The Founder's Challenge by Genevieve Peyton (TS3)

The Founder's Challenge by Genevieve Peyton (TS3)

Postby katrisims » February 21st, 2017, 1:37 pm

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Hi everyone! This is my first challenge idea, and I would love to see what you think. Also, if you have any ideas or rules you think I should add, please let me know, since the rules I've put on here are very brief, and I haven't even really thought through a lot of aspects of the Sims.

The Founder's Challenge

Once I started a legacy, I realized that the only thing I really wanted to do was keep my founder alive for as long as possible.
I decided to create my own challenge which would basically be (almost) never-ending, so that my founder could complete almost everything
they wanted to do in their lifetime, have an incredibly large family, and I would be able to do all the things in the game I had yet to

The goal of the challenge is to marry 100 different sims while completing goals in between. This obviously means you need to stop time in some way.

Here are the rules:

You must have one child with every person your founder marries.
You must adopt one child with every person your founder marries. This means if you complete the challenge you will at least have 200 kids!
You do not lose any points for having children taken by the social worker, but they do not award you points either.
You cannot move children out until they are Young Adults.
Your founder MUST marry the person they have children with, if the children are to count as points. Accidental children with outside affairs do not count.
The founder can divorce the Sim they are married to, move them out, etc. They do not have to stay in the house until they die. The founder is also allowed to move any
time they wish.
Every imaginary friend a child receives must be turned real. (If your child doesn't get one, this rule does not apply)
For every additional child born or adopted you receive +1 point.
You must marry off one child (either born or adopted) from every marriage. You can kick these kids out or keep them in the active family as you see fit.
Boarding school is allowed.
For every spouse that is an NPC (and not created in CAS), receive +.25 points. However, spouses created in CAS do count towards the 100 marriages.
Woohooer is allowed for same-sex marriages, etc.
Receive +.25 points for every grandchild.
For every ghost kept on the lot, receive +.5 points.
You can stop time with any lifetime reward or with ambrosia. You get +.5 points if with ambrosia. Lose a point if you use
the epic life span.
For every skill your sim masters you get +1 point.
For every skill challenge your sim completes you get +2 points.
For every $100,000 in net worth, you get +1 point
For every career your founder tops receive +2 points.
Completing your LTW gets you +1 point. (If you want to cheat and give your founder more than one LTW you can, and will be rewarded points
for all subsequent LTWs completed).
If you complete all of the quests in any World Adventures location, receive +5 points.
For every vacation home you buy receive +1 point.
If you reach a 5 star celebrity level receive +.5 points.
For sharing your story with us, receive 1 billion points!! And a *hug*.
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