Orwell-Huxley Challenge by Saint_evil7 (TS2)

Orwell-Huxley Challenge by Saint_evil7 (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 20th, 2017, 11:03 am

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So i came up with this challenge after reading 1984 and Brave new world. I'm not sure how to make it fit for the sims 3, i haven't installed it on my computer again, yet to test it out. But if your still playing the sims 2 this could be perfect.

Generation 1-5

3-10 families

Your town is set in an era where the world has been over-run with a police-state world. There is a powerful figure-head in power (you can name him what you want, but for this little background im going to call him big brother), your sims worship him as their god and protector.
Half the town is programed by this figure head (outer party), the other half are free to do what they like (proles).


Every home must have a tv constantly on.
Every day a sim must exercise.
Food is rationed. Must only eat once a day.
Once married, sims must only woo-hoo for children. No more than three.
Married sims must sleep in separate beds and not show affection - they didn't marry for love. They married for children.
Majority of sims must enrole in the army. Your sims are in a constant state of war.
No reading.
No writing.
Family funds must be kept low and houses furnished with cheap decore.
No promotions past level 3.
Children must hate their parents. (children were encouraged to tell the thought police if their parents were commiting thought crime. Any-thinking at all was a thought crime. BB done the thinking for them)
If playing sims 3, dress your sims so they dont wear shoes. Shoes were expensive.

By generation 4, things should start to improve. Your sims begin to stand up to big brother and then they find out that the war was all a hoax to keep them in fear and poverty.

Generation 5-7

Your sims are free of big brother, and for a couple of generations your sims start to live life to the full. They begin to choose mates they love and enjoy woo-hooing. New inventions are created and a new world order is begining to take shape.


Play the sims as a legacy for two generations, let them experience freedom for a little while. Then begin shifting in the new rules. Each sim in each house, designate a number from one to 5 Once the last elder of generation 6 is dead.

Generations 7-14

Now we're moving into the future. Your sims enjoeyed freedom for a while and they will begin to experience more "freedom" In this era, sims experience free love, no illness and never aging.

Sims come in 5 levels. None can go into the military career.
Alphas - Can level to ten, only one alpha can go into the politics career. (number 1s)
Beta's - minor jobs (must not get promoted past level 5) (number 2s)
Gamma's - must not get promoted past level 3 (number 3s)
Delta's - must not get promoted past level 2 (number 4s)
Epsilons - must stay at level 1. (number 5s)

No sim must have childen, to have children you must designate beta houses to adopt 5 children, designate them to one of the five levels.
Designate houses as Alpha houses, beta houses and so on.
Everyone must sleep with anyone, its a free-love community.
Now everyone is druged heavy so designate some food or drink as a drug and 3 times a day they must eat or drink this.
No sim can marry.
Parties must be thrown once a week.
No sim must ever be alone, wither sleeping or showering. It's a crime to be alone! (Once a week every level must attend a Caste building activity (If anyone's read the book brave new world then you know what that activity was, but you will have to throw a caste party and invite every-one of that caste to it)
Before a sim reaches old age, revert them back to full adult life and then the next time they are about to have a birthday to elder, find a way to kill them. No one ages in this era but they do die when they reach 60 (If you dont have the heart to kill them, move them to an old folks home and play them when you get bored.)
Sims must always consume, so every day buy them a new object or redecorate or go shopping.
Sims must take a lover on holiday.
If any sim breaks these rules then send them to a re-form center for three days (send them on holiday or something) they have begun to fight the programming.

Once the 14th gen is created, you have completed your challenge.

have fun.
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