Founding a Civilization by Jendra (TS2)

Founding a Civilization by Jendra (TS2)

Postby katrisims » February 21st, 2017, 1:40 pm

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Founding a Civilization

This is a combination of a legacy through time and Build a City challenge.

Seasons should be on a regular schedule, spring, summer, fall, winter.

Beyond the things available at the beginning of the challenge, anything else must be invented. Inventions can happen once per household per winter.

Maidens are unmarried women no unmarital woohoo allowed and a matron is a woman whose children are all teens or older.

Unless otherwise specified a generation begins upon the birth of the first child of that generation.

The eldest son is heir. Spare sons may move out upon reaching adulthood. Spare daughters must marry at home before moving out with their husbands unless the husband is a playable that already has his own house. At least until civilization reaches city level.

Until generation three there is no travel during winter. This includes moving a family to another lot or moving out of the current house adult children moving out, or friends that have moved in. No businesses may be open, even home businesses.

All families must be played in rotation. Extra days, or fewer are allowed to bring the seasons back into alignment with each other.

Items available at beginning of challenge or when needed... grill, juicer, counter, toilet in outhouse, bathtub by pond, no shower, bed or tent or hammock, bookcase only if necessary to grill fish and must be deleted as soon as the necessary cooking points are learned, table and dining chairs. Upon birth of first child: crib or toddler blanket, refrigerator only for bottles. A phone may be used only to buy a community lot once allowed, or to quit a job when jobs are allowed. Once businesses are allowed, the old fashioned cash register and open/closed sign is allowed.

Generation 1 - Hunting and Gathering - the tribe

Your founder must be male.
Your founder starts out on a small, heavily wooded, lot with a pond. Also on this lot are three fruit trees.
There are no jobs.
Tools are made of stone, therefore it takes at least two days to cut down a tree. You may only sell a tree every two days.
Your founder may invite a male best friend to move in. Both the founder and the best friend may marry a woman to move them in. This is the start of a tribe. The friend and his family may move out after living with the tribe for at least two seasons the male must be there two seasons, as long as they do not move out during winter. They must move onto a wooded lot as well.

Available inventions - games chess, mahjong, poker, dont wake the llama, bookshelf, toddler/child toys

Generation 2 - Farming - still a tribe

The eldest child of the tribe, upon reaching childhood spends his/her days exploring the forest. S/he watches as a seed drops onto fertile ground and starts to grow. Farming is invented.

Children go to school, teens help work the farm.

Tools are improved. You may sell a tree every day if you have them left. You may also move to a non-wooded lot suitable for farming.

Refrigerators are only allowed if stocked. They may not be used if not completely stocked.

Available inventions - previous ones, crafting benches except robot, easel, dumbbells, stoves

Generation 3 - The village

When the first child of generation 3 is born, the tribe becomes more like a village. Market days begin. One day of the week is a market day. You may buy a community lot to sell handmade items assuming theyve been invented or grown items, but only upon that day. You may start a home business that is open that day again, selling home grown or home made items. You may walk from your home lot to a community lot upon that day.

Once there are five seperate households and two community lots, a town square should be created. It may be player owned or not. Upon the creation of a town square, a new CAS member joins your community though you can wait until you have more before adding a family to the village.

Available inventions - previous ones, wardrobe, mirror, shelves, chairs, rugs, curtains, couches

Generation 4 - small town

Now that there are more people around, there are more things to do. Venue community lots may be opened. Including jobs to be had... well, for the males at least unless otherwise stipulated all jobs are for males only.

Politics - two jobs are opened when there are at least 10 households in the town. However, there can only be one Mayor at a time. Each new Mayor entices one new CAS sim to the town. However, you are not allowed to have a Sim quit just so you can get a new one to Mayor.

Law - two jobs are opened when there is someone in Politics and Criminal. There may be two "The Law"s, one prosecuter, one defense attorney.

Military - any young man may join the military, but they may not get married until they have reached at least level 7

Criminal - is open, but only one Criminal Mastermind allowed at a time

Education - one position for every five *children* in the village. This position is only open to a person that has mastered at least four skills. A maiden or matron may take this job but may not reach the top of the career. When a male has reached the top of the career, teens may go to school, and the four skills mastered is no longer necessary. Once teens are allowed to go to school there is one position per five children or teens in town.

Medicine - one position is opened for every ten households. However, a person may only go into medicine if someone in their household has been sick.

Available inventions - all previous ones, musical instruments, dance bar, indoor plumbing, showers, telescopes

Generation 5 - medium town

Youve gotten your town even larger. Service sims are allowed to any household that has at least $200,000 or a sim at the top of a career. The past careers are still open and new ones have appeared.

Culinary - Open to anyone with 10 cooking skill points or full cooking hobby points. Matrons and Maidens may get jobs in this career but not rise to the top.

Music - Males or Maidens with full music and dance hobby bars.

Dance - Males or Maidens with full music and dance hobby bars.

Law Enforcement - open to anyone who has had a burglary.

Adventure - An unmarried male who has reached at least level five of Military may become an Adventurer. When a person reaches the top of this career, it is opened to any unmarried males. Males may only marry after reaching the top of the career.

Athletic - may only be hired into Athletic as a teenage male. When someone reaches the top of the career, it is opened.

Business - one slot in Business is opened for every five community lots. A business slot can only be given to someone that owns or is the heir to a community lot business.

Journalism - One journalism slot is opened for every twenty households. To receive a Journalism slot, you must have connections. Twenty friends should do it, best friends not required.

A college is opened when there are twenty households worth $100,000 or more. At least five of those households must have overachieving teens. You may add five CAS sims to the village with the opening of a college.

Available inventions - any non-electric item not yet mentioned including phones

Generation 6 - large town

With the opening of a college near by and the entrance of new blood into the village, people take up new studies and make new friends.

A business district may be opened if there are at least ten community lots. Five CAS sims may be added at this point.

The number of openings for jobs from small town are doubled. However, those jobs that only allow one person at the top of the career, still only allow one sim at the top of the career.

Science - A sim must have had someone in the family that was abducted by aliens, or someone killed by a falling satelite to earn a slot in Science. Unless they have gone to college and majored in Science.

All University jobs are open to those that got a degree in which the job was a possible career.

Medicine and Law are open to anyone that received a degree in which the job is a possible career.

Slacker - One slot available per household of over a million simoleons.

Oceanography - may only be taken by a person that has lived on a beach lot or has a gold fishing badge

Architecture - One slot open per house or business three stories tall or higher

Entertainment - Opened when there is someone at the top of both Music and Dance

Intelligence - A slot in intelligence may only be taken by someone who has reached the top of either Military or Law Enforcement. When someone reaches the top of Intelligence, it is opened.

Gamer - Can only be taken by someone who has reached the highest level of gaming enthusiasm or has full logic if you dont have Freetime

Generation 7 - small city

Women are tired of being second class citizens. They are now allowed to take any open slots, have unmarital sex, and move out on their own.

Available inventions - radios, alarms, cars, lights

Generation 8 - medium city

You should have the twenty five households necessary to open Downtown. You may add five new households of any number of family members that you wish.

Any opening levels for careers should be doubled once more.

Generation 9 large city

Everything is completely opened, all items are invented! Have a kid!

Generation 10 Metropolis!

And done!
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Re: Founding a Civilization by Jendra (TS2)

Postby Hollywood3015 » April 24th, 2017, 9:51 pm

Seems like an awesome challenge to try !

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Re: Founding a Civilization by Jendra (TS2)

Postby MichelleCYoung » May 3rd, 2017, 2:48 pm

My first thought on reading this was "Juicer? That's allowed at the beginning?" And then I thought, "Yeah, they could totally just squish the fruit, without the means of electricity and machinery. How many times have we seen those little cones to squeeze oranges and lemons? Or just roll the fruit around, then cut it and squeeze it? So, yeah. That makes sense that they can have juice, and if you have a mod/hack to allow them to do it without the fancy machine, then that's even better."

After that, I had a lot of thoughts:

There are nursing mods out there, but be careful. I had a woman nurse her baby for four hours, straight, and he still starved. So play-test elsewhere before you try it here! Also, the university mini-fridge is great, but not for bottles. The cheapest, trashy fridge will do well for bottles. Call it "a cool-chest" and it makes sense, in-game. Work your way up to wooden "ice box," and then finally more modern looking fridges. Same with stoves. There are some cool-looking old-fashioned stoves available, and you can work your way up to the fancy ranges. I like doing that.

Maidens, then ???, then matrons. What's in-between? "Woman"? Actually, a lot of cultures would go there. In fact, "Wife" back in the old day, simply meant "adult female, accepted but the community as a woman." Same for "husband", only "man." Man and husband were interchangeable, as were woman and wife, but moreso with wife. Thus the phrase "I now pronounce you man and wife," meant simply "You are now both full adults in our community, because you are married, and we hate single people." Seriously. Language is weird.

So, I get the patriarchal society to start, but is there an option for women's suffrage and liberation? An Equal Rights Amendment? Woman's Property Act? I think it would be cool to include those, along with the societal growth. Could be a great opportunity for story-telling, at least. Also, for story-telling, is the historical fact that a whole lot of women, throughout history, even waaaayyyyyy back, held considerable power, despite their restrictions, or even through those restrictions. The Roman Vestal Virgins, for example, were quite restricted, but brother, did they have some awesome behind-the-scenes power. Also, there were some really powerful nuns, as well, in Christian Europe, and, in fact, in Asia (although their "nuns" were different). I find it fascinating, comparing the women who came to power, while still following their "approved" womanly roles, and the modern women who threw off the restrictions, altogether.

Adoption was not always a legal thing, but it has been around, forever, so it needs to be an option, from the start. In fact, back before fertility treatments, it was even more of a thing, although a lot of people had rotten opinions about orphans, and even worse about illegitimate children, they would frequently take in their poor relations, and raise them as heirs, if they could not have heirs of their own.

I love Simlogical's school mods to allow home-schooling, especially in the early days. Although, there have been group educational opportunities for children since time immemorial, although not usually state-run and organized. Usually, the local smart person would share their learning with whatever children came to them, or else their parents would make arrangements to hire a smart person to come to their children (if they were rich). So the kids going to school works well. If you have the right EP, they can walk to school, and no school bus is needed.

Historically, Teens may get "work" outside the family, by helping to work another family's farm, if they have the time (lots of kids at home to help, versus the other family having too few, or too young, children). Would it be OK to offer that as an option? I'd love to see the kid walk off the lot (nature hike or jogging?), at regular times, and then on the other family's lot, invite the teen over (if you don't have a phone, use a teleportation shrub), at regular times, to help out with the farm work, until they have a large enough household to get the work done, themselves. This is very tribe-like, if you know what I mean, as well as a good opportunity for the teens of different families to court each other.

There are mods for "empty fridges," if you want to do the "only available if stocked" thing. Alternately, have them cook about seven or eight batches of food, and throw it away, thus depleting the grocery supply (call it the time investment in building the fridge, in the first place), and they must live on stocked food, ever after. Note, when upgrading fridges, use up the stocked food in the old one, first, because it will NOT transfer to the new fridge.

For crafting benches, I would say that the florist bench should not be allowed to be used during winter, until refrigeration (for real) is invented. Making arrangements of wildflowers and flowers from the garden was a real thing, but only when those flowers were actually in bloom. Pottery and toys, on the other hand, are great for winter work.

Market Day! Gotta love it.

I like your Gen 3 job rules, especially about the marriage restrictions in the military. There's an old saying: A private may not marry, a lieutenant should not marry, a captain must marry (or words to that effect - I've seen it applied to different ranks, but the sense is always the same). In the lower ranks, marriage is frowned upon, because you're too likely to be killed off, in the medium ranks, it's OK, but not encouraged, while in the higher ranks, it is required, because the wife has her social duties to help advance her husband's career. Also, "Never court your colonel's daughter, or he'll have your guts for garters," until you are at least a high-ranking lieutenant with another promotion in sight.

I also like your Education rules, at this point. They make good sense to me.

Medicine - yeah, you learn by nursing your loved ones, and then spread out from there. I like it!

For Adventure, I interpret "Males may only marry after reaching the top of the career," as "Males in the Adventurer career may only marry after they reach the top of the career, and are less likely to be killed off during an adventure," but other males are not so limited. Same sort of thing with Military. They make sense for the individual careers, because of the danger involved in the lower ranks.

Journalism - is that household friends, or personal friends? I think both would work, but I like the personal requirement, too.

Nice college requirements!

Inventions - non-electric items, including phones. If we have phones, we should be up to gas-lighting, by now, not just candles and torches. That would be wall-sconces (gas pipes in the wall) and street lamps. Not table or floor lamps, but you'd still have candelabra for those.

Good requirement for Science. Perhaps maybe having the first person to major in Science need the abduction/satellite to get them started, and then they open up the field of study for others at college?

HAAHAHA! Love the Slacker requirement. You have to be rich to be allowed to slack off. Mind you, you can have "slacker" sims, all along, but not as a career.

I love the Oceanography and Architecture requirements! Also, Intelligence makes sense, too.

Really, I like all your career requirements. They just make so much sense to me!

Gen 7 - Women's Lib! Woot! I take it they can own their own property, as well? Businesses and community lots, and such? Or was that actually allowed, earlier, and I missed it?

Generations 8-10 is basically just playing and growing.

This sounds like a lot of fun. Story-telling opportunities abound! It will take years to finish it. I really like this, a lot!
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