occurs after each family is played once.
7. Seasons may be set as seen fit.
8. Upper class adults may earn any salary.
9. Middle class adults must earn a salary below $700. If a middle classman obtains a promotion through any means to a salary of over the limit, then they must quit their job and take a new one.
10. Lower class adults must earn a salary below $400 (If the career is military, the limit is $500), and have unlimited kids. If a lower classman obtains a promotion through any means to a salary of over the limit, then they must quit their job and take a new one.
11. For Sims marrying out of their class, roll a dice or flip a coin to decide whether the spouses both take the higher or lower class. There is a fifty percent chance of each possibility. Does not apply to the Communist nation.
12. Countries are to keep a running total of their international relationships. Each starts off as neutral (0).
13. Unless colonizing, Sims may not move from country to country. See International Marriage for marriage restrictions.

Country Rules:

Autocracy: Rule with an Iron Fist
1. Begin with one lower class, one middle class, and one upper class families.
2. The upper class family is to assume position as dictator. They act as sole leader of the country. The power is to remain in their direct descendants. You may choose the heir.

Theocracy: Rule with Religion
1. Begin with two lower and one upper class families.
2. The upper class controls the government based on their “beliefs”, which must be decided prior to beginning the game. This is done by selecting three interests (Ex. Politics, Toys, Fashion). These become the central beliefs of the nation. Any member of the middle or lower class who does not retain at least a five in one of these three topics must be killed.

Democracy: Rule for the Majority
1. Begin with three middle class families.
2. Unlike other nations, politics career track is available to the middle class, but does not promote people to the upper class.
3. The wealthy

Communist: Rule for Equal Distribution
1. Begin with two lower and one upper class families.
2. In this country only, there is no middle class. In order to marry from the lower to upper class, the lower-class adult must meet two lower-class-promotion requirements. Entire families may not be promoted between classes. See the Family Life section for class promotion rules.

Anarchy: Rule for No One
1. Begin with three tribal families.
2. They may own only the cheapest furniture from each section. Ex. cheapest fridge, cheapest sofa, cheapest dining chairs, etc. Certain items do not have a specified section, such as cribs. If this is the case, just purchase the cheapest version available if the item is absolutely necessary. Keep in mind, these are tribes, not luxury resorts.
3. They may only earn a living through fishing or farming.
4. This country may not perform any “government actions”, such as following the point system, revolting, building an army, holding international relations, etc.
5. Every time Sims woohoo, they must try for baby. Unlimited kids for all families.

Family Life:

Happiness Calculation (calculated at the END of the family’s rotation):
• Average aspiration points ÷ 100,000. (Add all Sims’ aspiration points together, then divide by the number of Sims to find the average. Then divide this number by 100,000.)
• One adult’s salary ÷ 500; OR If both adults have a salary, add the two amounts together, then divide by 700.
• Number of community lots ÷ 20
Take the sum of these amounts. If they are less than 1, the family is deemed unhappy.
**If the country is at war, you also subtract ½ the number of family members who died fighting from the total family’s happiness.
Class Promotions (Must meet two requirements):

Middle to Upper Class:
• A house worth at least $200,000
• A salary of at least $600 in one adult for at least thirty days
• Ten upper class family friends

Lower to Middle Class:
• A salary of at least $300 for at least twenty days
• A house worth at least $100,000
• An army position in both adults (military career)
• Seven middle class family friends

Class Demotions (Must meet three requirements):
*Demotions only apply to families who are more than seven days old, to protect new families from getting demoted immediately.
Upper to Middle:
• A house worth less than $50,000
• At least one spouse in a “respectable career”, such as Doctor, Scientist, etc. These are careers that normally you would need a college degree for. Also included in the “respectable” category are politics and military.
• A salary of less than $600
• Less than four upper class family friends

Middle to Lower:
• A house worth less than $30,000
• A salary of less than $400
• Less than two upper or middle class family friends

Political and Military Careers:
Politics is available to those only in the upper class, the only exception being the Democracy, in which politics is available to middle. Military is available to those in every class, regardless of nation. Both careers are also available with the cost of Nation Points.

Nation Points (may be spent once per country rotation):

Nation Points are points the country may spend on different Actions. Actions dictate global relations between countries. Points are tallied at the beginning of each rotation, and if there are any leftover after a country’s rotation or purchasing an Action, then they may be carried over until the next time the country is played. Only one Action may be purchased per rotation.

Tallying Country Points:
• Number of upper class families x 7
• Number of middle class families x 5
• Number of community lots x 1
• Country funds (sum of all house values) ÷ 100,000
Add all these values together to find the total number of points you may add.


• Wage War: 1,000
See Waging War restrictions
• Colonize: 400
Sends two adult, unrelated Sims or one family to a foreign country. Increases the relationship with this country by 5. See Colonizing restrictions
• Create Population: 300
Adds three CAS Sims to the country. They may be related or not.
• Increase Government Officers: 300
Allows two middle or upper class adult a career in Politics. This promotes middle class citizens to the upper class.
• Build Army: 200
Allows three adults of any class a career in Military.
• Create Community: 200
Adds one new community lot.
• Crack Down: 600
Shuts down Protests by killing half of protesters. See Protests restrictions
• Loosen Up: 800
Stops Protests peacefully. See Protests restrictions
• Negotiate: 500
Two countries negotiate. Raises relationship by 15.
• Intimidate: 500
Threatens another country. Lowers relationship by 15.
• Form Alliance: 400
Increases the relationship with one country to 50.

Waging War

• One country must dislike the other at least -50, or both must dislike each other -20. Then the Action “Wage War” becomes available.
• Allies are any country in which there is at least a 50 relationship

War Actions (to be used in place of regular Actions, when two countries are at war):

• Attack: 500 Points
To calculate who wins the attack:
Divide the number of soldiers of the attacking country by four. If this number is less than 1/6, then you can only roll a one on a die to win the attack. Between 1/6 and 2/6 means you can roll a one or a two, etc. If you win, roll the dice to see how many army members you kill from the opposing nation. If you lose, roll the dice to see how many of your army members die.
• Nuke: 100,000 Points
Annihilates the other country and 4/5ths of its citizens. The remaining citizens become part of the victorious nation.
• Treaty: 100 Points
Uses one turn. The other nation may accept, decline, or modify the treaty. If modified, it is returned to your nation to accept/decline.
• Utilizing Allies: Free
With allies, the chance of winning is upped by 1/6.

Winning (one required):
I. The other country has zero points left
II. The other army has been completely destroyed
III. 4/5 of the other nation’s people are unhappy
=The valorous nation takes over the losing country.


When Sims from one nation immigrate to another, those Sims become part of the new country. Their societal class, happiness, etc, are carried over. If a middle class family moves to the communist nation, they become lower class.
When Sims move to the Anarchy, until the Anarchy becomes a full-fledged nation, they remain part of the nation that sent them. They are counted in their previous nation’s happiness numbers, funds, etc.

Colonizing the Anarchy:

Requirements for making the Anarchy a country (all must be met):
• Two thirds of the residents are either tribal members or members of one colonizing nation
• All careers and furniture must be unlocked.
• 10,000 Points must be spent.
=the Anarchy is adapted into the colonizing nation
Once more than two families from one nation have colonized the Anarchy, the nation may choose to spend Points on industrializing once per turn. Industrializing unlocks all of the furniture or careers in each category. As soon as an Anarchy family takes a career, they progress to the lower class.

Furniture Categories, sorted by Room:
• Kitchen: 500
• Bathroom: 400
• Bedroom: 400
• Living Room: 500
• Dining Room: 300
• Study: 300
• Kids: 200
• Outdoor: 200

Career Packages:
• Natural Science, Science, Medical, Oceanography: 800
• Culinary, Artist, Music, Dance, Architecture: 800
• Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Criminal: 700
• Entertainment, Gamer, Slacker, Paranominal, Adventurer: 900
• Business, Law, Education: 700

Other Interactions:

Revolt (requires four):
• Half of residents are lower class
• The country has less than $300,000
• There are less than five government officials
• One third of families are unhappy
If all of these requirements are met and the nation is over three generations old, then unhappy citizens and lower class citizens begin to protest. If the protest is not fixed in two rotations, then the country splits into two new countries. Half the Sims stay with the previous country, the other half enter the new one. The new nation can choose any form of government.

College and Vacation Destinations:
There is to be one international college for upper and middle class Sims of any country to travel to. Vacations are also open to the middle and upper classes of the Anarchy, Oligarchy, and Democracy.

International Marriage:
Sims may marry internationally, but a dice must be rolled. If a one or two is rolled, then the marriage may occur. International marriages always take the class of whatever country they are moving to.

Disasters and Miracles:
Once per generation (the youngest has become an adult), a disaster or miracle will occur. Flip a coin. Heads results in miracles, tails in disasters. Roll the dice:

1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Tornado. Every family must move to a new house, and loses half their funds in the process.
4. Nuclear meltdown. Nothing electronic may be used for five weeks, and those who become sick turn into zombies. If a human interacts with any zombie, they also become a zombie.
5. Famine. Once the fridge runs out of food, you may not order groceries or purchase a new fridge for three weeks. Pizza or Chinese food must be ordered constantly.
6. Stock market crash. Half of all families will be demoted a class.

1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Increased employment. All citizens may receive two promotions in their career track, regardless of class, regardless of salary cap.
4. Love your life. Maxmotives may be used freely for one week.
5. Increased currency value. One third of all families will receive one motherlode of cash.
6. Stock market boom. Half of all families will be promoted a class.


Use this as a checklist to ensure you don’t miss a step.
Beginning of country rotation:
• tally and spend nation points
• check for revolt
End of each family:
• happiness calculation
• check for class promotions/demotions
End of generation:
• disaster or miracle
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