A Grim Challenge by KuroiNekoRiku (TS2)

A Grim Challenge by KuroiNekoRiku (TS2)

Postby Lorinsv » February 23rd, 2017, 1:28 am

(Saved from a web archive of the original Boolprop FightTheAddiction false! Source: https://web-beta.archive.org/web/20071103035256/http:/forums.boolprop.com:80/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=22959)

This is the result of an overdose of cheese and soda. We hope everyone out there has a sense of humor. We also hope you give it a shot.

A Grim Challenge

The world is a small place, and more of the wonder and mystery of life are lost every day. Your founder of this challenge is a family sim, but s/he is disenchanted with the ordinary life. Questing for a hint of the magical, this sim stumbles across a text of the ancient Simarians that speaks of a time when the children of the gods walked the earth. According to the text, returning the gods to earth was a simple matter of breeding .

The Challenge:
Bring back the embodiment of "Death" within 13 generations.

Create a married couple in CAS. They can look however you like, but the "founder" must be a family sim and MUST have 0 nice points. The couple must be married or, if you prefer to make it even more challenging, just make a founder without a spouse.

Move the founding couple into any size lot. You must build your own house and, throughout the generations, can never move the "core" family into a maxis-made or downloaded home. Money cheats are not allowed, so for a beginning family a smaller lot may be easier.

Find a sim. A service sim. A maxis made sim. An annoying townie. Kill them.

While the Grim Reaper is on the lot, use boolprop to impregnate the founder with his child.

(To do this, pull up the cheats menu and type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

WARNING: This is a very dangerous programming code and should only be used with caution. As soon as you finish this step, it is recommended that you immediately turn off the cheat (boolprop testingcheatsenabled false) or risk harming your game. Boolprop is extremely dangerous if you don't know what you're doing - for more information, please run a search on boolprop on the BBS.

Once boolprop is active, shift-click your founder and click Spawn - Tombstone of L and D. When the tombstone appears, click it and chose the option Make me pregnant with - Grim Reaper.)

Enjoy your pregnancy.

From the time the baby is born until the day before that baby becomes a child, it is your responsibility to find another sim to kill in order to become impregnated by Grim again. The founder (and all successive heirs) must have as many of Grim's babies as possible. A minimum of six kids per gen is required.

The Rules:

- The "Founder" and heirs can never have a job. It is up to the spouse and any other sims living in the house to provide for the family
- No cheats (money cheats, age sim, force twins) except boolprop - which is only to be used for the purpose of making Grim a baby daddy.
- Throughout the generations, the family may move into new houses as often as wanted, but these homes cannot be maxis made or downloaded from the exchange.
- The founder and the heirs MAY NEVER WOOHOO. An heir is disqualified if s/he woohoos. All heirs, however, must be married.
- All tombstones the current heir has accumulated must remain on the lot while that heir is baby-making. They must be kept separate from any family graves. Victim graves can be sent to another lot or sold off once a new heir takes the throne, but family graves must always remain on the lot.
- You cannot kill anyone currently living in the house, and a natural "die of old age" option is only acceptable if there is an heir needing to be impregnated. If there is not, Elixir must be used until such a time as it is possible. This is the only time Elixir can be used. Natural deaths that couldn't be avoided (pregnancy starvation, fire, electrocution, cowplant "accident") however, are okay.
- Related sims who do NOT live in the house are fair game for killing. All spares can be moved out of the house. Old heirs and their spouses can be moved out once a new heir hits adulthood. These sims can be deleted, moved into the neighborhood, or sacrificed to make more Grim babies. It's up to you.
- An heir is determined by personality. The child with the least amount of nice points is heir. In the event of a tie, you can choose based on whatever criteria you like. Votes are always fun.
- Aspirations can be set to whatever you like, but no child can have the same aspiration as their parent.
- The challenge is only over when the thirteenth heir arrives. There is only to be one child this generation (except in case of twins).

- + 100 points for finishing the challenge
- + 20 points if each former heir provides the needed death to bring the Grimster for the first child of a new gen.
- + 20 for every time an heir produces 10 kids
- + 50 points for every simself killed
- + 5 points for killing BellaGoth, Vidcund Curious, Goopy Gilscarbo, or Alexander Goth
- + 2 points for every Grilled Cheese heir
- + 2 points for every woohoo-deprived Romance sim heir
- + 10 points for every zombiefied simself
- + 50 points if every tombstone from all 13 gens is left on the lot
- + 10 points for every vampire, plantsim, or werewolf heir
- + 30 points for every dead nanny
- - 10 points for every resurrected sim
- - 50 points for every money cheat
- - 50 points for every heir disqualified for woohoo
- - 2 points for every death of sim who lives on the lot
- - 3 points for every gen with less than 6 kids
- - 10 points for every nanny visit
- - 13 points if the final birth is twins
- - 5 points for every alien birth by heir on the lot (spouses are fine)
- - 10 points for every visit from social worker
- - 10 points for every visit from the repo man
- - 2 points for every cheating spouse (we really don't care - we just don't want the spouse to get woohoo. :twisted:)

We recognize that this is a very morbid and somewhat difficult challenge. We also think it's funny as all-get-out. We apologize for the use of the term "baby daddy."

Enjoy the challenge, and thank you.
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