The Matriarch Legacy Ruleset by mitinkitten (TS2)

The Matriarch Legacy Ruleset by mitinkitten (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 22nd, 2017, 11:57 pm

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The idea of the Matriarch Legacy is to make the challenge both easier and harder at the same time. Im one for paradoxes.

Its easier in that the player is managing less Sims. Its harder in that the player lacks the aforementioned Sims income potential and child rearing assistance.

So its simple ... a female founder procreates (with) -- but does not marry -- a Townie or NPC until she produces a girl heir. In the event no female arrives before the previous heir turns Elder -- or in the event the results of your heir poll yield a male heir instead of a female one, not that Ive ever had that happen *cough*Totoro*cough* -- get the male heir started on alien watch and get him abducted and pray for a girl.

The alternate -- and somewhat easier -- version of the male heir issue is to download the Pregnancy for All Genders hack by twojeffs. This will allow for same sex relationships for males (and females ... to date, the Miyazakis have had two lesbian unions that have produced heirs).

So I leave it up to the individual player. If they want to do it sans hacks, then they have to try the alien way. The best bet is to keep trying for a female heir, however, since even if a male becomes alien pregnant, theres no total guarantee that he will have a girl alien.

Other than that, the rules set are the same as the one set forth by Pinstar, and the player should follow whatever rules set is appropriate for the expansion pack(s) the player has. This rules set can easily be rolled into one of the 'alternate' rules sets, such as the Alphabet Legacy invented here at, the Apocalypse challenge, an Uglacy, etc.

Anyway, bask in the glory of my laziness and try yourself out a Matriarch Legacy, mkay?

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