Moving up by Jendra (TS2)

Moving up by Jendra (TS2)

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When it comes right down to it, how many people actually build their own houses these days? Especially families that are just starting out.

After being made in CAS, your sim must be moved into a premade house. This house may be a Maxis premade, a downloaded house, or a house that you made before moving anyone in. It must be decorated, though it can be decorated as badly as you want, since your sim will be redecorating it in their own style as soon as they can afford it. If the house comes with furniture, that must be sold and new things bought. This is their first house, they're going to take care of it <g>. However, it's only a one bedroom/one bathroom house. Your sim may get married, but may *not* have a child while still living within this house. Well, okay, I'll change that a bit, my brother and his wife had their baby in their bedroom until he was three, therefore you may have *one* child who's crib will be in the parents bedroom and the family must be moved out of the house before the baby becomes a kid.

Hopefully by this point you have enough money to buy a bigger house, because that's exactly what it's time to do. How many children do you plan on having? Every child should have it's own room, or a room that can be changed into a bedroom even if it's being used as something else right now. (i.e. you only currently have one child, so you have another room that is a study, but when you have a second child you can change it to a child's room). You should also have at least two bathrooms, or one bathroom for every two people. You must pack to move in the last hour before you plan to leave. Everyone should have a wardrobe to hold their clothes, and at least one item they can't bear to part with (if you have a toddler, they should have one favorite toy). If you don't have an expansion pack that allows inventory, you don't have to pack. You can also take anything else you want to bring with you, but I would suggest you leave things like beds and tables, because once you get to your new house, you have to redecorate it again.

If you outgrow that house before you reach the next one, move again ^_^.

Congratulations! You're at the top of your career! And so is your spouse! Guess what that means! Parties and business meetings and guests. Your home has to be impressive and sorry, but a three bedroom ranch house just isn't going to do it. It's time to trade up to a better house. By now you should have enough money to buy a large house, well decorated with a nice garden. You move again, packing up and redecorating just as you did above. You may use any custom items that you wish *as long* as they are reasonably priced.

You're getting old and your kids have moved out to start their own families in their own small houses, the house is too loud and echoing for just yourself and your husband. You now have a choice, you may move back into a small one bedroom or in with one of your children. Or, you may adopt at least three children to fill up the house <g>. Teens may move out to college or they may move out upon becoming adults.

Ending it? It's up to you. You may end it at the death of your founder, you may make it into a legacy type or branching family type challenge. The *only* time you are allowed to build your own house is if one of the children goes for a live off the land type challenge.

Scoring, one generation... hmm...
+15 per house that fits the requirements
+2 for every room, including outside that has an environment score of at least 85 percent
+2 for every person that packed within the last hour before move per move
+5 for every child that moves out on his/her own

-5 for every child that does not have it's own room, per house.
-5 for every day that is past your move day in which you still haven't moved (i.e. if you haven't moved by the time your toddler becomes a child, or within a day of the second adult topping their career)
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