Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby CSquared » July 6th, 2014, 1:19 pm

created by CSquared2

In 2007 I wrote a challenge for my own amusement. In 2008 a chance request led to me posting my challenge rules. Much to my surprise, people liked it and I collaborated with a bunch of creative, amusing simmers/writers to polish the rule set. When Sims 3 arrived in 2009, I didn't get into it right away. What little I gleaned from my early experimentation with the game led me to believe my challenge, Who's Your Daddy, wouldn't work well for TS3. Another player, stircraxy, felt differently. When she discovered I had no intention of adapting the rules myself, she asked if she might and I gave her my blessing. She involved me and several others in the development of the original Sims 3 rules for Who's Your Daddy. Stircraxy updated her rules through Ambitions, but unfortunately has not been around since 2010 and her rules for the challenge don't address the many additions that have been made to the game.

Finally I feel like I know enough about the game to see how Who's Your Daddy can be adapted. With the help of Jenn from Boolprop, I've put together a new set of rules to include all the expansion packs now in existence, and I hope to still be around and kicking to update them as needed.

updated rules by CSquared & Jenn are here
Who's Your Daddy? for The Sims 3

The Rules

Your Who's Your Daddy challenge should be conducted in any town provided by Electronic Arts.

Every custom town I've ever played was designed in some way to make things easier. If you've got your heart set on a custom town, that's okay, but remember this is supposed to be challenging and having the life fruit on the plant when you move in isn't challenging.

Edit Town is off limits with one exception. This exception is that you may add to any EA town any expansion-specific EA lot that does not already exist in the town. These additions should be made if possible before your sim moves in. You may not use Edit Town to search for fathers.

Tempted to add more? Your own stuff? That super cool vampire bar? That's okay, but remember to keep it a challenge for yourself. If you don't realize you want this lot or that one until later, adding them later is not the end of the world. Please only add later on if it means you'll have access to a father you would otherwise not be able to access.

Aging and story progression should be enabled for this challenge.

Create a female, young adult sim in Create-a-Household. You may not add any other household members of any kind prior to moving in. You may select her appearance, personality and lifetime wish as you desire. You may choose to make your sim supernatural, but if you do, you forfeit any bonus you would otherwise have had for the lifespan you choose. The exception to this are witches, whose lifespan is the same as non-supernaturals.

Move your sim into any home or empty lot she can afford. Once there, she may only move when she can afford to. When she moves, her entire household must come with her.

Cheats and/or mods to make things easier are forbidden.

Resetsim and Overwatch are your friends. Motherlode and Woohooer are not. Ask yourself if you're giving yourself an advantage. If so, you know what to do.

Once your sim moves in, she may add pets to her household in any way you wish. Other than marrying her husband and giving birth to children, the only other ways a sim may join the household is as an imaginary friend made real or a genie released from its lamp.

Your sim is allowed as much travel as you wish. Conceptions while traveling are limited to one per destination.

To complete the challenge, your sim will have to live a long time. All means of lengthening her life built into the game are permissible. The same goes for her husband, if necessary. You also have the choice of which lifespan you use, though there will be a bonus (see scoring below) for using shorter lifespans.

All service sims are available, except butlers and Bonehilda.

You may not send your children to boarding school.

Twins and triplets still count as one pregnancy.

Children resulting from anything other than pregnancy, including but not limited to: imaginary friends, time travel, wishing wells, do not count toward your score.

You may allow children to age up on their own or cake them when there are zero days left in the age meter, or you may cake them up early provided they have met certain criteria.
Infants - You may not cake infants.
Toddlers - You may cake a toddler when they have learned to walk, talk and potty.
Children - You may cake children when they have spent three consecutive days on the honor roll and have one best friend.
Teens - You may cake teens when they have spent three consecutive days on the honor roll (as teens), have one romantic interest and either a) learned to drive or b) reached the top of a teen career.

The friend and romantic interest requirements do not need to be unique. Siblings may share friends and interests. Imaginary friends may count as both friends and romantic interests, but only if they are made real. Once made real, they are not subject to the same constraints as the children and may age as you wish. This also applies to any other children who are not part of the scoring. The best friend may not be a pet.

When children (including IFs made real) age up to young adult, they must move out within 12 hours. If you release a genie from its lamp, it should be so that he may father the very next child. He should move from the household as soon as pregnancy is confirmed (at the first baby bump.)

The goal of this Who's Your Daddy is to have this female sim produce 26 pregnancies, each one with a different father.

To complete this challenge, you need only do what's stated in bold above: your sim must have 26 pregnancies, each with a different father. Each pregnancy is worth one point, so if you finish, your base score is 26. Your "multiplier" is 1.0. You haven't done anything extra, so your score is just as it is: 26 x 1.0 = 26. If you stop one pregnancy short, your score is 25, etc. If you do not complete the challenge, it is still possible to tally a score using the number of pregnancies your sim did have rather than the 26 you were aiming for.

If you do nothing else, your score is done. If you decide to aim higher, you will multiply your score by another number. What that number is will depend on how much you achieve.

Father Clusters
Father clusters are groups of fathers who differ from each other in some way. Each cluster is worth something different, based on the number of fathers included. To gain the bonus, your sim has to have a child with every father in the cluster. If you fall one short, you don't get any bonus. Unlike in previous versions of the rules, the categories are not mutually exclusive. If the father of Child A is a five star celebrity, a vampire and a Leo, you may check off all three instead of choosing just one. A checklist is strongly recommended!

The Celebrity Cluster (worth 0.6 bonus)
A father with each of the star levels. He does not need to maintain his star level at any point after conception occurs.
______ 0 stars
______ 1 star
______ 2 stars
______ 3 stars
______ 4 stars
______ 5 stars

The Occult Cluster (worth 1.0 bonus)
A father who is each of the occults listed below. If you do not have the expansion pack for a particular creature, you may consider the cluster complete without that creature, but also remember to subtract 0.1 from the bonus. On the reverse side of that, if you are knowledgeable and can create a pregnancy keeping in the spirit of the rules with other creatures, you may feel free to do so and give yourself an additional 0.1 bonus per additional occult father.
______ genie
______ imaginary friend
______ ghost
______ vampire
______ witch
______ fairy
______ werewolf
______ alien*
______ plantsim**
______ mermaid

* "Alien" can be fulfilled in one of two ways. Either your sim's husband can be abducted and a pregnancy results from that, or your sim can meet an alien any other way and have a child with him in the ordinary way. If the husband has the baby, this does not replace the need for your sim to also have a child fathered by him, but the husband's alien baby does count toward the total of 26.

** This "pregnancy" will not be typical, but the relationship with the father and the woohoo should be the same.

The Travel Cluster (worth 0.7 bonus)
A father who is a resident of each of the travel destinations and one from university, since it works the same way. This child may be conceived on vacation or during a visit by the father to your sim's home. Tourists already visiting your town are also allowed.
______ Champs Les Sims
______ Al Simhara
______ Shang Simla
______ University
______ The Normal Future
______ The Dystopian Future
______ The Utopian Future

The Job Cluster (worth 1.7 bonus)
A father employed at the time of conception in each rabbit hole career. For careers with two tracks, only one is needed. To define "service sim," any sim that does a job that cannot be held by an active sim is eligible. Sims often switch jobs. This can be a nuisance if you think you've found Business Dad and he changes careers as you try to build a relationship with him. Nonetheless, it is the career the father has at the point of conception that matters. If he switches before conception, you should take his new job into account. If he switches after, you should continue to count him as having the career he had before. As with the occult cluster, if you don't have the expansion pack that provides a particular career, the cluster is complete when you collect a father for every listed career you do have. Be sure to subtract the appropriate amount of bonus from 1.5 (0.1 per career) that you're unable to accomplish for lack of the expansion pack.
______ business
______ criminal
______ culinary
______ journalism
______ law enforcement
______ medical
______ military
______ music
______ political
______ sports
______ science
______ education
______ film
______ service
______ fortune teller
______ astronomer
______ plumbot dealer

The Zodiac Cluster (worth 1.2 bonus)
A father with each of the zodiac signs.
______ Aries
______ Taurus
______ Gemini
______ Cancer
______ Leo
______ Virgo
______ Libra
______ Scorpio
______ Sagittarius
______ Capricorn
______ Aquarius
______ Pisces

Social Group Cluster (worth 0.3 bonus)
These coincide with the University careers. Since neither the careers nor the social groups exist without the University expansion pack and cannot exist without each other, these careers have been given their own cluster.
______ Nerd/Video Game Developer
______ Rebel/Art Appraiser
______ Jock/Sports Agent

Lifetime Rewards (variable bonus)
Each and every legitimate means to extend a sim's lifespan is allowed, including those in the lifetime rewards. However, for every lifetime reward you do not use for your sim, you may add 0.01 per reward. You should calculate this at the end of the challenge by counting the rewards your sim has available and can afford but which she has not purchased.

The Hubby (worth 0.1 bonus + variable bonus)
Your sim must marry before the conception of her last child. She may marry at any point prior. Her husband may not move in until it's time to get married. They must marry. The last child must be his. For every child conceived at home after the marriage, not counting the last one, you may add 0.01 to your bonus.

Basically, if your sim can cheat successfully, you get the bonus, even if she gets caught. It only counts if it's at home, though conceptions can take place anywhere. It might be difficult to juggle the jealousy, so here's the compromise. Your sim can marry late, but you forego some bonus for it. Or she can marry earlier and you have to handle having her sneak around. But they'll need a high enough relationship to try for baby at the very end.

The Boo Boo Clause: because Jenn killed her husband.

The accidental electrocution of Grape Splash brought to my attention an unaddressed "what if." What if your sim's husband dies? I don't want this to be the sort of challenge you can fail through unintentional mishap. Thus the Boo Boo Clause was born. If your sim's husband dies, whether it be an accident or not, you have two choices.

a) You can resurrect him into either a playable ghost or a fully resurrected sim. Doing so results in no penalty, but you may not count any at-home conceptions for a bonus from the time of his death until he becomes playable again.

b) Your sim may remarry, however, none of the bonus for at-home conceptions with her first husband count because, as it turned out, he wasn't the one with whom she needed a relationship good enough to conceive her youngest child. You may begin to obtain at-home conception bonus points with her new husband once she remarries. If you choose this route, there's a price: a 27th child. A second husband must father two children with your sim. Only the first will count toward the base score so that it may not exceed 26. If, for whatever reason, a third husband is necessary, he must father three children, and so on for any subsequent husbands.

You must choose either a) or b) in the event your sim's husband dies.

Lifespan (variable bonus)
This challenge is meant to be enjoyable. Not everyone enjoys the same lifespan. Here's a little something for everyone.
You may play on any preset lifespan provided by the game. The lifespan should stay the same throughout the challenge. The setting you choose may bring an extra bonus. There is no bonus if your sim is supernatural.
(Choose only one.)
Epic - no bonus
Long - add 0.1 bonus
Normal - add 0.2 bonus
Medium - add 0.3. bonus
Short - add 0.4 bonus

The Social Worker (loss of bonus)
If any of your children are removed by the social worker, you lose the 1 point to your base score for each child taken. This does not end your challenge! You may continue with a reduced score or you may replace the child or children taken by having an equal number of additional children. If a child is taken away, the slots filled by its father must be emptied, even resulting in the loss of a completed cluster. Those slots can be refilled by the fathers of the replacement kids. This penalty shall also apply in the case of any child that dies before leaving home.

What's Your Score?
The challenge is complete when the youngest child is born.

Add up all your bonuses. Now add 1. (This is the same 1.0 someone who simply completed the 26 pregnancies uses.) This is your "multiplier." Multiply 26 (or however many pregnancies your sim had, up to 26) by your multiplier to get your final score.

stircraxy's rules are under this spoiler
Who's Your Daddy Challenge? TS3 Adaption

Postby stircraxy on July 3rd, 2009, 4:15 am
Hello friends and neighbors!
I put before you a Sims 3 ruleset adaptation for the excellent Who's Your Daddy? Challenge by CSquared.
Clicky my link above to see the original TS2 ruleset and read about the history of the challenge.
Suggestions and comments are always welcome, enjoy!

The goal of this challenge is to create a family with 26 pregnancies, each of which has a different father. To start, create a female young adult Sim in CAS. You may choose her traits, appearance, voice, and favorites if you’d like, but randomizing is always a hoot. I find this dice rolling site suitable for all my randomizing needs (though, of course, there are randomizing tools built in to CAS). Suggestion: you want to see a lot of genetic variety in this challenge, it's no fun if all the kids pull strong genetics from the mother; plain and/or recessive genetics are recommended in your female.
Move her on to any lot you wish, but choose wisely; you're not allowed to move her once she's settled. Though it should go without saying, using money cheats at any time during this challenge is strictly forbidden!

Next, create a variety of male sims in CAS with unusual genetics like blue skin, or purple hair. Randomize their appearance, traits etc and name them whatever you like. Move them into any vacant house in the neighborhood either all together or separately. If you are feeling ambitious, create whole families of these 3 skin colors and populate your chosen neighborhood with them. Feel free to use downloaded sims for the same purpose if you wish to do so.

The Husband
At some point during the challenge, your female sim must get married; this must happen after baby A becomes a child, but before baby N is born. She is welcome to plan ahead and woo her intended beforehand, but he's not allowed to move in until they get married. The husband must be selected from among the NPC sims in your neighborhood.
NPCs are defined as being any non-playable sim in the town, or any of the holiday destinations.

Your sim’s husband must remain alive until the end of the challenge. No killing him off, or allowing him to die. Your female sim must also survive the challenge. The husband can be an elder at the end of the challenge, so long as he remains alive.
No one else except the husband is allowed to move on to the lot. If your husband dies accidentally (and it MUST truly be accidental and not contrived in any fashion), you may replace him by marrying another NPC sim OR keep one of the children at home after they mature, to fill his role.
A SimBot may also replace a dead husband, provided the late husband had already made his genetic contribution to the challenge. Your mother does not have to marry the SimBot, but she may if you wish. Keep in mind that spending lifetime happiness reward points on purchasing a SimBot will nullify the associated bonus for not spending lifetime happiness reward points. If you make your own SimBot, however, the bonus remains in tact. You may not purchase or create a SimBot unless it is to replace a dead husband.

Babysitters & The Bacon Bringers
Your female sim may work, if you feel you need a little extra challenge, but may not hire a babysitter herself; only her husband or a teen child may hire a babysitter, and then only if they are leaving the house to go to work. Thus, when your sim’s husband is at work, the babysitter can come to help. When he’s there, he has to help.
The same goes with teens: you may hire a babysitter while they are at work (not school), but keep in mind the teen jobs only run for a few hours, and that’s how long the babysitter will be allowed to stay. If you choose not to have your husband and/or teens work, that’s fine, but that also means they can never hire a babysitter.

Moar Babies??
If you're feeling even more ambitious you may adopt. These children will not count toward your 26 pregnancies and you may only adopt infants. There is a small one time bonus for adopting a child into your challenge family.

Odds N' Ends
Ageing and story progression must be on at all times and you may not make another family in the neighborhood playable at any point during the challenge.

At least half of the conceptions have to occur on the lot; that’s 13, for those of you without a calculator ;p.

Your sim must have a child with 26 different sims. If a pregnancy results in twins or triplets, it still only counts as one pregnancy.

Your babies must be named following the letters of the alphabet. The first baby gets a name starting with "A", the second baby gets at name starting with "B", and so on. Twins/triplets will all have the same letter for the start of their name.

It's up to you whether or not you choose to randomize traits or pick LTWs for your offspring (see associated bonuses below).

Once the children turn into young adults they must move off the lot and cannot return. A child who is the official replacement for a dead husband may stay.

Your female is required to bear at least one set of twins/triplets; if she has not conceived twins/triplets by the birth of baby T, you may purchase her the fertility treatment without penalty.
Hint: Keep your stereo on playing kid's music and/or watch the kid's channel while the mother is pregnant and this greatly increases your odds of bearing multiples.

It's assumed you will be playing on normal life span; part of the challenge is to have to keep your sims young and fertile via artificial means like you do in the original TS2 version. Changing the life slider to "long" is permitted, but carries with it a point penalty for those extra 100 days.

If you decide to go with the "long" life span, you may "cake" your little sims to trigger their age transitions earlier: 3 days for babies, 4 days for tots, 5 days for kids.
You may "cake" any teens anytime to a young adult if you wish to move them off the lot.

The use of hacks and sneaky tactics are not forbidden, provided they don't come into conflict with a set rule, but to encourage players to stay on the straight an narrow there is a nominal point bonus for acquiring your life fruit/death fish the old fashioned way. (see below)

Miss Prudence Breedgood's Consolation Prize
A concession can be made if your female sim is 3 days or less shy of her elder birthday and you have yet to grow any life fruit: to avoid failing the challenge, you may permanently alter the lifespan slider to "long" and forfeit any future ambrosia bonus.
A reminder from Rad: "If a female gets pregnant even the day before she turns elder, she will stay an adult during her pregnancy and for a little while after the birth, so that does give you a few extra days to get life fruit (or deathfish etc) and maintain the possibility for an ambrosia bonus."

Baby Daddies
Each pregnancy must have a different father. Multiple pregnancies from the same father, even the husband, do not count towards the 26 total required. If you have the appropriate hacks, you may choose to have the husband become impregnated and bear 1 of the 26 required pregnancies. Each of these 26 fathers is required to count towards a specific goal. Below are some goal samples. You are welcome to pick and choose among them or create some of your own:

Each father can fill only one requirement. The same man, for example, cannot fill both the "A father who is an elder" goal and "A father who has grey hair" goal. Feel free to move them around if you need to, for example, the redhead guy who was meant to be the "A father who is muscular" can still be the "A father who has red hair" if you find a different muscular guy. If you choose to have your husband impregnated, you may not re-use the father of his child to impregnate your female sim for one of the official challenge babies. Save yourself a lot of grief and write down all the goals each father counts for in case you have to shuffle them around a bit later.

The Baby-Momma:
A completely optional "Bonus" addon to your challenge: really this ought to be an challenge in and of itself, but here's the condensed version for those brave enough to attempt it:
The husband must obtain a girlfriend and get her to move in to the house. He must impregnate her on the challenge lot the same day she moves in, and she must live with the family for the entire duration of her pregnancy. The husband must not let the relationship with either female affect his relationship with the other, and the girlfriend must leave the house directly after the birth of the child. To offset the additional funds brought in by the girlfriend, she must treat herself to as many spa packages and massages as would make up for the additional funds to within 100 simoleons.
The husband must also maintain his relationship with his girlfriend throughout the remainder of the challenge, enforced by having to impregnate her every time his wife conceives another child. These additional children will generate a potential bonus for the challenge.
The Baby-Momma's child counts as one pregnancy, thus your female sim would only have to have 25 pregnancies of her own.

Mr. Lova-Lova
In addition to the "A father who is a father" and the "A father who is married" requirements, I would like to encourage you to strive for additional husbandly sowing of wild oats. It's only fair that he gets some too, right? There are bonuses listed below, under the points header, for the siring of additional children on multiple neighbors' wives.

What's It Worth?
For those of you who want to play for points, here's something to strive for:

+ 1 point per pregnancy; add + 0.5 point if twins result beyond the single require set; add another + 1 for triplets (the same bonus applies for the pregnancies of the Mr. Lova-Lova mini-challenge)
- 0.5 point for any child who is not a twin/triplet, but shares a father with one of its siblings (i.e. more than one pregnancy per father)
+0.5 point per child born or adopted on to the lot for whom all traits are completely randomized and the first LTW to appear is chosen. (If they age into a young adult and you are forced to choose a LTW for them from the list, you select the first one.): +1 point instead (not in addition to), if you have the option of selecting all the traits for the sim due to good parenting as opposed to having them randomized by the game.
+ 1 point for each additional NPC sim you use as a father
+ 5 points if the husband reaches the top of any career, and + 1 additional point for every career maxed out beyond the first
+ 10 points if your mother does the same
+ 5 points each for the mother, her husband, or any sim born or adopted on to the lot after achieving their LTW
+ 5 points if your sim doesn't use the services of the repairman or maid
- 5 points for every child taken by the social worker
- 10 points for each child that dies; not applicable to teens
+ 1 points for completing "A father who is married"
+ 3 points for completing "A father who is a father"
+ 5 points for having a baby with each ghost color; + 0.5 additional bonus point for each baby that exhibits it's father's ghost skin
+ 3 for adopting a child; one time bonus, removed if they are taken away by the social worker
+ 10 points if you never use any career or lifetime happiness rewards
+ 1 point for every 10,000 unspent lifetime happiness points you have accumulated by the end of the challenge from the mother and the husband.
+ 0.5 point for every 10,000 unspent lifetime happiness points you have accumulated by the end of the challenge from each of the challenge babies after they transition into young adulthood (to be tallied right before you move them out).
+ 20 points if you make Ambrosia to expand your sim's lives
- 5 points if you increase the life span of your sims to "long"
+ 1 point for every child sired by the husband on someone else's wife/romantic partner; the child must be conceived on HER lot without affecting her relationship with her partner or any children they may have.
+ 5 points for the "doubly-dead daddy", he who is both a mummy and a ghost at the time of conception
+ 5 points each if the mother and husband remain a young adults for the entire duration of the challenge (if you lose the husband, his bonus is forfeit); not applicable to a husband who comes in to the challenge as an adult or an elder.
+ 3 points for keeping your husband alive for the duration of the challenge, thus, not having to replace him.
+ 3 points each for acquiring your life fruit and death fish the old-fashioned way; finding the seed on the ground, and fishing them up yourself.
Optional: + 0.5 point for every 5 children conceived by the girlfriend of the Baby Momma addon (not including the one living with the challenge family)
Optional: + 5 points for successfully completing the Baby Momma addon
+ 10 points for documenting your challenge and posting it for us to enjoy!
+ 10 points for then posting a link to it on the TS2 Who's Your Daddy? Challenge thread for even more WYD fans to enjoy!

~ Edited July 2nd to include suggestions by CSquared and fuzzy spork
~ Edited July 3rd to shed some clarity on life span
~ Edited March 17th to add some World Adventures flavor
~ Edited March 26th to add Miss Prudence Breedgood's Consolation Prize and male pregnancy hack notations
~ Edited March 27th to clarify LTWs/traits and ruleset (tweaked the LTW bonus after staring at it for a bit), added a much needed and previously overlooked bonus for randomizing all traits and LTWs...then again to make fix and tweak bonus.
~ Edited April 1st to boost the reward for hoarding/not spending lifetime happiness points...and OMG I FOUND A SPELLING MISTAKE. :shock:
~ Edited April 2nd to add hack notations, the female baby daddy and a bonus for keeping your breeding pair eternally youthful
~ Edited April 4th; clarity.
~ Edited April 5th to add a couple small bonuses for a couple small accomplishments.
~ Edited July 3rd to update for Ambitions and clarify a few odds n' ends.

~~~{@ Craxy
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Re: Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby CSquared » July 31st, 2014, 8:21 am

Is there any chance I could be made author for this topic like on the old Boolprop? I have a small edit I need to make. Or someone else can make it for me if that's not possible. :wave:
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Re: Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby Teresa » July 31st, 2014, 8:23 am

I also set you as the author on the other thread.

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Re: Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby CSquared » July 31st, 2014, 9:39 am

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Re: Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby Jenn » July 8th, 2015, 5:40 pm

Just thought I would stop by and say that the blog for the rules just hit 45,000 views. The blog averages about 30-70 views a day.

I am thinking of researching a way to do a version for Sims 4, but I can't even stand the game even though I own everything for it.
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Re: Who's Your Daddy? Challenge TS3 (by CSquared2)

Postby CSquared » September 4th, 2015, 12:56 pm

Hey, Jenn. Sorry to have missed your response by miles. It's really cool that the rules on your blog get so many hits a day. Who knew?

I have Sims 4 and have been playing for about a month now. Someone posted a 100 baby challenge with a WYD twist on Mod the Sims: http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=543244

I really think that if anything, that's the way to go. I've started it. My sim has four children and is pregnant again. What surprises me about it the most is that it's so EASY. It takes only a little effort to bring a relationship up to Try for Baby status and I'm just generally not seeing much jealousy, a little, but not much. The kids are relatively easy to care for. One thing I LOVE about TS4 is that the socialization aspect finally makes sense. Gone, generally, are the days when all sims would do when left to their own devices was to slap one another and start a fight. The neighbors are nice to talk to and the kids actively hang out with one another.

I will be giving JessiSim94 some feedback once I get a generation or so into her challenge, but her rules are far too easy. TS4 is well suited to make a WYD-type challenge a feasible goal, but there would have to be some additional limitations to add to the challenge. Infants definitely need some kind of goal or just natural aging; immediate aging is way too easy. Mom's lifespan needs to be controlled; as the rules I posted above are written, one sim could easily have all 100 babies. Very easily. Some of the rewards need to be limited, too. Beguiling has made it super simple to woo future fathers. It was challenging enough in TS2; the categories to be filled made it challenging in TS3; I'm not sure yet how TS4 could be made more challenging for this type of challenge.
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