Perfect Kids Challenge by Jendra (TS2)

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Perfect Kids Challenge by Jendra (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 20th, 2017, 11:06 am

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This is a simple, one generation challenge. Start with a family made entirely in CAS. This family should include two adults, two teens, two children and two toddlers. The purpose is to raise the most skilled children possible by the time the toddlers become adults.

You must start on *at least* a 4x4. If you want to make it more difficult, you could start on a larger lot, but at the beginning it's difficult enough as it is.

No hacks/mods allowed that would make things easier, including toddler blankets.

Kids must move out upon becoming adults. They may move to college *only* on the last day before they grow up.


Toddler training - +1 point per skill learned, per toddler (total 6 possible)
Grades - +1 for A+ (once per kid) This is doubled if the A+ is earned within 4 days of start of challenge (total 10 possible)
Skills - +2 for every skill maximized (technically that's 14 points per kid possible, but it's highly unlikely a teen will be able to max them all) +1 if the skill is to college scholarship level ( 8 ) but not maxed
Headmaster visit - +5 if all six children go at the same time - +3 if only four or two go. Only one visit allowed.
Dating - +1 per first kiss, +1 per teen that goes steady (total 12 possible)
Transitions - +2 if in platinum, +1 if in gold (total 24 possible)
Friends - +1 per friend outside family

Grades - -2 for D
Skills - -1 per skill with less than three points
Headmaster visit - -5 if Headmaster turns them down
Dating - -2 per first kiss or steady proposal that is turned down
Transitions - -3 if transitions badly
Friends - -2 per family member that is not at least friends by aging (if child one is not friends with child six by time child one moves out, -2, if child six is *still* not friends with child one by time child six becomes adult, *another* minus two.)

Game over if social worker takes kids.

Tell me what you think and if I left anything out!

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