Dependency Challenge by kitty_kitty_ (TS2)

Dependency Challenge by kitty_kitty_ (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 21st, 2017, 1:11 pm

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Ok, so I get bored easily and my pc can't cope with a regular legacy, so at the moment I am playing something I call a "Dependancy". Basically, legacy rules, any handicaps you like (!) PLUS...

1) instead of regular or extreme start, familyfund your founder the price of a lot and NO MORE.
2) you can only buy one object per day including ponds, terrain and gardening and walls... but not paint or flooring.(Your object allowance carries over - so if you bought nothing for (for example) 300days, on the 301st, you could build a fully furnished house!)
3) no move ins or marriages EVER on legacy lot, on other lots in neighbourhood, family fund away the money they bring in, having emptied the inventory.
4) no jobs until the first baby is born... so you can only earn from things you do on the lot ie. digging, painting, freestyle for tips etc. only teen jobs, once the first baby of each generation has been born, LTW jobs may be taken until the want is achieved, when the job must be quit immediately.
5) you MUST make an effort to fulfil ALL wants. Even the ones you usually find impossible.
6) no cheats allowed ever. even to fix a mild glitch. this is why it's called a Dependancy. you are dependant on your pc, your sims are dependant on you and blind luck. huge game destroying glitches may be resolved using cheats and simPe.
7) no ignoring chance cards.
8) don't complain if it all goes pear-shaped when your gen 9 sim is about to give birth to gen 10 and you have to restart! (it happened to me...)

Those who are insane enough to attempt this... join the club! I salute you!

*Edit 2) having extensively playtested this challenge, I have decided to make a few alterations (or more than a few.) This is due to finding it STILL too easy, and having way too much time on my hands. Edits to rules above are shown, new rules include:
9)Businesses may not be owned by those on Legacy lot, except as part of an LTW, when they must be closed permanently immediately on completion of the want.
10) Heir/Heiress must have gold badges in sewing, pottery and gardening, as well as hobby plaques in arts and crafts and nature before being allowed to woohoo/try for baby.
11) All woohoo is try for baby. It may only be attempted between 3LB partners. (For same sex partners, roll two dice. double six means you can woohoo... any other combination tombstone a pregnancy - this simulates the odds of not getting a baby when try for baby is clicked)
12)all applicable rules apply in college
13) This is now available as a NEIGHBOURHOOD WIDE CHALLENGE - start with a blank neighbourhood and as your sims spawn, marry in townies and build a neighbourhood from the absolute basics.

I must be mad...
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