Neighborhood Commerce by Jendra (TS2)

Neighborhood Commerce by Jendra (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 12:55 am

(Saved from a web archive of the original Boolprop FightTheAddiction false! Source:

This idea hit me earlier and it *will* *not* leave! Any help refining would be appreciated <g>. Any one who would like to do this, great. I doubt I will, I don't have the patience :lol: . Only to be tried if you like running businesses!

The idea is simple. The Neighborhood must be completely self sufficient. Except for the utter necessities, everything must be bought at a player owned store. Everything!

I would suggest starting with at least eight people/families. You may start some or all of them in college if you choose. You may start each family with a single person, a couple or a family. If you start with a family, you may motherload that family once and only once. To make it slightly easier, you may play a lot for one week before starting the challenge to earn some money.

You may start on any size lot. You may start on an empty lot or a premade home, as long as the home is not furnished. If you wish to add a pond before moving in, go for it.

Build mode items may be bought at any point without problems. You may buy only the cheapest of beds (single if starting with one person, only a double if starting with couple or family. If starting with a family, one double, plus one single per child is fine) with the plain blue covers. You may buy the cheap phone. You may buy the cheap toilet and shower. And I suppose, to be fair, you can buy the cheap bookcase, easel and chess table, cheap chairs, refrigerator, mirror, stereo. If you can do without it though, try <g>. Nothing else may be bought from the buy menu at a home lot. (with one exception to be spoken of later). Any items may be sold at any time from the home lot.

You may have a home ticket business if you choose (so you can buy the ticket machine, but that's not the excception), however all selling must be done from player owned community lots. Benches may only be used at community lots. If you want snapdragons, someone has to have a store that sells them.

Since restaurants are so hard to run, you may go to non player owned restaurants if you so choose. Just don't buy anything there besides food.

Places you probably need... at least one home decorating store, one grocery - preferably with fresh vegtables and fish, one clothing store/salon (oh yeah, no using the mirror to change appearance except to set your picture, you've got to go out for that), one toy/baby and toddler store, one hobby store, a car lot, a pet and pet supply store (assuming you want pets in your game), one appliance/electronics store. (If you are starting with more than 8 families, I would suggest splitting the home decorating store so it doesn't have all the comfort items, tables, counters, desks, lighting, decoritive items, so on and so forth). No 'everything under the sun' stores, there must be some kind of theme for each store.

You may set prices however you wish, but remember, these are supposed to be money making stores.

The exception - since I believe (and I could be wrong) that it's impossible to buy from your own store, you may buy items that can be found in your store (and only items that can be found in your store i.e, if your store sells the canopy bed with the pink and yellow cover, you may buy it, but not the canopy bed with the blue earth cover if your store doesn't sell that) at home, until a point comes in which another business of the same type opens in the neighborhood.

You must play each lot for the same amount of time in rotation. (One week, two weeks, three days, your choice, just keep them all on the same day). You may not spend more than 12 hours a day working in your store (if you go in at 9 am on Monday, you need to leave by 9pm Monday, and not come back until Tuesday). You must go in every day for at least a short time, even if you have a manager (unless you decide your store is closed for those days i.e. closed Saturday and Sunday. However if so, you may not call your manager to check up on the store) I suppose if you own two stores, you can spend 12 hours in each... New families may move into the neighborhood, but must join the rotation. Grown children should also join the neighborhood once they move out, unless you send them off to college or they decide to move completely out of the neighborhood and into a subneighborhood.


+2 for every store in the black at the end of each rotation (8 families all in black 16 points per week)
+5 for every house that owns more than one store in the black (in addition to ^)
+2 for every store at rank 7, 8 or 9 (per rotation)
+5 for every store rank 10 (per rotation)
+1 for every employee (family forced into labor does not count <g>, you may hire whoever you wish)
+2 for every manager
+1 for every playable that is a family friend (point given only once, not per rotation)

-2 for every store more than $20,000 in debt (per rotation)
-2 if store did not raise in rank during rotation (not required if store is at rank 10)
-5 if store drops in rank
-2 for every employee that quit
-1 for every item bought at a house lot that breaks the rules (includes grocery delivery)
-10 for any business that does not stay in the family (single sim dies and deed passes to a friend, -10)

Want it more complicated? <g> It's a neighborhood, and all neighborhoods require certain things. Therefore, in addition to the stores, there must be at least one person in culinary, medical, law enforcement, law (if you have seasons), politics, business and education.

Challenge runs until it drives you crazy, until you decide to quit or until every member that you started with dies (preferably of old age)

Hopefully this idea will infest someone else's brain, and leave mine alone <g>. Also hopefully, there isn't already one of these around.
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