The Verification Project by breakingthenight (TS2)

The Verification Project by breakingthenight (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 21st, 2017, 12:46 pm

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Hey guys, I'm back with a new challenge for sims 2! This one is called the Verification Project. The goal is to verify all of the "species in as little time as possible.
You may not cheat In any way, including money and friend cheats.
You may not move in anyone who your sim is not BFFs with or who they do not have a 100/100 relationship with.
A sim may only count as one creature in their lifetime (except for the Master challenge).
You may not move in a playable or sim that is already a creature (such as the grand vampire).
Verify all the creatures as quickly as possible, depending on your expansion packs.
Base game:
Open For Business:
Bon voyage:

To make this challenge a challenge, you probably need most or all of the EPs but if you don't don't worry about it.
The goal is to get all of these creatures in the least amount of time. The twist is... A sim may only be one of these creatures. One sim may be made in CAS to start and may move in as many sims as he/she wants or have children that can each be a creature. My current record for this challenge is 3 generations, which isn't very good, but I wasn't trying that hard :lol:

Master Mini-Challenge
For an added challenge, you can make one sim be all of the creatures at once. The exceptions are Bigfoot and Servo, who you can have your sim move in/make. They must be a born in game sim in order to be an alien, so the second generation sim. Only if you want to attempt this can a sim be more than one creature at a time, and if you do not achieve it in their lifetime it only counts for one. And they must die to win the challenge of being a ghost... :wink:


Also, sorry if this is totally unorganized and unreadable...I'm typing on my dad's iPad and I'm really tired :wacko:
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