The Guardian Angel Legacy Sub-Challenge by Mzyra (TS2)

The Guardian Angel Legacy Sub-Challenge by Mzyra (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 12:18 am

(Saved from a web archive of the original Boolprop FightTheAddiction false! Source:

This challenge can be used for just one sim or for a whole legacy family, whichever you can be bothered with.

You are a guardian angel and The Creator (aka Will Wright) has assigned you to a sim/family, but you've hardly hit the jackpot with who you've got. Ungrateful little sod- sims. They expect you to fulfil their dreams and protect them from all the bad things in life. And you don't even get the weekends off! So, when eventually they die, they have as few bad and as many positive memories as possible.

You get +5 points for every positive memory
You get -50, yes 5-0, points for every negative memory
You get -20 points for every time they hit aspiration failure
If you achieve their LTW? Nothing. They don't expect any less of you anyway.
If you don't achieve their LTW, however, all positive memories are discounted, though not the negative ones.


Oh, and for those doing the whole family, the challenge only finishes when all ten generations are deceased. And the tenth generation has to be the end of the line. Why? Oh, something to do with a prophecy where if the legacy is continued the dEAvil will rise up and all shall be covered in flames and glitched until the apocalypse.
Have fun!

Thoughts appreciated. And any mention of whether this has been done before would be good. Ta!
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