Aaroc's Space Oddity Rules (In Testing) by Aaroc200 (TS2)

Aaroc's Space Oddity Rules (In Testing) by Aaroc200 (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 12:23 am

(Saved from a web archive of the original Boolprop FightTheAddiction false! Source: https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20071103035013/http:/forums.boolprop.com:80/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=21924)

Here is a fun almost apocalypse challenge. I don't like the apocalypse rules, but I wanted to limit myself in some way so my new legacy would be challenging yet entertaining for me to play. Basically, it boils down to your sims progressing through the ages. If anything is unclear please ask and I'll try to clarify. I'm still testing these rules. It's mostly designed as a community challenge, and I would recommend starting your shopping districts and downtowns with a blank slate. It is also recommended you start your neighborhood with a blank slate.

Only the founder, heirs, and spares may lift restrictions. Aspiration rewards are lifted by having the requisite number and/or type of platinum gravestones. Career restrictions are lifted once a sim reaches the top of career.

*Aspiration rewards:

Money Tree: Free

Noodlesoother: One platinum gravestone of any type

Senso Orb: One platinum Popularity, Pleasure, Family, Knowledge, Romance, and Wealth gravestone (in other words every platstone except grilled cheese)

Weather Machine: Two Platstones of any type

Smart milk: One Family platstone

Cool Shades: One Popularity platstone

Kibble of life: Three platstone of any type

Energizer: One Grilled Cheese Platstone (in other words, one of every single kind since you need all others to make a grilled cheese sim)

Thinking Cap: One Knowledge Platstone

Sim O Vac: One Pleasure Platstone

Love Tub: One Romance Platstone

Counterfeiting machine: One Wealth Platstone

Elixer of Life: Four Platstones of any type.

*Alien Gifts:

Whenever a sim is abducted by aliens, regardless of age or gender, you may pick one restricted item and place it on the abducted sim's home. this may include restricted career rewards, aspiration rewards, or anything from buy mode. Once the item (if an aspiration reward) is used up, delete it. If it is from buy mode and it ever breaks, you may not fix it until science is lifted (You may keep it around until science is lifted, or you may delete it. You may only place one and only one item per abduction. If you are unable to afford any restricted items, you miss out on your gift from the aliens)


1, Culinary: No stoves or any other appliances can be purchased. Restaurant stoves may be placed on community lots, but only cereal and chef salad may be eaten at restaurants. Wedding cakes and champagne may not be purchased from the party menu. Sims may not open restaurants on community lots. (you may still have non player owned restaurants)

2, Slacker: Nothing from the party menu may be purchased or placed on community lots, with the exception of birthday cakes for infants. Parties of any kind cannot be thrown. Scored outings are prohibited. Sims may still go on dates, and unscored outings. (Once this restriction is lifted, you may place the slacker career reward even if adventurer is not yet lifted)

3, Criminal: Cannot purchase pool tables, poker tables, or ticket machines. You may not place any career rewards that give money (i.e. gamer, law, culinary, etc.).Sims may not open Venue type businesses at home or on a community lot.

4, Music: Only the cheapest radio may be purchased. The radio station may not be changed on the radio (so you're stuck with that annoying salsa music, and no, you can't put custom music to save your sanity). you may not purchase any instruments. Sims may not freestyle or freestyle for tips.

5, Medical: Only the communal shower and 'black and white bare bath' may be purchased from the showers and tubs tab at homes and community lots. Only the cheapest toilet may be purchased at homes (public toilets may still be used on community lots). Only the cheapest sinks may be purchased at home and community lots. The juicer may not be purchased or used at homes or on community lots. You may not purchase potions of any type (to include cologne) and every woohoo must be try for baby.

6, Adventurer: Nothing from the sculptures tab may be purchased at homes (they may be placed on community lots). No career rewards may be placed or used. No vehicles may be purchased.

7, Journalism: Children and teenagers cannot be taught to study. Teenagers cannot go to school. No sim may get a job in Political or Education. No sim may write or sell a novel. Computers may not be purchased. Once this restriction is lifted, the cheapest computer may be purchased and only be used to write novels (and term papers if education is lifted).


8, Political: Cannot get a job in Military, Law, Law enforcement, Education, or Business career tracks.

9, Law Enforcement: Cannot buy fire alarms or burglar alarms. Cannot use emergency tab of phone options.

10, Business: Business perks may not be used or purchased. Crafting benches may not be purchased or used. Only clothing and crafted items may be sold on community lots, to include non-player owned.

11, Law: Sims may not hire any NPCs from the phone, except the matchmaker. The Service menu on the phone may not be used for any reason (unless a child has been taken by the social worker and you want to adopt that child back into the neighborhood).

12, Military: You may not place or use the military career reward. You may not get a job in althletics.

13, Education: Sims may not go to college.


14, Natural Sientist: Sims may not purchase garden plots or orchard trees. Sims may not get a job in the Scientist Career track.

15, Artist: May not purchase any wall hangings (wall hangings that are not painting may still be placed on community lots). Sims may not sell completed paintings from the easel, though you may still paint on the easel. (once the painting is done, simply hang it on the wall or place it in the sim's inventory, these paintings MAY be sold at player owned businesses)

16, Paranormal: Sims my not plead with the grim reaper.

17, Show business: Televisions may not be purchased or used at homes or on community lots.

18, Athletics: Excercise equipment may not be purchased or used at homes or community lots. The athletic career reward may not be placed.

19, Science: No sim may get a job in the gamer crareer track. Electronic equipment of any type may not be purchased, except for the cheapest radio, even if music and show business are lifted. Electronic equipment includes anything electronic in nature, to include some kitchen appliances, most lighting, and many career rewards. The repairman may not be called from the services tab on the phone and sims may not repair any electronic equipment gifts from aliens. Science dos not restrict the use of any aspiration rewards. The cheapest computer may still be purchased if journalism is lifted, and once science is lifted, sims may now use the computer to find a job.

20, Gamer: Items in the electronic entertainment tab may not be purchased or used at homes or on community lots. The computers may not be used for playing games.
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