The Old Hatred by greenfeet99 (TS2)

The Old Hatred by greenfeet99 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 21st, 2017, 11:30 am

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Okay, so far Ive come up with:

Story: You, the youngest vampire of an age-old coven are on a mission. Your peaceful neighbourhood where you lived with your coven was invaded by werewolves, driven by bloody hatred to kill all vampires. They wiped out your coven.

Fortunatly, you had just been changed when the Werewolves attacked. They found you in the cellar, and, naturally you lied and said that you had been changed against your will. You say you hate all vampires. Luckily, the Head Werewolf likes you, and believes your story. They agree to let you live, as they have heard that in a far away neighbourhood a Mad Scientist has been working on a cure for vampirism.

The Werewolves then move into your neighbourhood, and set about creating as many wolves as they can.

Your mission: Befriend and Kill all the Werewolves you can.

Rules (So far):
You must be an adult vampire.
You may not befriend more than one Werewolf at a time (In case they talk to each other and find out youre secretly killing them)
You may get married to any human.
You may not un-vampire yourself. (You like eternal life..)
You must kill every werewolf a different way, until you run out of ways.

Also: You get to create the Werewolves in CAS, and make them as rich, skilled, good looking as you want. You also may cheat to make them into Wolves, but not after you start the challenge.

Pick a Head Werewolf. You must kill this one last (He/Shes the most powerful)

---> You may torture the werewolves as long as you like, as long as there are no other sims on the lot

And thats how far Ive got so far..
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