The Race To Breed Challenge by Simsnewbie23 (TS3)

The Race To Breed Challenge by Simsnewbie23 (TS3)

Postby Lorinsv » February 19th, 2017, 6:34 pm

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Hey, this challenge is still a work in progress. Magpie, Jenn and I are going to do a practice run and add to it as we see opportunities for improvement. We are always open for suggestions!


Need at least two simmers to play. Create a sim with unique hair and eyes that can be shared by both or more if there is a third or fourth interested. Traits and such may be changed for each person, but the hair and eyes the same since this will be using some of the Perfect Trait Rules. Mods maybe used, except for those that may give an edge over the other players.

Pick a town, preferably different from each other so we can see how the genes mix with different areas. Use the biggest lot in the town like you would a Pinstar Legacy challenge or the updated version fixed by our own Magpie Here (> EDIT: DEAD LINK), starting with the $1800 you normally have. You may choose a sub challenge such as a rainbow legacy, uglacy, or an evil legacy.

Earn points the usual way with Portraits, LTW complete, per 100K LTH points, top career and trait challenges.

Also earn points by completing these challenges. The first of those in the challenge to complete these get an extra point per challenge completed first:

1. Top two careers with your heir sim.

2. Getting mixed twins/triplets and having multiple sets of twins.

3. Maxing 5 skills on your heir.

4. Having 10 kids by 10 different sims.

5. Gather all ghost colors.

6. Having one teen top all the part time careers

7. Having 10 kids in one generation

8. Have a sim port into the other players games at least once

9. Host a sim from the other players games at least once

10. Have a child from one of the NPC service sims without ruining your marriage

11. Have teens top part-time careers. May use more than one sim to accomplish.

12. Get a painted portrait, photograph, photo booth picture, and lasting ice sculpture of your heir sim. An additional point if you get all four per generation.

13. Own all the businesses in the town. A bonus point for owning all the public lots.

14. Donate $50,000 to charity, either good ones or bad ones.

Ways to earn points in a “who did it first” category: (The way this is tracked by saying “In 22 sim days, this sim time I did this” as opposed to who shows it first on their blog.) Each is worth on point, but only for the one who does it first.

1. First to find a spouse.

2. First to have a child that is the perfect genetic heir.

3. First to build a complete house with a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom for each sim.

4. First to earn 100,000 Simoleons.

5. First to kick out a spare.

6. First to have the founder die.
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