Geisha Legacy by rayray5563 (TS2)

Geisha Legacy by rayray5563 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 20th, 2017, 8:02 pm

(Saved from a web archive. Source:

Ooooh yes.

Seems I haven't been here for quite some time! Well! I'd like to say I missed all you people, as you are the ones who taught me about Legacies and how to do them!

Well I have a challenge for you, oh yes I do.

I've done it in the past and I'm doing one again (Though I may have to restart it since my game seems to like to crash when I click things :D)
I want to see all YOU try it too!

~!!!The Geisha Sim Legacy!!!~

OK, here is the gist.
You start off with:
An Okasan (The house Mother, she doesn't work as a Geisha anymore. Basically, she's for show. Here.)
1 Geisha (I'll refer to Geisha as Geiko often, so don't get confused)
And 1+ Shikomi (Aka servant children who will one day become Maiko/Geiko)
1 Okiya (Geisha house.)

You must be asking me 'But, if there are no men... Then there are no babies! And if there are no Babies then there is no Legacy!"
Ye of little faith!
That's where the Simming community comes in...

After your girl's become Maiko, take good pictures and post their poll's for who will be adopted.
While this goes on, supportive Simmers (that's all of you!) can create Shikomi for your house which you download, OR you can create your own OR your heiress can have a baby with one of her romances (What? They can have relationships too! Just... Secret ones...).
I personally don't suggest the later, as it makes it more difficult.

"But Rayray, how can I adopt the girls?"
Well, you can do 1 or all 3 thing's I have done in the past.
1) Cheat.
Sounds horrible, I know, but this place IS called 'Boolprop' for a reason~

2) Mod.
I'm pretty sure there is a mod out there that allows you to move Sim's in WITHOUT their parents coming too.

3) Move them in with a 'rent.
A bit more effort, but the Parent (If a woman) could play as a maid or cook. If not, you can easily move them out.
(this all assuming you have University EP)
The rules!
Be careful, I'm strict ;D

!!Shikomi standards!!

Your Shikomi should look authentic, because even today in our high tech and updated world, the Gion Hanamachi' (Flower Towns) still have their Geiko, Maiko and Shikomi in traditional Kimono, hair styles and make-up.

Their skin tone should be skin #1 or any Asian skin's that you download.
Their hair colour should be black or dark brown, and tied back in a bun, pony tail, plain bun or braid. Many places to download different kinds.
They should wear a Kimono. If you can't seem to find any, I'd be happy to link you to the one's I use, as well as the one's I make.

!!!Maiko Standards!!!

Maiko are easy to make, to be honest. There are plenty of teenager kimono out there and I've found a download that has almost every variation of Maiko masks.

Their hair is almost always put up in their fancy and famous wareshinobu. I suggest for the next best thing.
Their makeup is stark white with a dusting of pink over their eye's and down their cheeks, with red eyeliner and red lips. If you cant find any, I'll be happy to link where I got all mine.
Their kimono are fancy and very important. Need some? Again, I'll link a bunch upon request.

~!!Geiko Standards!!~

Geiko are the real money earners in the house, and I say some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

Their hair is done fancily still, but they don't put many decorations in it. It's actually rather plain compared to the Maiko.
Their makeup isn't always the bright white anymore, and they don't put the pink. Natural colours and western makeup are more common to see on them.
Their kimono are still amazing!

Okasan wear kimono too, but they aren't as fancy, and their hair isn't put into magnificent buns, so they don't get their own special spot. Hohohohoho.

An Okiya should stick to the basic principle. A maid's room, 1 or 2 geisha rooms which will be shared, the Okasan's room, kitchen, detached bathing house (Which you can put on a community lot it you would like to do a historical Legacy) and dressing room, though remember, this is your Legacy, spin it how ever you want.


If your wondering about a job, I suggest the slacker career, because the end is professional party guest (Which Geisha are!) and you don't wear a uniform. That's just what I do though, your choice is... well, yours.


I do believe that is all there is to say, but please ask questions! Please do. Please. ;D;
Once I find all the places where I downloaded from, I will post links right here if you want.

Happy Simming and let me see those Geiko!
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