Seven Deadly Sims by MythMil (TS2)

Seven Deadly Sims by MythMil (TS2)

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You begin with one adult sim. S/he is of no fixed sin, but his/her children will be. The beginning sim will only need to obey the base rules, and help the children with the personality or body shape changes. This challenge can last up to eight generations, if you want to give each sin full time, and can be bothered to play that long. Or, you can have multiple sins in one generation Ex. Lust sister with a Gluttony brother. The challenge is over when all seven sins have lived out their lives, and the last one dies.

You may find the sins spouces. They serve as a demi-sin, which means they must also obey the rules, and can earn points and penalties. Some sins might require this ex. You have a female Envy, and wish to earn alien nooboo points. Envys husband/lover may earn these points.
If a sim is not intended to be a sin, they will not be able to earn any points, or penalties, and must be moved out as soon as they are adults or before.
You do not have to name the sims you intend to use as a sin after their vice. You may name your sims how you like.
Your sims may not move out, and back in again, and one may go to university. Just one, in the entire challenge.
You do not have to roll for aspiration. If you have a sim you know would make a good Pride, you may make that sim family when they turn teen. You may not change aspiration after this, unless it is to make a Grilled Cheese sim.
If you do not have Nightlife, it is slightly pointless to try this challenge, but you can replace Pleasure with another Romance, and Grilled Cheese with whatever.
Use your common sense. If you cannot do part of the challenge due to lack of an expansion pack, ignore it.

Base points:
+1 for using an NPC or Simself I wrote this rule simply because I want to use simselves, but dont want to miss out on a point.
+1 for every child born.
+1 for every platinum grave.
+5 for getting all ghost colours.
+5 for every roof-raiser party that is not busted by the cops.
+10 for staring and maintaining a business throughout the challenge.
+10 for finishing the challenge.
-1 for every child taken away.
-1 for every aspiration failure.

Uni points:
These are in addition to obeying your sin rules.
+1 for being on the Deans list every year.
+1 for getting into the Secret Society.
+2 if you never write a term paper or do an assignment.
+2 for earning over 25,000.
+2 for graduating with a 4.0 GPA.
-1 for getting busted over grade hacking.
-1 for attending every class. Per semester.
-5 for going on probation.

[u}Nightlife points:[/u]
+1 for every good date must be first date only.
+1 for every negative chemistry good date in addition to above point.
+2 for every sim who is bitten by a vampire.
-1 for every flaming bag, or smelly letter.
-2 for every potion bought.

Business point
+1 for every good review.
+2 for every business above rank 5.
+2 for every robot crafted. They may not be sold, but placed in an inventory
+5 if anyone earns all the business perks, and passes them on.
-1 for every bad review.
-2 for everyone who gets in a fight on your business lot.

Pets points:
If you are feeling a little masochistic, you can do the challenge with pets as well.
Base pet points:
+1 for every pet grave.
+1 for every sim who has been bitten by a wolf.
+1 for having only one type of pet. For example, just cats or just dogs. To earn this point, every time the opposite pet enters the lot, it must be shooed off. If you have chosen cats, you may still allow the wolves on the lot.
-1 for every pet who runs away.
-1 for every pet who dies in a manner other than old age.

Bonus points
These are optional. You can pick and choose which ones you want to do. Each one is worth five points, unless stated otherwise. They are counted at the end of the challenge.

Seven Sins:
All points in these categories are in addition to base points.

Lust: Romance
Strong desire without idealized or spiritualized feelings.
Bonus point available: When woohooing all those people, roll a dice. If it lands on a six, you must try for a baby. If your sim is male, roll again. If it lands on an even number, you must impregnate him.
+1 for every woohoo partner.
+1 for every lover.
+1 for every 3LB lover. In addition to every lover points.
+2 for every lover who is married. This means you could get four points for a lover who is married, but you have 3LB with. Five, if there is woohoo.
+2 for completing a non-career related LTW
+2 for a child being encouraged to full outgoing before teen.
-1 when the sim gets caught cheating
-1 for every day after adulthood that the sim has not had their first woohoo

Gluttony: Grilled Cheese
Excessive eating and drinking
Bonus: Midnight snack. Every night, s/he will have a meal at midnight. Even as a baby and toddler, they will be fed at midnight. If they ever miss their meal, you have lost the bonus point.
+1 for marrying a food delivery NPC Groceries, Pizza, Chinese.
+1 if the sim becomes overweight as a child, and never becomes fit.
+1 if the sim becomes a celebrity chef
+1 if their pet always has a full bowl.
+1 if they can keep a bird alive for their entire adulthood.
+2 if the sim has full body points but no fitness.
+2 if the sim only ever eats grilled cheese after becomming a child.
+2 for reaching their LTW
+3 for a fridge in every room.
-1 for every day the sim remains thin or fit. After teen
-1 for every time the sim gets food poisoning.
-2 if the sim dies of starvation.

Greed Wealth
Excessive desire for material wealth or gain
Bonus: Hire the daily services maid, gardener, nanny, and tip them 100 every day. If you fail to tip them, or do not hire them all by the first day of being a teenager, you have lost the point.
+1 for marrying Mr Big or the Diva.
+1 if the sim is bought everything they want. Ex. In the morning, Sally Sim wants a table, a statue, a car and to go to work, buy her the three items, and that counts for the day. If every day, Sally gets the items she wants, at her death you can count the point.
+1 if the sim becomes a Business Tycoon
+1 for every pet Greed owns that reaches the top of their career.
+2 if the sim earns 100,000
+2 if the sim does not work for their money Ex. Selling other sims paintings.
-2 every time the repo man takes something.
-2 if the sim gets crushed by a satelite, or drowns in a pool.

Sloth Pleasure
Habitual laziness, failure to pursue virtue.
Bonus: If you choose this sim to go to uni, they never do anything to boost their grade themselves, and dont earn any scolarships. If they earn any scholarships, or do any of their own work, you have lost the points.
+1 for marrying the slob.
+1 if a child is encouraged into laziness before they hit teen
+1 if, as a child, they never do their homework.
+1 for every dream date with a sim who wanders onto the lot.
+1 if they have a double bed to themselves.
+2 if the sim never gets a job. Married in sims must quit before earning money from their career
+2 if the sim never cooks, cleans or gardens. If they are spotted doing so, they must be stopped immediately
-1 if they ever leave the lot except if you choose him/her for your uni sim.
-1 if they get to full fitness, ever.
-2 if the sim gets to the top of a career
-2 if they are made to use the pool, assault course, or exercise equipment.

Wrath Popularity
Rage, or anger towards others.
Bonus: Your sim makes a new friend everyday. However, if you make more than one in one day, you can use that for a day. For example, Anger makes three friends on Monday. On Tuesday, she makes none. You can count one of the Monday friends as Tuesdays. If you fail to do so, you have lost the points.
+1 for every three friends the sim manages to get while s/he has no nice points.
+1 if a child is encouraged into meaness before they hit teen.
+1 if the sim reaches the top of the military career.
+1 for every Roof Raiser.
+2 for every fight the sim wins.
+2 if the sim never looses a fight or becomes an enemy with a family member.
+3 for killing the sim your sim wants to see as a ghost. They must see the ghost for you to earn the point.
-1 for every family enemy.
-2 for every fight they lose
-2 if they have full nice points.

Envy. Knowledge
A feeling of antagonism towards someone because of something which s/he is enjoying but which one does not have oneself.
Bonus: Your sim is always the smartest of their age group. In order to gain these points, the sim must have at least two siblings. To get ten points, they must be one of five. They must always have the must skill points, and badges. If any sim of their age group has more by the end of the first day, you have lost the bonus points.
+1 for every skill maxed.
+1 for every alien child born of the sim. If the sim is female, then the bonus is for her husband/lover
+1 if the sim reaches the top of the science career
+1 for every other career topped science must be done first.
+1 if the sim gets into private school
+1 for every pet they own who gains a pet skill.
+2 for every gold badge.
+2 if the sim never loses a skill point, or simvacs one.
-1 for every thinking cap used.
-2 for every skill that was not maxed on death.
-2 if a sim has not gotten into private school once they reach teen.

Pride. Family
Excessive belief in ones own abilities, or those of ones children
Bonus: Everything related to their children must be done if Pride has a want for it. For example, Pride wants her son to get married. Prides son must get married within four days. Pride wants a grandchild. One must be provided for her within four days. The children may be provided off lot, as may the marriages and engagements. If Prides family wishes are not carried out, the points are lost.
+1 for every child the sim has.
+1 if every child of the sim has their own room. Only counts if there are four or more children
+1 for every child of the sim that gets into private school.
+2 for every child related LTW that is completed.
+2 for a roof raiser golden anniversary
+3 for every child of theirs who maxes all their skills must be done on lot.
-1 for every adoption.
-2 for every child of the sim that runs away
-2 if the sim dies with less than four children.

Questions and suggestions are welcome, to make the challenge work a little easier and better. If and when I get seasons, I will update for them.
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