The Promiscuous Challenge by PurpleToast (TS3)

The Promiscuous Challenge by PurpleToast (TS3)

Postby katrisims » February 20th, 2017, 11:12 am

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So, I’m not sure if anything like this has already been created.. but I’d quite like people to give it a go.

The Promiscuous Challenge

Are you bored of those normal families that always get along with each other? Are you fed up of sims that commit to each other unconditionally? Well you won’t find any lasting or meaningful relationships here! This is the promiscuous challenge…

Your sim thinks he’s the best of the best; no-one is better looking or more important than him! He wants to spread his gene and make himself the legendary founder of a beautiful race! And he doesn’t care who he does it with.

The aim of this challenge is to basically get the biggest family tree possible in 10 generations. Your success will be measured on a basic points system, but before I explain that, here are the basic guidelines.

- You must begin with a young adult male sim.
- Your founder must have the traits Commitment Issues and Flirty. Other than that, you may choose.
- You may only be trying for a baby with one sim at a time. After you've impregnated one, you can move on to the next.
- You may only impregnate each sim once.
- You may only have your first male child (who will be your heir) live with you.
- You may only move someone else in to get your first male child to live with you. You must then move them out straight away.
- As soon as the heir reaches the age of Young Adult, you move on to them as the main player.
- All sims must have at least a part time job from the age of Young Adult.
- No cheats or mods may be used that would give you an advantage over other players.

Points System

The points system for this challenge is very simple:

- 1 point for every sim in the family tree, excluding your founder
- An extra 5 points if the first sim of a generation is male. You get 5 points every time this happens rather than just the once.

For example: Your founder’s first child is a girl – you get one point for an extra sim in the family tree, as well as 1 point for their mother.

Your founder’s first child is a boy – you get 5 points for the first of that generation being male, 1 point for the extra sim, and another point for the child’s mother.

Basically, for every birth, you would get 2 points (one for the sim and one for the mother), or if it is twins, 3 points. I’m not sure if triplets is possible, but you get the picture

I'd be very grateful for anyone testing this challenge, suggestions for new rules, if any flaws could be pointed out or just feedback in general.
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