Family-Adoption Challenge by Teresa (TS2)

Family-Adoption Challenge by Teresa (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 21st, 2017, 1:29 pm

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I started a new challenge this morning. It is combining several different challenges picking out certain "rules" here and there. I don't think there is a challenge out there like this, although I believe I have combined several challenges. I tend to love to make myself crazy by having too many kids in the house so this is designed to either cure me of that or make me really good at handling a bunch of kids.

First start with a single sim from CAS. Everything is up to you on the creation except the aspiration. It must be Family.

As soon as they are moved in (I funded her enough money to buy a furnished house but no money cheats beyond that) immediately call and adopt. Keep adopting until there are 10 kids. You can adopt them quickly or you can space them out. I do play with a hack to allow 12 sim families and also an adoption hack that has the adopted kid delivered with 2 hours of the call. So I adopted all 10 kids within the first week.

The kids can be adopted in any order, but must be the following ages. Natural born kids do not count for the 10-kids so aliens or oopsies are just "extra".
5 children
3 toddlers
2 babies

Play the family, grow them up, send them to college, whatever you want. The youngest child will be the next to carry on the tradition. As adults all other kids must move out so only the youngest lives there as an adult. If one dies before moving out then another one must be adopted to take their place.

One thing - all birthdays must happen on their own - no cake.
Another thing - aspirations are your choice, or roll for them as you please, except the youngest must be Family.

As soon as the youngest is an adult, they call and start the adoption process. Play until you get tired of kids and toddlers and babies.

I started this off with Lottie Kydd. Lottie got a job in Culinary, was fired the first day, so found another job in Culinary. She hired a maid and nanny for the kids.

First she adopted Lindsay and Elle as children. Then she adopted Justin as a toddler and Brandon as a baby. Following that she adopted Joseph and Sheila as a toddler, Heather as a baby, Emily and Thomas as children. Finally she adopted Sinjin as a child. During the first week there were several birthdays so Justin is now a child and Brandon is now a toddler.

I am not micromanaging, just the bare necessities. Justin grew up with a dirty diaper and I think Brandon did too.

No rules, no scoring, and no cheating. With the exception of getting enough money to move into the house of your choice. But just enough for the house and furnishings - you can't fund the family more than 200,000 and you should have less than 20,000 after the furnishing is complete. Just make sure you have enough to adopt and have enough beds for all the kids.

About marriage - if you want your parent to have a life, after the youngest is at least a teen, the parent can move out. They can only take adult kids with them as all kids must age to adult in the challenge house before leaving - unless they go to college.

Social Services - if any kids are removed from the house by the social worker, well, oops. :lol:

I am only on the first batch of kids - the youngest is a baby. If you see anything that won't work, or have an idea that would improve this, let me know.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming this as an original idea. It is a combination of other people's good ideas mashed together.
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