The Family Expectations Challenge by Monoxter (TS2)

The Family Expectations Challenge by Monoxter (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 12:42 am

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This is more of a handicap that you can add to your legacy than anything. I came up with it awhile ago and I think it's fun.

To be eligible for heirship, the child sim must complete these rules according to their parent's (the heir, not the parent married in) aspiration. Some of them are more challenging than others, although none of them are impossible at all. In fact, it may be a bit too easy. You tell me.

Family: Must have one significant other while a teenager. They must fall in love and not cheat on that person. They must be best friends with their parent. They must have full cleaning and cooking skills.

Romance: Must have at least 3 significant others at the same time. Must have full charisma and body skills. Must buy them new clothes each time they age (yes, all types of clothes).

Fortune: Must make it to the top of the teen career track. Must attend private school. Must have sold 5 masterpieces or two novels. Must buy them new clothes (only everyday and formal) and a cell phone and mp3 player.

Knowledge: Must attend private school. Must have been taught to study. Must have learned all toddler skills and been fed 5 bottles of smart milk. Must have at least eight skill points in all areas.

Popularity: Must have full charisma points. Must have 10 friends including 3 best friends. Game recognizable family members do not count towards friend count. Must be best friends with parent.

Pleasure: No more than five skill points in any area allowed. No teen job allowed. Must have gone on at least five dates and gotten first kiss as a teen.

Of course, these are only until the new heir takes over from the parent, then they can let their true personality and aspiration shine through. I think this has potential in stories, especially when aspirations clash. Anyway, tell me what you think!

If you try it out, please let me know. I'll be sure to read and comment.
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